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4-Uttar Parv

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34-Poornimaa Vrat

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34-Poornimaa Vrat
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-103-105, p 493-495

Mahaa Kaarttikee Vrat
(Chap 103) Bhagavaan Krishn said - In earlier times there was a king named Dileep in Vrishsthal in the middle part. His wife's  name was Kalinhbhadraa. She used to donate to Braahman and worship Devtaa. Once she took a Vrat of Krittikaa Vrat of six months. She did Daan, worship of Braahman, worship of Bhagavaan in every Paaran. Once when there was a little time left in Vrat, she was sleeping in the night, a terrible snake bit her and she died. Later she was born as a she-goat. But because of this Vrat she remembered her past life. So she did her Krittika Vrat again. She became separated from her group and did fasting.

Once when she was grazing in another person's farm, that he caught her and brought her to his house. Atri Rishi saw that she-goat and knew that she was queen Kalinhbhadraa. He pitied her and got freed her. She went, ate Ber (a kind of Indian berry) leaves and drank cool water and did Paaran of her Krittikaa Vrat. Rishi Atri preached her Yog Gyaan and went back to his Aashram. After a while she left her physical body through Yog. After that she was born as Yoglakshmee from Gautam Muni's wife Ahalyaa. Gautam Muni married her to Shaandilya Muni. She always fed Braahman, felicitated Atithi (guests), and worshipped Devtaa. One day Maharshi came there and knew everything about her. He asked her - "Yoglakshmee, How many Krittikaa are there?" Yoglakshmee remembered her previous life and said - "Krittikaa are six." Kind Muni then preached her Mantra and Krittikaa Vrat. After doing that she enjoyed for long time and then got Moksh."

Yudhishthir asked the method of doing this Vrat. Kishn said - "This occasion is on Kaarttik Poornimaa, in Krittika Nakshatra, on Thursday or Monday. Therefore this comes in many years, with great difficulty and with great Punya. That is why one should keep fast on ordinary Kaarttik Poornimaa too. On that day after completing one's daily chores, one should take vow to keep Nakt Vrat or complete fast. Take bath in some Teerth place or in one's own house, worship Devtaa, Rishi, Pitar and Atithi and do Havan. In the evening, fill six pots with milk or Ghee, keep six Krittikaa idols made of gold, silver, gems, butter, or flour in them. Cover them with Kalaavaa (red colored cotton holy thread), apply Sindoor, Kumkum, sandal paste; and worship them with jasmine flowers, Dhoop, lamp, Naivedya and then donate them to Braahman. When Braahman goes home taking them, the Vratee should follow him six steps. Whoever does this Vrat like this, he goes to Nakshatra Lok."

Manorath Poornimaa
(Chap 104) Krishn further said - "Hey Raajan, This Vrat starts from Phaalgun Poornima and is completed in one year. This is called Manorath Poornimaa. Vratee should take bath in the morning, worship Lakshmee Naaraayan, and remember them all the time. In the night, imagine Lakshmee Naaraayan in Moon, and offer Arghya to him. Eat food without salt and oil. In the same way one should do it in Chaitra, Vaishaakh, and Jyeshth Maas also, then do first Paaran. Then do the same in next four months - Aashaadh, Shraavan, Bhaadrapad, Aashwin; and do second Paaran worshipping Shree and Shreedhar. Then do the same for next four months - Kaarttik, Maargsheersh, Paush, Maagh and do the last Paaran. At the end of each Paaran one should give Dakshinaa to Braahman. In the first four months one should do Praashan with Panchgavya; in the second one do Praashan of Kush water; and in the third one do Praashan of water heated by sun rays. Sing devotional songs of Bhagavaan. 

One should donate water filled pitcher, shoes, umbrella, gold, clothes, food and Dakshinaa every month. One should do Keertan with these names in 12 month - Keshav, Naaraayan, Maadhav, Govind, Vishnu, Madhusoodan, Trivikram, Vaaman, Shreedhar or Hrisheekesh, Raam, Padmnaabh or Daamodar, and Devdevesh respectively. If somebody cannot give all the things every month to Braahman, then he should donate a golden Moon worshipped with fruits and clothes."

Ashok Poornimaa
(Chap 105) Krishn further said - "Now I tell you about Ashok Poornimaa. By doing this Vrat one never gets sorrows. On Phaalgun Poornimaa, take bath with sand. Build a mud Vedee, establish Bhoodhar and Prithvi with the name of Ashokaa and worship them, and pray them like this - "Hey Dhranee Devee, You bear all beings. As Janaardan removed your all sorrows by taking you out from Rasaatal, in the same way you also remove my all sorrows and fulfill my all wishes." Offer Arghya to Moon in the night. Keep fast on that day and eat food without oil and Kshaar (sour - such as yogurt, lemon, tomato, pickle, fruits, mango powder etc). Do Paaran every four months and do special worship and Jaagaran in each Paaran. In first Paaran worship with the name of Dharanee, in the second one worship with the name of Medinee, and in the third Paaran worship with the name of Vasundharaa. In the end of the year donate a cow with calf, land, clothes, ornaments etc to Braahman. Dharanee Devee did this Vrat in Paataal, the Bhagavaan brought her out assuming the form of Varaah. At the time Bhagavaan gave her Var that whoever will do this Vrat he will also be free from all kinds of sorrows.



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