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4-Uttar Parv

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35-Anant Vrat

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35-Anant Vrat
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-106-107, p 496-499

Anant Vrat
(Chap 106) Yudhishthir said - "By worshipping Naraayan, one's all wishes are fulfilled; but there is no greater sorrow than being without son, and a bad son is more sorrowful than being without son. I wish to know such Vrat, which can give a qualitative son." Krishn said - "There is a story famous about this. There lived a king named Kritveerya in Maahishmatee Nagaree. He had 1,000 queens but one queen was chief among all of them - Sheeldhanaa. One day she asked Maitreyee to get a son for him. Maitreyee Rishi told her to do Anant Vrat and said, "Whoever does this Vrat his all wishes are fulfilled. In Maargsheersh (Agahan) Maas, on whichever day falls Mrigshiraa Nakshatra, one should take bath on that day and worship the left foot of Anant Bhagavaan, pray him and give Dakshinaa to Braahman after repeatedly doing Pranaam. In the night take food without sour (sour - such as yogurt, lemon, pickle, fruits, mango powder etc) and oil.

In the same way one should do it in Pushya Nakshatra in Paush Maas and worship left side of waist; in Maghaa Nakshatra in Maagh Maas and worship left arm; in Phaalgunee Nakshtra in Phaalgun Maas worship left left lower part. In these four months do the Praashan of cow's urine, and donate sesame seed with gold. In Chitraa Nakshatra in Chaitra Maas worship right shoulder; in Vishaakhaa Nakshatra in Vaishaakh Maas worship right arm; in Jyeshthaa Nakshatra in Jyeshth Maas worship right side of waist; and in Aashaadhaa nakshatra in Aashaadh Maas worship right foot. In these four months one should do the Praashan of Panchgvya. In Shraavan Nakshtra in Shraavan Maas worship Vishnu's both feet; In Uttaraa Bhaadrapad Nakshatra in Bhaadrapad Maas worship Guhya place; in Ashwinee Nakshatra in Aashwin Maas worship chest; in Krittikaa Nakshatra in Kaartik Maas worship the head of Anant Bhagavaan. In these four months do Praashan of Ghee and donate Ghee also to Braahman.

In the first four months do Havan from Ghee, in the second four months with Shaali rice; and in the last four months from milk for Anant Bhagavaan. Eating Havishya has been regarded auspicious in all months. Thus after doing three Paaran in 12 months, in the end make a golden idol of Anant Bhagavaan and silver plough and pestle. Establish the idol on a copper plate and keep plough and pestle on His both sides and worship it along with Maas, Samvatsar, Nakshatra, Moon etc. Put on clothes and ornaments to a Braahman and give these things to him saying "Anantah Preeyataam". Feed and give Dakshinaa to other Braahman also. O Sheeldhanaa, If you desire for a good son, you should do this Vrat.

Anant Bhagavaan got very pleased with this Vrat and he gave her a very good son. Kritveerya named him Arjun. Because of being the son of Kritveerya, he was called Kaartveerya also. He did severe Tap for Dattatreya Jee. Dattatreya Jee gave him Var - "You will be a Chakravartee king, and whoever will pronounce "Namo Astu Kaartveeryaaya", he will get the Punya of donating one Prasth sesame seed; and who will remember you their wealth will never be destroyed." His father never had any kind of problem with his son."

Maas Nakshatra Vrat
(Chap 107) Yudhishthir said - "One is not sad if he doesn't get the wealth etc, but he is more sad if the already present wealth is lost, therefore you tell some Vrat by doing which one should not lose his wealth and does not tolerate the separation from his dear people." Krishn Jee said - "For this one should worship Bhagavaan Achyut in 12 Nakshatra in 12 Maas with various ways. It should be started from Kaarttik Maas in Krittikaa Nakshatra. In the first four months one should offer the Naivedya of Khichadee and feed the Braahman the same. In next four months offer the Naivedya of  Gujhiyaa and feed the Braahman the same; in the last four months offer Naivedya of Kheer and feed the Braahman the same. Do Praashan with Panchgavya and pray Bhagavaan with Bhakti (
the Mantra is given on p 497). Take Prasaad in the night. When Achyut is awake after one year, then give a Ghee filled copper pot and Dakshinaa to Braahman saying "Achyutah Preeyataam".

Thus do this for seven years. In the end, establish a golden idol of Achyut and a silver idol of Saambharaayanee in front of Him. Worship them and then donate everything to Braahman. Who does this Vrat with Bhakti, his wealth is never destroyed."

Yudhishthir asked - "Bhagavan, Who is this Saambharaayanee?" Krishn said - "It is heard that Saambharaayanee was a Siddh woman in Swarg Lok. She could clear the doubts even of Devtaa. One time Indra said to his Guru Brihaspti Jee - "Please tell me the behavior and nature of previous Indra." Brihaspati Jee said - "I do not keep the account of all Indra, but I know those Indra who have been in my own time period." Indra said - "Then whom we should ask this account?" Brihaspati Jee pondered for a while then said - "Ask Saambharaayanee Devee only." So he went to Saambharaayanee Devee. She welcomed him, worshipped him and asked the reason for coming there. Indra told her that he wanted to know about previous Indra. Saambharaayanee Devee said - "Yes, I know about all of them. I have seen many Manu, Devtaa creations, and Saptarshi and I know about all Manvantar." Then she told everything what Indra wanted to know.

But she told one surprising thing, that - "In earlier times there was a very powerful Daitya named Shankukarn. He came to win Indra after winning all Lokpaal. He entered Indra's palace fearlessly. Indra got frightened and hid. He came and sat on Indra's seat. At the same time Vishnu came there. Shankukarn got very happy to see Him, he embraced Him very affectionately. Vishnu also embraced him such that his all bones got fractured and he died. Seeing that Daitya died Indra appeared from his hidden place and prayed Bhagavaan. I saw this from my own eyes." Indra asked - "Devee, How do you know such old event?" Devee said - "There is nothing hidden from my eyes." Indra asked - "What Karm have you done so that you have attained immortal Swarg?" Devee said - "I did Maas Nakshatra Vrat for seven years methodically. Whoever desires for immortal Swarg, Indra's seat, wealth, prosperity, children, he must do the worship of Vishnu."

Brihaspati and Indra got very happy to hear this and started doing his Vrat.



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