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4-Uttar Parv

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29-Other Vrat-14

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29-Other Vrat-14
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-85-, p 471-

Vibhooti Dwaadashee Vrat
(Chap 85) Krishn Bhagavaan said - "Now I tell you about Vibhooti Dwaadashee Vrat which is worshipped by all Devtaa. One should take a little food on 10th day of Shukla Paksh of Kaartik, Vaishaakh, Maargsheersh, Phaalgun or Aashaadh Maas and take a vow in the evening that "I will not eat anything on Ekaadashee and will eat on Dwaadashee with a Braahman. My this discipline should be completed and be fruitful." In the night, sleep reciting the Mantra "Aum Namo Naaraanaaya". Next day morning (on 11th day) worship Pundareekaaksh with white flowers etc. One should do this every month for one year and donate Bhagavaan's 10 Avataar, Dattaatreya and Vyaas golden idols with golden lotus flower. Thus after doing it for 12 Dwaadashee, in the end of the year, donate salt mountain (Lavan Parvat) bedding and cow. If Vratee is prosperous then he should donate clothes, ornaments, land etc also to the Braahman or many Braahman. But whoever Vratee is poor, he can do this Vrat for three years only with flowers Who does this he frees his 100 generations up. He neither is sorrowful, nor unhealthy nor poor up to 100,000 lives. He is Vishnu or Shiv's devotee in every life and he lives in Swarg up to 108,000 Yug. And after his Punya are deteriorated, he takes birth as a king.

There is a very old story regarding this. In Rathantar Kalp, there was a king named Pushpvaahan. Pleased with his Tapasyaa, Brahmaa Jee gave him a golden lotus flower shaped Vimaan]. He could go anywhere wherever he liked. He used to go to Dev Lok and in all seven islands along with his people. In the beginning of the Kalp, the seventh island was also under Pushpvaahan who lived in Pushkar, that is why it was called Pushkar island in future. Because his Vimaan was of a flower shape that is why Devtaa used to call him Pushpvaahan. His wife's name was Laavanyavatee. She was very beautiful and king loved her very much. They had 10,000 sons who were all religious.

Once Pracheta's son Vaalmeeki Jee* came there. Raajaa asked him - "Hey Muni, By what Punya I have got all this prosperity, pleasure and good wife? Why Brahmaa Jee gave me this beautiful Vimaan, in which if even 1 billion kings sit they are nowhere seen around, pleased with my very little Tap?"

* Note - Vaalmeeki Raamaayan, Uttar Kaand (93/17; 96/10; 111/11); Adhyaatm Raamaayan (7/7/31); Baal Raamaayan; Uttar Raam Charit Maanas also describe Vaalmeeki as "Praachetaa's son". It is because his father's name was Prachetaa. This prachetaa is not related to Daksh.

Vaalmeeki Jee said - "Hey Raajan, In your previous life you were born in a hunter's family. First your family was not good, and above that you committed many sins also. In that life you had neither any friend, nor son, nor any brother, nor parents, nor any sister etc. You had only this wife who was faithful to you. Once there was a great famine, so you went in search of food, but you did not get anything to eat. At that time you saw a pond which was full of lotus flowers. You plucked many flowers from that pond and went to Vidishaa city, there you went around the city to sell those flowers but the whole day passed and you didn't get any buyer for them.

You were very hungry at that time, so you sat in a courtyard along with your wife. There you heard a great auspicious sound in the night. Hearing that you went to that place and you saw that people were worshipping Vishnu Bhagavaan. There, an Anangvatee named prostitute, on the completion of her Maagh Maas Vibhooti Dwaadashee Vrat, was decorating Bhagavaan's idol and was donating golden Kalp Vriksh, Lavan Parvat, and bedding. At that time it came to your mind "of what use are these lotus flowers? it would be good if we decorate Vishnu's idol with them" so you decorated His idol with those flowers and the remaining flowers were used to decorate her bedding.

Pleased with this, Anangvatee wanted to give you 300 Asharfee (gold coins), but you firmly refused to take them. Then Anangvatee gave you four types of food (Bhakshya, Bhojya, Lehya and Choshya) and requested you to take that food, but you refused to take that food also and said - "We will eat tomorrow. We are sinners since birth, but we are enjoying this worship very much." In the same reference you also got some part of that Punya. You woke the whole night also. Next day after Anangvatee had donated and fed Braahman, she fed you also and bade farewell.

The same couple is born now as a king. Your all sins were destroyed by worshipping Keshav with those lotus flowers. That is why Brahma also got pleased with your very little Tap. That prostitute Anangvatee is born as the co-wife of Kaam Dev as Preeti. That is why you leave that Pushkar on Prithvi, and do Vibhooti Dwaadashee Vrat on the banks of Gangaa River. You will surely attain Moksh by doing that." After that Vaalmeeki Muni went away and the king did that Vrat. As far as possible one should use lotus flower in this worship and give Dakshinaa to Braahman as per his capacity. Who reads, or hears or permits to do this Vrat, he also lives in Dev Lok for 1 billion years.

Madan Dwaadashee Vrat
(Chap 86) Yudhishthir said - "I wish to hear that Madan Dwaadashee Vrat by which Diti got 49 Marud Gan." Krishn said - "Listen to that Vrat which was told by Vashishth etc Rishi to Diti. In Chaitra Maas, on the 12th day of Shukla Paksh establish a pitcher filled with white rice. Smear it white sandalwood paste and cover it with two white cloths. Keep fruits, sugarcane pieces and various food items and a gold piece also in it. Put a copper pot above the pitcher filled with jaggery. Above that establish Kaam Dev on a banana leaf and Rati made of sugar, Rati being on his left side. Worship them properly and tell Vishnu's stories. In the morning he should donate that pitcher to Braahman. Feed Braahman and eat himself also food without salt. Give Dakshinaa to Braahman saying "Who lives in the heart of all beings and is known as Aanand, the same Kaam Roop Bhagavaan Janaardan should be pleased with my this Vrat."

One should do this on each month. He should sleep on floor after eating Aamalaa fruit, and worship Vishnu on next day (13th day). In the 13th month (after 12 Dwaadashee) donate Ghee Dhenu, bed, Kaam Dev's golden idol, and a white cow that is giving milk to Braahman. Worship Braahman with clothes, jewelry etc to one's own capacity. Then he should do Havan with sweets made with cow's milk and white sesame seeds. Feed Braahman. Who does this Vrat gets sons and Saubhaagya.

Kashyap Jee got pleased with Diti's Vrat and asked her to ask for a Var. She said - "I wish to have such a son who can kill Indra." Kashyap Jee said - "Be it so." He further said - "You should live in this Tapo Van for 100 years and try to protect your child. Never eat in the evening, never sit on a root, never sit on household things (a pestle or a mortar), never take bath inside water, never go inside a lonely house, never argue with anybody, never twist your body, never sit with loose hair, never be unclean, never sleep with her head north ward or keeping your head at lower side, never be naked, nor be sad, nor sleep with wet feet, nor speak inauspicious words to anybody, nor laugh loudly, take bath with Aayur Vedic medicinal water, never fan with a cloth, never sit with a woman whose son has died, never go to other's house, never walk fast, never cross large rivers and never see any horrible scenes."

Who follows these rules, she will have sons of good conduct and long life. Thus Diti got 49 sons who were known as Marut Gan.

A-Baadhak Vrat
(Chap 87) Yudhishthir asked - "Which Devtaa should be remembered in an uninhabited forest, in the middle of the sea, and in fear of thief etc?" Krishn Jee said - "Hey Raajan, who remembers Bhagavatee Durgaa, he never gets any kind of sorrows and fear. When we, Baladev and myself, had finished our education at Saandeepan Muni's Aashram, we requested him to tell us Guru Dakshinaa. Knowing our qualities he asked us to bring his dead son back who was killed by somebody on seashore of Prabhaas Kshetra. We went to Yam Lok, brought his son back and gave him to Guru Jee in the form of Guru Dakshinaa. When we were about to go, he said to us - "You make your footprint here at this place." We did that and came back to our home. But all people worship Balaraam's footprint on right, Bhagavatee Durgaa's in the middle and my own footprint on the left with the desire of getting a son. On the 13th day of Shukla Paksh of every month, who either observes Ek-Bhukt Vrat, or Nakt Vrat or complete fasting, worships their idols (of gold or clay) he lives in Swarg free from all sins."

Yudhishthir again asked - "How one can remove his body's foul smell and bad luck?" Krishn Jee said - "On 13th day of Shukla Paksh of Jyeshth Maas, worship white Aak, red Karaveer and lemon tree. These three trees are favorite of Soorya Bhagavaan. In the morning see Soorya Dev and set his mind on him, then worship those trees and do Namaskaar to him. Who does this, both his body's foul smell and bad luck are over.

Dharm Raaj's Samaaraadhan Vrat
(Chap 88) Yudhishthir asked - "Hey Krishn, Is there any way by which Yam Raaj can be pleased and one doesn't have go to Narak?" Krishn said - "Mahaaraaj, Once when I came out after taking bath in the sea, I saw that Mudgal Muni was coming to me. After worshipping him, I asked him - "Hey Muni, Tell me some Vrat by which people should not see Yam Doot (Yam's messengers) and their Narak." Mudgal Muni said - "Prabho, Once it so happened that I got fainted and I fell down on the earth. At that time I saw that some people were standing outside my burning body and were taking away a small human being of the size of a thumb forcefully tying with ropes. Then I see that Yam Raaj's court is in session. Yam Raaj is sitting there and many types of diseases, terrible animals and death etc are surrounding him.

Yam Raaj asked his messenger - "Why have you brought this Mudgal Muni here? I asked you to bring Mudgal Kshatriya - the son of Bheeshmak of Kaundinya Nagar. His age is over. Free this Muni immediately and bring him." Hearing this they went to Kaundinya Nagar, but they came back to Yam Lok since they didn't find any symptom of death in King Mudgal. They told everything to Yam Raaj. Yam Raaj said - "O messengers, Whoever have done Narakaarti Vinaashinee Trayodashee Vrat, Yam's messengers cannot see him, that is why you could not recognize him." At this Yam's messengers asked the method of the Vrat.

Yam Raaj said - "On the 13th day of Shukla Paksh of Maargsheersh Maas (Agahan), when no Sunday or Tuesday falls on that day, invite 13 Braahman and made them seated north faced. Massage them with sesame oil and give them bath with warm water each separately. Then make them seated east faced and feed them Shaali rice, jaggery Pooaa, and Paak food etc. Vratee then should do Aachman and worship Braahman with one Prasth (or one Seer or one Kilogram) sesame seed in a copper pot, Dakshinaa, umbrella, a pitcher full of water etc. Thus he should do it for one year. If anyone does this even for once, he does not come to my Lok. He goes to Vishnu Lok or Shiv Puree. Since he did this Vrat before, that is why you could not see him." Hey Krishn, At the same moment my unconsciousness was gone and I became healthy. I have come here just to see you."

After saying this Mudgal Muni went away. Hey Kaunteya, you also do this Vrat, then you won't have to go to Yam Lok."



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