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1-Braahm Parv

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8-Triteeyaa and Ganesh Chauth
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 1-Braahm Parv, p 44-47

This section, Braahm Parv, is on p 1-222 of the book and mostly contains information about Soorya.

Gauree Triteeyaa Vrat

(Chap 21) Sumantu Muni said - "Hey Raajan, Whoever woman desires all kinds of pleasures, she should take up Triteeyaa Vrat. She should not eat salt on that day. Whoever does this Vrat for the whole life, Gauree gives her beauty and Saubhaagya. Gauree herself told its method to Dharm Raaj, listen to that. Gauree said - "Whoever woman does this Vrat she lives with her husband as happy as I live with Shiv. Maidens should do this Vrat to get a good husband. She should not eat salt on that day. Make a golden idol of Gauree and worship it. Offer various Naivedya to her. Take food without salt in the night and sleep there only near Gauree idol.

Whoever maiden observes this Vrat like this, she gets a good husband and enjoys all kinds of pleasures. If  widow observes this Vrat she meets her husband in Swarg. Indraanee did this Vrat to get a son and she got Jayant. Arundhatee also did this Vrat that is why she can be seen with her husband Vashishth Jee. Rohinee did this Vrat to become the chief wife of Chandramaa. Triteeyaa of Vaishaakh, Bhaadrapad and Maagh months are better than other ones; and among them also Bhaadrapad and Maagh months Triteeyaa give special fruits.

On Maagh Triteeyaa one should donate jaggery and salt.
On Bhaadrapad Triteeyaa one should donate Pooaa made with jaggery; to please Shiv Jee, donate Laddoo and water on this day.
Vaishaakh Triteeyaa is a general one for all. On Vaishaakh Triteeyaa, one should donate sandalwood mixed water and Laddoo to please Brahmaa Jee. This is called Akshaya Triteeyaa (or Teej). Whatever is donated on this day, it becomes immortal, and the donor goes to Soorya Lok."

Ganesh Chaturthee Vrat

(Chap 22) Sumantu Muni said - "Now I tell you about Chaturthee Vrat. One must always be without food on this day. One should donate Til to Braahman and he himself should also eat Til. If somebody keeps fast for two years, Bhagavaan Vinaayak blesses him with Var. He becomes fortunate, enjoys pleasures in this world, completes all aims without any trouble, and is born as king for seven lives." Shataaneek asked - "Muni, For whom Ganesh Jee created obstacles, so that he is called "Vighn Vinaayak? Please tell me this."

Muni said - "Once Kaarttikeya wrote the highest characteristics of men and women according to "Characteristics Science". At that time Ganesh Jee created obstacles so Kaarttikeya got angry and he picked up Ganesh Jee's one tooth and got ready to kill him. Shankar Jee intervened and asked the reason of his anger. Kaarttikeya said - "Father, I was writing the highest characteristics of men and women, he created obstacles in it, so I could not write women's characteristics, that is why I was angry." Shankar Jee pacified him saying - "If you know man's characteristics, tell me which characteristics of man I possess?" Kaarttikeya said - "You have one such characteristic, that you will be known as "Kapaalee" in the world." Mahaadev got angry hearing his son, he threw his "Characteristics Book" in the sea and got disappeared. 

Later Shiv called Samudra and asked him to write women's characteristics and include Kaarttikeya written men's characteristics in that book." Samudra said - "Whatever I will write, it will be known as "Saamudrik Shaastra" and whatever you have said, it will be done." Shankar Jee said to Kaarttikeya - "Whatever tooth you have picked up, give it to him. Whatever has happened, it had to happen like this. By the order of Daiv it was not possible without Ganesh, that is why he created obstacle. If you need the Characteristics, you may take from Samudra, but this book of men and women's characteristics will be known as "Saamudrik Shaastra" from now. You fix Ganesh's tooth."

Kaarttikeya said - "By your order I give this tooth in Vinaayak's hand, but he always has to bear this tooth. If he will go here and there without this tooth, this tooth will burn him to ashes." and he gave that tooth in Ganesh's hand. Shiv made Ganesh agree with Kaarttikeya."

Muni said - "Even today Ganesh's idol can be seen bearing his tooth in his hand. I told you this secret of Devtaa. Even other Devtaa could not know this, it was impossible to know this for the people on Prithvi. Pleased with you I told you this now, but this story should be told only on Chaturthee Tithi. Who observes this Chaturthee Vrat, nothing is unreachable for him in this and other Lok. neither he gets defeated anywhere nor he gets bad Gati. He fulfills all aims without any hurdles.

(Chap 23) Shataaneek asked - "Muni,  who made Ganesh the leader of Gan and Kaartikeya being elder, how he became the king of obstacles?" Sumantu Muni said - "In the 1st Sat Yug, when the creation started, all things got completed without any obstacles. People got very proud of this. Seeing this, after a long thought, Brahmaa Jee conceived Vinaayak and Shiv Jee produced him and appointed him the leader of his Gan. Whoever starts any work without worshipping Ganesh, you listen to his characteristics from me. He sees bad dreams. Because of created obstacles a prince cannot get his hereditary kingdom; a maiden cannot get a good husband; a pregnant woman cannot give birth to a child; a good Braahman cannot be an Aachaarya; and a student cannot study. A Vaishya cannot earn profit in trade; and a farmer cannot yield his crop properly. When such things happen, one should try to pacify Ganpati.

On Shukla Chaturthee, when there is Thursday and Pushya Nakshatra, one should smear Ganesh's idol with fragrant things; sit in front of him in Bhadraasan and ask Braahman to read Swasti Vaachan. Then worship Shiv, Paarvatee and Ganesh and Pitar and Grah (planets). Establish four Kalash, and put seven types of soil, Guggul, Gorochan etc things in them. One should bathe Ganesh, who is sitting on a throne pronouncing these Mantra ( Mantra are given on p 47 ), then do Havan. Take Doorvaa grass, flower and mustard seeds and offer Pushpaanjali to Paarvatee Jee three times and pray like this - 

Roopam Dehi, Yasho Dehi, Bhagam Bhagavatee Dehi Mey
Putraan Dehi, Dhanam Dehi, Sarvaan Kaamaanshch Dehi Mey
Achalaam Buddhi Mey Dehi, Dharaayaam Khyaatimev Cha

After the prayer, feed Guru and Braahman, and give two clothes and Dakshinaa. ho does the worship of Ganesh and Grah like this, he gets all his wishes fulfilled."

Importance of Ganesh Poojaa

(Chap 29-30) Sumantu Muni said - "There is no need to look for any Tithi, Nakshatra, or doing any fast etc. Any day is good day to worship him and it gives the desired results. According to different wishes, one should make different kinds of Vinaayak's idols. One should do Ganesh Gayatri Mantra (Om Ekdantaaya Vidmahe Vakratundaaya Dheemahi Tanno Dantih Prachodayaat) Jaap. Who keeps fast on Shukla Chaturthee and worships Ganesh, his all wishes are fulfilled. When Ganesh is pleased with somebody everybody is happy with him, therefore one should worship Ganesh Jee.

Shivaa, Shaantaa and Sukhaa Chaturthee

(Chap 31) Sumantu Muni said - "There are three kinds of Chaturthee - Shivaa, Shantaa and Sukhaa. Shukla Chaturthee of Bhaadrapad month is called "Shivaa" Chaturthee. Whatever Snaan, Daan, Tap, fast is done on this day, it becomes hundredfold by the grace of Ganesh Jee. One should donate Ghee, jaggery, salt on this day; and feed Braahman with jaggery Pooaa and worship him/them. Whoever woman feeds her mother-in-law and father-in-law jaggeery Pooaa and salty Pooaa, she becomes Saubhaagyavatee. Who desires for a husband, she should especially observe this Chaturthee and worship Ganesh Jee.

Shukla Chaturthee of Maagh month is called "Shaantaa" Chaturthee. This gives peace all the time that is why it is called Shaantaa. All Punya done on this day are multiplied by thousandfold by the grace of Ganesh Jee. One should donate salt, jaggery, vegetables and jaggry Pooaa to Braahman and worship Ganesh Jee. Women should worship their mother-in-law and father-in-law and other respectable people and feed them. This Vrat gives them Subhaagya, grace of Ganesh Jee and they do not face any obstacle anywhere.

Shukla Chaturthee of any month which falls on Tuesday (Bhaumvaar), is called "Sukhaa" Chaturthee. This gives Saubhaagya, beauty and comfort to women. By the unification of Shiv and Paarvatee's Tej (powers), Mangal (Mars) was born to Prithvi. Because of being son of Bhoomi, he was called Bhaum and got famous with the names of Kuj, Rakt, Veer, Angaarak etc names. This protects body parts and bestows good fortune. Who keeps fast on this Sukhaa Chaturthee, and worships first Ganesh Jee then Mangal, he or she gets good fortune and beauty.

One should make a wooden idol of Mangal, put it in a copper or silver pot. Worship it with Kumkum, red sandalwood, red flower and Naivedya etc or according to one's capacity. Or worship the drawn figure of Mangal in a copper, clay, or bamboo pot. After worshipping it, give it to Braahman along with Ghee, milk, rice, wheat, jaggery etc things according to one's capacity. If one is rich, he should not be miser to spend money on this. After doing four Tuesday Chaturthee Vrat, one should make golden idols of Ganpati and Mangal of 100 grams or 5 grams weight. Put them in a 20 Pal, or 10 Pal golden, silver or copper etc pot; worship them and give them to Braahman with Dakshinaa.

Who does this Vrat in this way, he becomes shiny like Chandramaa, powerful like Soorya and mighty like Wind and lives in Mangal by the grace of Ganesh Jee.



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