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36-Other Vrat-18

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36-Other Vrat
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-108-113, p 499-505

Nakshatra Purush Vrat
(Chap 108) Yudhishthir said - "How men and women can get beauty?" Krishn Jee said - "Once Arundhatee asked the same question from Vashishth Jee. Vashishth Jee said - "One cannot get beauty without worshipping Vishnu Bhagavaan. Whoever man or woman desires to get beauty and good children, he should worship Nakshatra Purush form Bhagavaan Vishnu. One should worship Vishnu's feet etc body parts with fasting from Chaitra Maas. After taking bath, one should make an idol of Vishnu and worship His body parts in this way - in Mool Nakshatra worship both feet, in Rohinee Nakshatra worship both thighs, in Ashwinee Nakshatra worship both knees, in Aashaadh worship both hips, in both Phaalgunee Nakshatra worship Guhya place, in Krittikaa worship waist, in both Bhaadrapad worship His back part and Takhanaa, in Revatee Nakshatra worship both Kokh (Kukshi), in Anuraadhaa worship His chest, in Dhanishthaa worship back, in Vishaakhaa worship both arms, in Hast worship both hands, in Punarvasu worship all fingers, in Aashleshaa worship nails, in Jyeshthaa worship neck, in Shravan worship ears, in Pushya worship mouth, in Swaati worship teeth, in Shatbhishaa worship face, in Maghaa worship nose, in Mrigshiraa worship eyes, in Chitraa worship forehead, in Bharanee worship head, in Aardraa worship hair.

On the day of fast one should not massage oil in the body. While worshipping Purush's body parts, one should worship the Lord of Nakshatra and the Moon. If somehow A-Shauch (uncleanliness) happens to be during Vrat then keep just fast during that Nakshatra and worship His body part in next Nakshatra. When his Vrat is complete in Maagh Maas, one should do its Udyaapan. Make a golden Nakshatra Purush, adore it, establish it on a bed. Make a Braahman couple also seated on the bed, worship them with clothes and ornaments and donate them seven grains, cow with calf, umbrella, shoes, Ghee pot and Dakshinaa along with that idol. By doing this Vrat one gets beauty, happiness, health, good children, sweet voice, and prosperity for many lives."

(Chap 109) Yudhishthir asked - "Bhagavan, Now you tell about Shaiv Nakshatra Purush for Shiv Bhakt." Krishn Jee said - "On the day of Shaiv Nakshatra Purush Vrat, worship the body parts of Shiv and keep Nakt Vrat. It should be started in Phaalgun Maas, Shukla Paksh, Hast Nakshatra. In the night worship Shiv Jee. In Hast etc 27 Nakshatra, worship Shiv with his 27 names from feet to head respectively. Take food without salt and oil. In every Nakshatra, donate one Kilogram Shaali rice and a Ghee pot to a Braahman. If there happen to be two Nakshatra on the same day then worship two  body parts with two names in one day. Thus doing Vrat, do Paaran in the end. In this make the golden idol of Shiv and Paarvatee.

This Vrat should not be done by any whose behavior is not good, who argues for arguing sake, who talks about somebody to other, who is greedy etc people. Whoever woman does this Vrat wth the permission of her husband, she is never separated from her husband."

Praayashchit Vrat
(Chap 110) Yudhishthir asked - "Bhagavan, If somebody takes this Vrat, and cannot do it, then what should he do?" Krishn said - "This is a very secret thing, I tell you. Whoever Devee or Devtaa's Vrat is broken, make a golden or silver idol of that Devee or Devtaa, call a Braahman, bathe the idol with Panchaamrit, and establish it on a water-filled pitcher. Worship it and offer the Arghya to it with the name of Devee or Devtaa (Aum - Devtaa's name - Namah) and ask for his or her forgiveness. Offer Arghya to Digpaal and worship body parts of that Devee or Devtaa. Braahman should bless him for the completion of his Vrat. Give all things to Braahman, do Panch Yagya and then take food. Whoever does this Vrat, his all Vrat get completed. Maharshi Garg told me this Vrat. I also did it in my childhood. It completes all the Vrat done in all the past lives.

Panya-stree Vrat
(Chap 111) There is one Panya-stree Vrat which should be begun on Sunday in Hast, or Pushya, or Punarvasu Nakshatra. In it one worships Kaam Dev and in the end all including the idol and bed are donated to Braahman. The woman should live with good conduct and behavior on this day. It uplifts even the lowest women."

Vrintaak Tyaag and Graha Nakshatra Vrat
(Chap 112) Krishn Jee said - "Now I tell you the method of abandoning eating Vrintaak (Bengan, or eggplant). A Vratee should abandon this for 3 months, or 6 months or for one year, then do Udyaapan. After this keep fast in Bharanee or Maghaa Nakshatra, draw a Mandal, establish Yam Raaj and his servants  and worship with these names separately - Yam, Kaal, Neel, Chitragupt, Vaivaswat Manu, Mrityu and Parameshthee. Then do Havan with the same name with sesame seeds and Ghee. After this do Praayashchit Hom and donate ornament, clothes, umbrella, shoes, black blanket, black bull, black cow, golden eggplant with Dakshinaa to Braahman and feed him. This gives the fruit of Paundareek Yagya and he doesn't have to see the face of Yam Raaj."

(Chap 113) Krishn further said - Now I tell you Graha Nakshatra Vrat. By doing this Vrat all evil planets get calm and one gets Lakshmee, Dhriti, Tushti and Pushti. On whichever Sunday there is Hast Nakshatra, on that worship Soorya Bhagavaan and do Nakt Vrat. Do it for seven Sundays, then make golden idol of Soorya Dev, establish it a copper pot, bathe it with Ghee, and worship it with red sandal paste, red flowers, red clothes, Dhoop, lamp and offer Naivedya of Laddoo. Then donate shoes, umbrella, two red clothes and Dakshinaa. By doing this Vrat, the Vratee becomes healthy, gets wealth and children.

When there is Chitraa Nakshatra on Monday, start the Vrat from that day, and then do it for seven Mondays. Then make a silver idol of Chandramaa Devtaa, establish it in a silver or Kaansaa pot, worship it with white flowers white clothes, offer Naivedya of yogurt and butter, and then donate that idol along with shoes, umbrella, and Dakshinaa. This pleases Chandramaa and by pleasing Cgandramaa other Grih also get pleased. When there is Swaati Nakshatra on Tuesday, start the Vrat from that day and then do Nakt Vrat for seven Tuesdays. In the end, make a golden idol of Mangal, establish it in a copper pot, worship it with red flowers, red sandal paste, red clothes, offer Kasaar as Naivedya and give all the things to Braahman.

In the same was when there is Vishaakhaa Nakshatra on Wednesday, start the Nakt Vrat from that day and do seven Wednesday, and on the last day give a golden idol of Budh to Braahman. When there is Anuraadhaa Nakshatra on Thursday, start the Nakt Vrat from that day and do seven Thursdays. In the end make an idol o Brihaspati Jee, establish it in a golden pot, worship it with yellow flowers, yellow clothes, Yagyopaveet, offer Khaand as Naivedya and give it to Braahman. In the same start Friday Vrat when there is Jyeshthaa Nakshatra on that day. Do it for seven Fridays. In the end make a golden idol of Shukra, establish it in a silver of bamboo pot, worship it with white sandal paste, white clothes, offer Naivedya of Kheer and Ghee. Give all things to Braahman. Start Saturday Vrat when there is Mool Nakshatra and continue up to seven Saturdays. In the end worship the golden idols of Shani, Raahu and Ketu, do Havan of all Grih's name Mantra with Ghee and sesame seeds one by one 28 or 108 times. Idol of Shani may be made of iron or gold. Give all things to Braahman. This calms down all Grih (planets) and they become favorable."

Pippalaad Muni's Story

Krishn further said - "Once in Tretaa Yug, there was serious famine. During that period, Kaushik Muni went to other place along with his wife and children. As he could not provide food for his whole family, he left one child in the way. That child started weeping as he was hungry and alone. Suddenly he saw a Peepal (an Indian sacred tree) tree and a pond nearby it. The child ate the fruits of Peepal and drank that pond water. He felt better and started doing Tapasyaa there. Now he daily ate Peepal fruits and drank that pond water. One day Devarshi Naarad Jee came there, so the child greeted him and offered him Aasan with great respect. Naarad Jee became very pleased with that child. He performed his Sanskaar and taught him Ved and gave him 12-letter Mantra "Aum Namo Bhagavatey Vaasudevaaya".

Now he started doing Jaap of that Mantra. Naarad Jee also stayed there. Pleased with the child's Tapasyaa, Vishnu Jee came there on His Garud. The child recognized Him and asked for His firm Bhakti in His feet. Vishnu preached him Gyaan and Yog and Bhakti and got disappeared. Now that child became a Gyaanee Maharshi. One day the child asked Naarad Jee - "What was the reason that I had to bear so much trouble in such a young age? Why I have been afflicted by Graha. I don't know whereabouts of my parents also. Fortunately I got you and you made me Braahman." Naarad Jee said - "O child, Shani Graha has afflicted you so much. In fact the whole country is being afflicted because of its slow speed." Hearing this the child got very angry. He felled it down by his look only. Shani fell on a mountain and broke his one leg. Naarad started dancing seeing Shani falling down on the ground. He called all Devtaa and showed his bad condition to everybody. 

Brahmaa Jee said to the child - "You have done a great Tap by eating Peepal fruits, therefore Naarad Jee has given you Pippalaad name correctly. Whoever will remember and worship you on Saturday, they will not bear Shani's affliction for seven lives. They will have sons and grandsons. Now you re-establish Shani in the space, because he is not at fault. To get relieved from Graha's affliction one should offer Naivedya, and do Havan, Namskaar etc. One should not disrespect Graha. When they are worshipped, they become peaceful. To calm down the affliction of Shani, one should massage oil in his body and give oil to Braahman also. Make a iron idol of Shani, keep it in an oil filled iron pot , worship it with black flower, two black clothes, Kasaar, sesame seeds, cooked rice and give it Braahman along with Dakshinaa. One should use this Mantra while worshipping Shani, "Aum Shanno Devee Rabhishtraye, Aapo Bhavantu Peetaye | Shanyorabhi Sravantu Nah" (Yajur Ved, 36|12) Shani Dev himself preached a Mantra for himself to Nal when he had lost his kingdom (Mantra is given on p 504). Whoever does this Vrat for one year and does Udyaapan with this method, he never has to suffer with Shani's affliction."

After saying this Brahmaa Jee went to his Lok, Pippalaadi established Shani's idol at its place and prayed.



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