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1-Braahm Parv

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11-Soorya Worship-1

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11-Soorya Worship-1
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 1-Braahm Parv, p 70-75

This section, Braahm Parv, is on p 1-222 of the book and mostly contains information about Soorya.

Soorya Worship

(Chap 48) King Shataaneek asked - "I am not satisfied only with this Saptamee Vrat of Soorya Dev, so please tell me something more about it." Sumantu Muni said - "Hey Raajan, I tell you now Krishn and His son Saamb's dialog in this regard. Once Saamb asked his father - "Father, Which Karm one should do in this world so that he should not suffer. I am very sad seeing all these diseases, I am losing my interest in this life." Krishn said - "It is possible only by the grace of Devtaa and their worship. If a certain man worships certain Devtaa he can achieve certain results." Saamb said - "First of all, there is a doubt in the existence of Devtaa, then who should be regarded as he specific Devtaa?" Krishn said - "Devtaa's existence can be proved only by Ved, guess and seeing them personally." Saamb said - "If one can see them, then there is no need of Ved, or guess work." Krishn said - "Son, All Devtaa do not appear in person, so their existence can be proved only by Shaastra and guess." Saamb said - "Tell me about those Devtaa first who are seen and give specific results."

Krishn said - "The most seen Devtaa in this world is Soorya Dev. The whole Universe has appeared from him and will be absorbed in him only. The four Yug, Sat Yug, Tretaa Yug, Dwaapar Yug and Kali Yug start from him only. Planet, Nakshatra, Yog, Karan, Raashi (Signs), Aaditya, Vasu, Rudra, Vaayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Ashwinee Kumaar, Indra, Prajaapati, directions - everything has appeared from him. When he rises, the universe rises and when he sets the Universe sets. Who draws Soorya Mandal and worships it in the morning, afternoon and evening, he attains Param Gati. There is nothing he cannot attain in this world. I myself have worshipped Soorya Bhagavaan, and have attained this Divine knowledge from him only."

Daily Worship of Soorya

(Chap 49) Krishn said - "Now I tell you the method of Soorya worship. One should take bath in the morning and offer him Arghya with the Mantra "Aum Khakholkaaya Swaahaa" (this is his Mool Mantra). Then go to Soorya temple and worship him there or one can draw 6-petal lotus flower on a copper plate and worship it. First clean his body with Praanaayaam, then Abhimantrit worship material by the Mool Mantra, and worship Soorya idol in daytime facing east and Agni in nighttime facing west. After a year of worship with Bhakti, one can get desired results. A sick becomes healthy, poor man gets rich, lost kingdom is regained, and a childless gets children. A girl gets good husband, ugly gets beautiful and a student obtains knowledge.

Special Worship of Soorya

(Chap 50-51) Krishn said - "Saamb, Now I tell you specific days worship. One day before Shukla Saptamee of any month (means on 6th), or eclipse or Sankraanti, one should eat Havishyaann only once, do Pranaam to Soorya Dev in the evening, and sleep on Kush in the night. Next day, on Saptamee or eclipse or Sankraanti day, do Sandhyaa, do Jaap of the Mool Mantra and worship Soorya. Feed a Braahman and give Dakshinaa. Worship Varun named Soorya in Maagh Maas, Soorya in Phaalgun Maas, Vaishaakh in Chaitra Maas, Dhaataa in Vaishaakh Maas, Indra in Jyeshth Maas, Ravi in Ashaadh Maas, Nabh in Shraavan Maas, Yam in Bhaadrapad Maas, Parjanya in Aashwin Maas, Twashtaa in Kaartik Maas, Mitra in Maargsheersh Maas, and Vishnu in Paush Maas. Thus if somebody his worship for one year with Bhakti, he gets his worship's results.

After the worship, one should make a golden gem studded chariot with seven horses. Establish a golden idol of Soorya on a golden lotus in the chariot. Make a chariot driver's idol in the front. Worship 12 Braahman with the feeling of 12 Soorya and donate all - that golden idol, umbrella, land and cow etc to the 13th Braahman. Give gem studded ornaments, clothes, Dakshinaa and one horse to each of those 12 Braahman and pray to all that "if after doing this Udyaapan of Soorya Vrat, I cannot do Soorya Vrat, I should not be taken as a criminal." Braahman also should bless him. Then he should send them off after feeding and giving Dakshinaa. A poor man can donate flour or copper chariot. If somebody does mental worship of Soorya, then also he becomes free from all kinds of sorrows.

Hey Putra, Soorya himself said this method of his worship to me. I have told this to you for the first time. I have got thousands of sons and grandsons, won Daitya, controlled Devtaa because of this Vrat. Soorya Dev always live in my Chakra, otherwise how this Chakra could be so powerful?

Soorya's Vrat on Maagh Shukla Saptamee - Saamb, Keep Ek-Bhukt Vrat (eat once at 4'O clock and don't eat then whole night) on Maagh Shukla Panchamee, and keep Nakt Vrat (fast the whole day and eat in the night) on Shashthee. Some people keep fast on Saptamee and some wise men tell to keep fast on Shashthee and do Paaran on Saptamee. But in reality, worship Soorya Bhagavaan on Shashthee keeping fast on that day. In the end of the Vrat, after doing it for one year, in Maagh Maas donate the chariot. This is called Mahaa-Saptamee." Sumantu Muni said - "Raajan, Saamb did that and he became healthy."



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