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4-Uttar Parv

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33-Saavitree Vrat

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33-Saavitree Vrat
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-102, p 490-493

Saavitree Vrat
(Chap 102) Yudhishthir said - "Now you tell  me about Saavitree Vrat."Krishn Jee said - "I tell you now how a girl named Saavitree did this Vrat. In ancient times, there lived  a brave, forgiver, truth speaker king amed Ashwapati in Madra Desh (modern Panjaab). He had no child, so he worshipped Saavitree with his wife. Saavitree, pleased with his worship, gave him Var that she herself would take birth as his daughter. After some time the king had a Divine daughter. Since she was born through Saavitree's Var, the king named her Saavitree. On Bhrigu's advice Saavitree also did Saavitree Vrat.

One day, after the Vrat, she went to her father, greeted him and sat down. Her father knew that she was of marriageable age, so he consulted his ministers but they could not find any boy worthy for her daughter. So Ashwapati said to his daughter - "Dear daughter, You go yourself along with our Ministers and elders, and search for your groom according to your choice." Saavitree proceeded on her journey and in a short time she came back after visiting many Teerth and Tapo Van. She saw that Naarad Jee was sitting in the royal court. She greeted him and her father and told them the account of her journey, that there was a king named Dyumatsen of Shaalv Desh, and she had chosen his son as her husband.

Hearing this Naarad Jee said - "Raajan, She has not taken decision intelligently as she is still a child. Although the son of Dyumatsen is very good in all respects, but he has a very short life. After just one year from today, next year today, he will die." Hearing this the king asked Saavitree to search or another groom, but Saavitree said - "Father, Kings order only once, learned people speak only once, and the girl is also given only once - and these three things never happen twice. Whether Satyavaan is long lived or short lived, full of qualities or without any quality, I have chosen him as my husband, I will not choose any other one. Whatever is said, it is said after proper thought, and whatever has been said, one should do the same; therefore whatever I have decided, I will do the same."

Naarad Jee said - "If the girl has decided this then you must not delay and marry her soon." After blessing them Narad Jee went away and the king married her to Satyavaan. Both started living in their own Aashram, but she never forgot Naarad's prediction. When the year came to complete, she started doing Vrat for three nights - from the 12th day of Shukla Paksh of Bhaadrapad Maas. She continued doing Jap, meditation worshipping of Saavitree Devee. She was sure that Satyavaan would die on the 4th day from that day, so she passed those three days and nights in discipline. On the fourth day, she worshipped Devtaa and Pitar, touched her in-law's feet.

Satyavaan used to bring wood from the forest. On that day also he got ready to bring wood, so Saavitree also got ready to go with him. Satyavaan said - "Ask mother and father to go to forest." When she went to take their permission, first they refused, but on persuasion they permitted her to go. Both went to the forest. Satyavaan chopped the wood and started tying them that he felt a severe headache so he said to Saavitree - "Dear, I am feeling headache, so I wish to take some rest." Saavitree sat down and she made him lie down keeping his head in her laps.

In the meantime Yam Raaj Jee came there. Saavitree greeted him respectfully and asked him - "Prabho, Who are you? Devtaa, Daitya or Gandharv? And why have you come to me?" Dharm Raaj said - "I regulate the whole Universe, my name is Yam. Your husband's age is ove so I have come to take him. Since you are Pativrataa that is why my messengers could not take him, and I had to come myself." After saying this Yam Raaj pulled a thumb size body from Satyavaan's physical body and proceeded towards his own Lok. Saavitree followed him. First yam Raaj didn't notice it, but soon he found her following him, he said to her - "You go back. Nobody can come so far on this path."

Saavitree said - "Mahaaraaj, Following my husband I am neither feeling any fatigue or any hatred. Rather I am feeling joy following him. As noble people are called saints, Varn and Aashram are based on Ved, disciple follows his Guru and all kinds of living beings live on Prithvi, in the same way women's resting place is their husband, nobody else." Yam Raaj got very happy to hear this, he said - "I m very pleased with you, you may ask anything you wish for. Saavitree then asked five Var politely. (1) My father-in-law's eyes should be all right and he should get his kingdom back; (2) My father should have 100 sons; (3) I should also have 100 sons; (4) My husband should live long; and (5) We should always follow Dharm." Dharm Raaj gave all Var and Satyavaan back to her. Saavitree came back to Aashram happily along with her husband. This was all the result of doing Vrat on Bhaadrapad Poornimaa."

Yudhishthir said - "Tell me the method of doing this Vrat in detail." Krishn Jee said - "Whoever woman desires to be Saubhaagyavatee, she should take up this Vrat on the 13th day of Shukla Paksh of Bhaadrapad. If one does not have the strength of doing fast for three days, then do Nakt Vrat (eating only once in the night) on the 13th day; A-Yaachit Vrat on the 14th day, and complete fasting on Poornimaa. She should take bath daily and take bath on Poornimaa with mustard Ubatan.

According to one's capacity, she should make the idols of Brahmaa and Saavitree of gold, silver or clay, establish them in a bamboo pot and cover them with two red clothes. Worship them with incense, flower, Dhoop, lamp, Naivedya. Keep coconut, cucumber, dates, pomegranates, Jaamun, oranges, Katahal, jaggery, salt, cumin seeds, sprouted grains, seven grains and Saavitree Sootra (thread worn in neck) in a bamboo pot and offer them to Saavitree Devee. Do Jaagaran in the night and tell story of Saavitree. In the morning the Vratee woman should offer all, including the idols, to Braahman. Feed the Braahman and take food herself also.

Hey Raajan, One should do this on Amaavasyaa of Jyeshth Maas. Under the banyan tree, one should keep statues of Satyavaan and Saavitree there, including wood, and worship them methodically. Keep awake the whole night and in the morning give them to Braahman. Whoever women do this Vrat like this, they live long with their husband, children and wealth."



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