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1-Braahm Parv

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10-Shashthee Vrat-Skand Shashthee
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 1-Braahm Parv, p 65-70

This section, Braahm Parv, is on p 1-222 of the book and mostly contains information about Soorya.

Skand Shashthee

(Chap 39) Sumantu Muni said - "Raajan, Now I tell you about Shashthee (6th Tithi or 6th day of lunar month). This Tithi fulfills all wishes. One should eat only fruits on the 6th day of Kaarttik Shukla*. If a king whose kingdom is lost, keeps fast on this day, he gets his kingdom back; that is why who wishes for victory, he must keep this fast.

Note - According to Panchaang this Skand Shashthee falls on Maargsheersh Shukla Shashthee; and Kaarttik Shukla Shashthee is regarded as Ravi (Soorya) Shashthee. On this day Soorya is worshipped in whole India. Since it is mentioned here in the reference of Kaarttik Shukla Shashthee, so it seems that it is mentioned here according to the month ending on Amaavasyaa.

This day is the favorite day of Swaamee Kaarttikeya, because it is his birthday. He is known as Krittikaa, and Shankar, and Agni and Gangaa's son. On this ady only he became the Army General of Devtaa. After keeping fast one should offer Arghya of Ghee, yogurt, water and flowers to Kaarttikeya facing south. In the night donate some food to Braahman, eat fruits and sleep on the floor. One should do this Vrat on both Krishn and Shukla Paksh Shashthee. One gets Siddhi, Vidyaa, kingdom, long life, health and Mukti. Who cannot keep the whole day fast, he can keep at least night fast."

Glory of Kaarttikeya and Shashthee Vrat

(Chap 46) Sumantu Muni said - "This Tithi destroys all sins. Whatever Daan, Punya etc are done on this day, are immortal. Who do Darshan of Kaarttikeya living in south (Kumaarikaa Kshetra) on this day, they become free from Braahman killing like sin. Who builds a temple of Kaartikeya of bricks, or stones, or wood, he goes to Kaarttikeya Lok riding in a gold Vimaan. Kings must worship Kaartikeya. Who eats food in the night after keeping fast and worshipping Kaartikeya becomes free from all sins and goes to Kaarttikeya Lok.

Saptamee Vrat (Shaak Saptamee)

(Chap 47) Sumantu Muni said - "Bhagavaan Soorya was born on Saptamee (7th day). He was born along with the egg, and grew within it. Because he lived in the egg (And), he is called Maartand. When he was still in the egg, Daksh Prajaapati gave him his daughter Roopaa to him. By the permission of Daksh Vishwakarmaa performed his Sanskaar which increased his powers. Soorya had two children from her, one son Yam and one daughter Yamunaa while living in the egg only. Roopaa couldn't tolerate his powers, she thought, "I cannot see him properly because of his powers, even my fair complexion is also getting dark because of his powers." so she created a woman from her shadow and said to her - "You be with Soorya in place of me, but be careful of this secret." She handed over her children to her and went to Uttar Kuru area and started doing Tapasyaa assuming the form of a mare.

Soorya took that Chhaayaa (shadow) his wife and produced two children from her - one son Shanaishchar and one daughter Tapatee. Chhaayaa used to love her own children more than Roopaa's children. Once an argument broke between Yamunaa and Tapatee and both became rivers because of one another's Shaap. Once she scolded Yam, so Yam lifted his foot to kick her. At this Chhaayaa gave him Shaap - "O fool, You have lifted your foot to kick me, you will be doing this killing act till these Soorya and Chandra will exist in this world. If you will keep this foot on the ground, insects will eat it." At the same time Soorya came there. Yam said to him - "Father, She cannot be our mother. She is somebody else. She behaves differently with us and does not treat all children alike."

Yam told Chhaayaa to treat all her children alike. At this Chhaayaa didn't speak anything, but Yam said - "She cannot be our mother, that is why she has given me Shaap." and told him the whole incident. Soorya said - "You don't worry, all insects will go to Prithvi, that is why your foot will not be destroyed and will be all right. You will be appointed as Lokpaal by Brahmaa Jee. Your sister Yamunaa's water will be holy like Gangaa's water, and Tapatee's water will be like Narmadaa's water. From today, this Chhaayaa will live with everybody."

Then Soorya went to Daksh Jee. Daksh Jee said - "Because of your too much power your wife has gone to Uttar Kuru. Now you may trim your powers from Vishwakarmaa." Immediately he called Vishwakarmaa and asked him to manifest his beautiful form. As he was trimming him, he used to be unconscious with pain so he spared his toes. Then Soorya asked him to relieve his pain. He said - "You smear your body with red sandalwood paste and Karaveer flowers." So he did. From the same day Soorya liked both of them and they were used to worship him.

Immediately, he then went to Uttar Kuru to see his wife. He found her roaming around in the form of a mare. Soorya assumed the form of a horse and met her. For the fear of other man, she threw the power of Soorya from her both nostrils. That became two Ashwinee Kumaar and later were declared Devtaa's Vaidya (doctors). Revant or Saavarni was born from the last part of his Tej. Thus Soorya begot three children from Chhaayaa and four from Sangyaa. Soorya got his wife Sangyaa on Saptamee, Divine form on Saptamee, and children on Saptamee, that is why Saptamee Tithi is very dear to him.

Who eats food only once on Panchamee, and keeps fast on Shashthee, and donates food to Braahman after keeping fast on Saptamee and eats food quietly in the night, he enjoys many kinds of pleasures and comes back on Prithvi as a Chakravartee king along with sons and grandsons after living in Soorya Lok for several Manvantar. The king Kuru observed this Vrat for many years and ate only vegetables, that is why he got Kuru Kshetra and named it Dharm Kshetra.

Vaishaakh Triteeyaa, Bhaadrapad Panchamee and Shashthee, Maagh Saptamee, and Aashwin Navamee are very auspicious Tithi for these months and give desired results. One should take up this Vrat from Kaartik Shukla Saptamee. Vegetables should be given to Braahman and one should eat vegetables only. Thus first Paaran should be done after four months. On that one should bathe Soorya with Panchgavya and do Panchgavya Praashan himself too. Later offer Kesar, Chandan, Agastya flowers, Dhoop (incense) and Kheer. Feed Kheer to Braahman. Red sandal, Karaveer flowers, Guggul Dhoop, Laddoo, Kheer, Ghee, copper pots, Puraan are very favorite of Soorya Dev.



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