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4-Uttar Parv

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37-Aadityavaar Vrat

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37-Aadityavaar Vrat
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-115-117, p 505-508

Aadityavaar Vrat
(Chap 115) Yudhishthir said - "Now you tell me such a Vrat which destroys all the sins, give health, and immortal fruit." Krishn said - "The soul of the Universe is divided in three parts - Soorya, Agni, Chandra (Sun, Fire, Moon). What is there in this world which a man cannot get by worshipping that Paramaatmaa. That is why one should keep Nakt Vrat on Sunday. After worshipping Braahman, one should draw a 12-petal lotus flower and establish Soorya, Vivaswaan, Bhag, Varun, Mahendra, Aaditya, Shaant, horses of Soorya Dev, Yam, Martand and Ravi in its 12 petals. Worship them with red sandal paste, sesame seeds, fruits and rice and then do their Visarjan. In the night take food without oil and remember Bhaaskar Bhagavaan. The previous day of Sunday (Saturday) one should not massage oil in the body.

Thus keep fast for one year and then do Udyaapan. Take a copper pot, fill it with jaggery, establish a golden lotus flower on it, establish a golden idol of 2-armed Soorya Bhagavaan and a golden cow with her calf. Worship them and give all things to Braahman. Who do this Vrat like this, they become healthy, prosperous and have many sons and grandsons and in the end attain Soorya Lok."

Sankraanti Vrat Udyaapan
(Chap 116) Krishn further said - Raajan, Now I tell you another Vrat done at the time of Sankraanti as Udyaapan. This fulfills all desires in this Lok and gives immortal fruits in the other world. One should start it on the day of Soorya's Uttaraayan or Dakshinaayan or in Vishuv Yog. On the previous day of Sakraanti one should take food one time only. On the day of Sankraanti, take bath with sesame seed water. Draw an 8-petal lotus flower along with its stem, and do Aavaahan of Soorya Dev On the petals one should establish Soorya Dev with the following Mantra on each petal - "Sooryaaya Namah" in Karnikaa, "Aadityaaya Namah" on the eastern petal and then "Saptaarchishey Namah", "Ringmandalaaya Namah", Savitrey Namah", Varunaaya Namah", Saptsamaye Namah", Maartandaaya Namah" and "Vishnavey Namah" on the northern petal. Worship them several times. Make a golden lotus flower, donate it along with a Ghee filled pot and a pitcher. Then offer Arghya to Soorya Dev with flower and sandal paste water saying that "You are the Universe and he whole Universe is your form. you are self-born most Tejasweee and the Lord of all Ved. I greet you repeatedly."

Thus one should it in all the months. If one cannot do it in all the months, then he should do it 12 times on the day of the end of the year. At the end of the year, feed Braahman Kheer with Ghee, and donate 12 cows along with golden lotus flowers and pitchers. In the same way, one should donate the golden idols of gold, silver or copper. Who cannot do this, they can make the idol of Shesh Naag with Prithvi of flour along with golden lotus flower and donate it. He lives in Swarg Lok up to the end of the Kalp, then comes back in the beginning of the next Kalp as the Lord of the seven Dweep. He is beautiful, has good wife and many sons and friends worship him."

Bhadraa Vrat
(Chap 117) Yudhishthir asked - "Bhagavan, Bhadraa is known as "Vishti" in this Lok. How does she look like? Who is she? Whose daughter is she? And how is she worshipped?" Krishn said - "Bhadraa is the daughter of Soorya Bhagavaan and Chhaayaa and is the real sister of Shanaishchar. She is of dark complexion, has long hair, large teeth and has a terrible form. As she was born she started troubling the whole world. Seeing this Soorya got worried and decided to marry her, but nobody got ready to marry her. Soorya built a Mandap for her marriage but she broke it. Now he started thinking to whom to marry her.

In the meantime Brahmaa Jee also came to Soorya complaining about his daughter. Soorya said - "You are whole sole master of the world, why are you asking me? Do whatever you feel appropriate." Then Brahmaa Jee called Bhadraa and said to her - "Hey Bhadrey, You live in the end period of Vava, Baalav, Kaulav etc Karan; and whoever does any traveling, entering, auspicious Karm, farming, trade, etc in your time, you create obstacles to them. Don't create obstacle up to three days, then in the half part of the fourth day, Devtaa and Asur will pray you. Who does not respect you, you may spoil their work." After saying this Brahmaa Jee went away and Bhadraa wandered around troubling everybody. She is of evil nature that is why she should be abandoned in all auspicious Karm.

She lives five Ghadee (2 hrs) in mouth, two Gahdee (48 mins) in throat, 11 Ghadee (264 mins = 4 hrs 40 mins) in heart, four Ghadee (96 mins = 1 hr 36 mins) in navel, five Ghadee (2 hrs) in waist, and three Ghadee (1 hr 12 mins) in tail. When she is in mouth, then the action is destroyed; when she is in throat, then the wealth is destroyed; when she is in heart, then destroys Praan (a man dies); when she is in navel, a quarrel takes place; and when she is in waist then destroys speech (Arth Bhransh); but when she is in tail, then all actions are completed surely.

She has 12 names - (1) Dhanyaa, (2) Dadhimukhee (3) Bhadraa, (4) Mahaamaaree, (5) Kharaananaa, (6) Kaalraatri, (7) Mahaarudraa, (8) Vishti, (9) Kulputrikaa, (10) Bhairavee, (11) Mahaakaalee, and (12) Asurkshayakaree. Who remembers these names in the morning, he is spared from all kinds of problems, a patient becomes free from diseases and all Graha (planets) become favorable. Who worships her daily his all desires are fulfilled. Now you listen to the method of her Vrat.

On whichever day Bhadraa is present, one should keep fast. If she is present at night, then keep Ek-Bhukt fast for two days. If she is present after one Prahar, then keep fast for three Prahar or keep Ek-Bhukt fast. On the day of the fast, one should apply fragrant Aamalaa and take bath. Make an idol of Bhadraa of Kushaa and worship her with Dhoop, Lamp, incense, flowers and Naivedya. Do Havan 108 times with Bhadraa's 12 names and feed sesame seed and Kheer Braahman. Later he should take food mixed with sesame seeds, and pray her in end of the worship. ( Mantra is given on p 508 ). Thus do 17 Bhadraa Vrat and do Udyaapan in the end. Establish Bhadraa's idol on an iron stool (Peeth), worship her and pray her. Then donate that idol to Braahman with iron, sesame seeds, oil, black cow with calf, black blanket and Dakshinaa. Then one should do Visarjan.

Whoever does this Bhadraa Vrat, his all jobs are done without any obstacles. He is not afflicted by Pret and Graha (planets) etc also, and he attains Soorya Lok in the end. 



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