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1-Braahm Parv

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9-Panchamee Vrat
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 1-Braahm Parv, p 56-65

This section, Braahm Parv, is on p 1-222 of the book and mostly contains information about Soorya.

Naag Panchamee

(Chap 32) Sumantu Muni said - "Hey Raajan, Now I tell you about Panchamee Vrat. This day is very dear to Naag. This day is specially celebrated in Naag Lok. Who bathe Naag with milk on this day, Naag make their families fearless from Naag. Once Naag started burning because of their mother's Shaap, because of the same reason people bathe them with milk to cool that burning." King Shataaneek asked - "Why did their mother give them Shaap?"

Sumantu Muni said - "Once Devtaa and Asur churned the sea and a white horse named Uchchshraivaa came out of the sea.  Seeing the horse Naag's mother Kadroo said to her co-wife Vinataa - "See this horse is of white color, but his hair seem to be black." VInataa said - "This horse is neither pure white, nor pure black, nor pure red." Kadroo said - "If you bet, I can show you his hair black and then you will be my maid." Vinataa accepted the bet and both went to their own places. Kadroo called her sons and told them everything. She then said - "You cover the body of this horse like fine hair, then he will look black, and I will win."

Naag said - "We will not cheat like this whether you win or lose. To win by cheating is A-Dharm." Kadroo got angry and she gave them Shaap - "You are disobeying me, so I give you Shaap that Janamejaya, born in Paandav Kul, will do a Sarp Yagya (a Yagya in which he will offer the Aahuti of snakes) and you all will burn in that fire." All Naag got worried hearing this Shaap and came to Brahmaa Jee with Vaasuki Naag and told him everything. Brahmaa Jee consoled them and said - "You don't worry, O Vaasuki. There will be a great Rishi named Jaratkaaru in the lineage of Yaayaavar. You marry your sister Jaratkaaru to him and you accept whatever he will say. They will have a son named Aasteek, he will stop Janamejaya's Sarp Yagya and will protect you." Naag did Pranaam to him and came back to their Lok.

Sumantu Muni further said - "Rajan, Your father Janamejaya did this Yagya. Krishn also said the same to king Yudhishthir - "After 100 years from today there will be a Sarp Yagya and many poisonous and evil Naag will start dying in that Yagya, then an Aasteek named Braahman will save them." Brahmaa Jee gave Var on the day of Panchamee, and Aasteek Muni also protected Naag on Panchamee day that is why this Tithi is very dear to Naag. After worshipping Naag with Ghee, Kheer and Guggul on this day, one should pray, "Whoever Naag is wherever, they all should protect me and we repetitively greet Naag." After this feed Braahman and then eat food himself. First eat sweet food, then eat according to one's taste. Who worships Naag in this way, he goes to Naag Lok, and later is born as very healthy brave king in Dwaapar Yug."

Shataaneek asked - "What Gati a man gets if he is bitten by an angry snake? And what a man should do for his relatives who have died by snake bite?" Muni said - "Who dies by snake bite he gets lower Gati and is born as a snake without poison. One should keep fast on Bhaadrapad Shukla Panchamee and worship Naag on that day. One should eat once on Bhaadrapad Shukla Chaturthee, keep fast on Panchamee and worship Naag. Draw figures of Naag on Prithvi, or take an idol of Naag of gold, wood, or clay, worship him and feed Ghee, Laddoo and Kheer to five Braahman. Worship these 12 Naag in 12 months respectively - Anant, Vaasuki, Shankh, Padm, Kambal, Karkotak, Ashwatar, Dhritraashtra, Shankhpaal, Kaaliya, Takshak, and Pingal. In the last, one should do Paaranaa. Feed many Braahman. Donate a golden Naag to a Braahman.

This is the Vrat method for Panchamee. Your father Janamejaya also did the same to uplift his father Pareekshit. By doing this he got free from Pitra Rin. If you will donate a golden Naag, you will also be free from Pitra Rin."

About Sarp (Snakes)

(Chap 33) Sumantu Muni said - "I tell you what Kashyap Jee said to Maharshi Gautam on Sumeru Parvat. Snakes mate in Jyeshth and Aashaadh months. For four months of rainy season, the she-snake gets pregnant and gives birth to 240 eggs in Kaartik month. She eats some of them herself. By nature some are escaped. The eggs which shine like gold contain male snakes, eggs with long lines contain female snakes and the other eggs contain eunuch snakes. The she-snake hatches them for six months and then the snakes come out of them. Within seven days the baby snakes become of black color. Snake's life span is 120 years and they die by eight methods - by peacocks, by human beings, by Chakor bird, by cats, by Nakul, by pigs, by scorpions, or by pressed by big animals' feet. Their teeth start appearing after seven days and poison appears in 21 days. Immediately after biting, snake spits poison and the poison is collected at one place.

A snake which wanders around with she-snake, is called baby snake. That baby snake also becomes capable of taking life by poisoning other living beings. He leaves his skin in six months. He has 240 legs, but they are very small like cow's fur, that is why they cannot be seen. When the snake creeps, they come out; otherwise stay inside. He has 220 fingers and 220 joints. Whichever snakes are born without their time, they have very little poison and do not live more than 75 years. He has one mouth, two tongues, 32 teeth, and four teeth filled with poison. These poisonous teeth are called Makaree, Karaalee, Kaalraatri, and Yamdootee. They have their four Devtaa - Brahmaa, Vishnu, Rudra and Yam respectively. Yamdootee names tooth is the smallest one, and if the snake bites with this tooth, he dies instantly. No Mantra, Tantra, or medicine can cure him. They appear in one, two, three and our months respectively. Poison is not in their teeth always. Its place is near the right eye. When he is angry, then the poison first goes to brain, then it comes to tooth.

A snake bites for eight reasons - (1) if he is pressed, (2) if he has some old enmity, (3) for fear, (4) in pride, (5) if he is hungry, (6) when the poison wants to come out, (7) to protect his children, or (8) when the time comes. When three or four teeth marks are seen, then consider him biting by Time and there is no treatment for this."


(Chap 34) Kashyap Muni further said - "Hey Gautam, Now I tell you the characteristics of that who is bitten by Kaal Sarp (when he bites by the order of Time). He has pain in his heart, he cannot see, body becomes black like rose-apple (Jaamun) fruit, he starts excreting, body starts burning, blood doesn't come out if cut, marks do not appear on the body even if hit by cane, hiccups start, he breathes fast. In such condition he cannot be cured. If a snake bites on Ashtamee, or Navamee, or Krishn Chaturdashee, or Naag Panchamee, often the being doesn't survive. If a snake bites in Aardraa, Aashleshaa, Maghaa, Bharanee, Krittikaa, Vishaakhaa,the three Poorvaa Nakshatra, Mool, Swaati, and Shatbhishaa Nakshatra, he also doesn't survive; rather if somebody drinks poison in these Nkshatra, he also dies soon. If these Tithi (day) and Nakshatra (time) fall together, and the snake bites someone in cremation ground, or in ruins, or under a dry tree, he also doesn't survive.

There are 108 sensitive places in a human body, among them 12 places are main - bone of forehead, eye, center of eyebrows, upper part of testicles, shoulders, heart, chest, chin, and anus etc; if a snske bites in hese places, the man doesn't survive.

Note - In this way much has been said about snake and snake bite. In Mantra Shaastra, especially in Garud Upanishad, Garud Mantra, gems of snakes, and sure cures of snake bites are given. Some other herbs are also sure shot, they just freez them wherever they are. If Dundubh names snake bites, no other snake's poison affects that body. Snake also run away by taking Narmadaa River's name; that is - "Narmadaayai Namah, Praatar Narmadaayai Namo Nishi; Namo Astu Narmadey Tubhyam Traahi Maam Vish Sarpatah." [Vishnu Puraan, 4/3/13]

Kashyap Jee said - "Hey Gautam Jee, Now I tell you about the origin of Naag told by Shiv Jee. In earlier times Brahmaa Jee created many Naag and planets. Anant Naag is the form of Soorya (Sun), Vaasuki is the form of Chandramaa (Moon), Takshak is the form of Bhaum (Mangal), Karkotak is the form of Budh (Mercury), Padm is the form of Brihaspati (Jupiter), Mahaapadm is the form of Shukra (Venus), Kulik and Shankhpaal are the form of Shani (Saturn)."

(Chap 35-36) Kashyap Jee told Gautam Jee other things also about snakes and cures of some snake bites. Garud Upanishad and Taarkshya Upanishad also describe some cures of snake bites.

(Chap 37-38) Anant, Vasuki, Takshak, Karkotak, Padm, Mahaapadm, Shankhpaal and Kulik are the Lord of the eight directions starting from east, southeast etc. Padm (lotus flower), Utpal (leaf), Swastik, Trishool (trident), Mahaapadm (large lotus flower); Shool (spear), Kshatra, and Ardh-Chandra - these are the eight weapons of the eight Naag respectively. Anant and Kulik are of Braahman caste; Shankh and Vaasuki are of Kshatriya caste; Mahaapadm and Takshak are of Vaishya caste; and Padm and Karkotak are of Shoodra caste. 

Anant and Kulik Naag are of white complexion and are born from Brahmaa Jee; Vaasuki and Shankhpaal are of red complexion and are born from Agni; Takshak and Mahaapadm are of light yellow color and are born from Indra; and Padm and Karkotak are of black complexion and are born from Yam Raaj."

Sumantu Muni further said - "Kashyap Jee further said Gautam Muni to always worship Naag, but especially on Panchamee with Kheer and milk etc. One should. Draw Naag's figures of several colors, worship them with Kheer, milk and flowers on Krishn Panchamee of Bhaadrapad Maas. By doing this one's family has no fear from Naag up to seven generations. Where the following Mantra is pronounced, no snake can come there. 

"Aum Kurukulley Phat Swaahaa"



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