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14-Ashwamedh Parv, 82-89
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Ashwamedh Yagya-2

Arjun's Battles (Cont..)

Vaishampaayan Jee further said - "After the horse wandered around, he turned his face towards Hastinaapur, so did Arjun as he was to follow him only. Now the horse came to the city of Raaj Griha (the capital of Magadh Desh). Seeing him coming, its king Meghsandhi (grandson of Jaraasandh and Sahadev's son) rushed on his chariot towards Arjun who was on foot. Childishly he said - "This horse seems wandering around protected by only women. I take away the horse, come and take him. Either you strike me, or I will strike you." Arjun said smilingly - "To resist the attacker is my duty, come and strike me to the best of your power, I have no anger." The king attacked first, Arjun also counterattacked at his everything except the body. He thought that he had protected his body by his own might, so he showered arrows at Arjun. Since Arjun had no intention to kill him, he cut off his bow, killed his horses and charioteer. So he rushed taking a mace which Arjun soon cut off. Now Arjun said to him - "Go now, You have shown me a lot being so young. Since Yudhishthir has asked me not to kill anybody in battle, that is why I am sparing you, otherwise you have offended me in battle." Meghsandhi understood that he got defeated, so he came to Arjun, and said - "I do not wish to continue battle, I am defeated. What can I do for you?" Comforting him again, Arjun said to him - "Be prepared to com in sacrifice of our king on Chaitra Poornimaa." The king said, "Sure" and worshipped both Arjun and the horse. Then Arjun went to Bang, Paundra, Koshal etc Desh and defeated many Mlechchh armies.

From here Arjun went towards south to Chedi Desh, Sharabh, the son of Shishupaal, first encountered in battle, then worshipped him. After that the horse went to Kaashee, Ang Desh, Koshal Desh etc. Honored by all Arjun turned towards the regions of Krishn. Their ruler was mighty Chitraangad. He defeated him and proceeded to the kingdom of Nishaad, Eklavya. There he met with the son of Eklavya, he defeated him also and proceeded towards southern ocean. There he met Andhra and Draavid and the fierce Mahishak. Defeating all tribes, Arjun proceeded towards Sauraashtra. He came to Gokarn, then to Prabhaas Kshetra, and then to Dwaarakaa Puree. Ugrasen came out and soon went out and welcomed Arjun. From there he proceeded towards western ocean. The horse continued his journey along the coast and came to the country of five rivers.

Then he came to Gaandhaar and a fierce battle took place between Shakuni's son who still remembered his father's killing. He came to fight with Arjun and fought fiercely. Although Arjun wanted to deal with them peacefully but they were not ready to do so. So Arjun had to kill many Gaandhaar people. When Shakuni's son came to fight with him, he said softly - "I am not here for killing anybody, so please cease the fight." But Shakuni's son didn't listen to the advice and started fighting. Arjun  cut off his headgear and threw it very far as he threw Jayadrath's head. Seeing this all got very surprised. The king ran away from the field and his army too. Then his mother (Shakuni's wife) came to Arjun carrying Ardhya for Arjun. She stopped her people to fight with him. Arjun also showed his honor to her and comforted Shakuni's son saying - "You are like my brother, you have not done this good to me. Remembering Dhritraashtra and Gaandhaaree I spare your life so that you may live. This thing should not happen again. Come to the sacrifice of our king held on Chaitra Poornimaa. Now the horse turned towards Hastinaapur.

Ashwamedh Yagya

Yudhishthir got the news of Arjun's coming back hale and hearty, he became very happy. He noticed that 12th day of Maagh was arrived and the Nakshatra was also favorable, so he called his all brothers and said to them- "Your brother is coming after completing his mission successfully. This month's end is near, so let Braahman choose the place for the sacrifice." Bheem did this job and soon hundreds of mansions were seen built there. They built many apartments also for women and kings who were coming there. The incoming kings brought many gems, women slaves and horses and weapons with them. All arrangements of their stay was done by Paandav. Many stables were assigned for them along with different kinds of corn, sugarcane, milk for the animals. All Rishi who were alive were invited in that sacrifice along with their disciples. King Yudhishthir received them all. All the things were made of gold. Many large tanks were of yogurt and Ghee. Thousands of nations and races were there.

Then Yudhishthir asked Bheem to pay respects to everybody who came there. The first one was Govind and Baladev with Vrishni. They were offered the most revered worship. Yudhishthir repeatedly asked Krishn about Arjun. Krishn said - "My agent saw him in Dwaarakaa and that he was very near to us. Maybe he is very tired. You set your mind on the sacrifice." Yudhishthir said - "By good luck he comes back safely, but I want to know about him from you." Krishn said - "Arjun said thus. He said this also that Yudhishthir should try his best to stop any kind of unpleasantness in this Yagya as it happened at the time of his Raajsooya Yagya. He also said that "The king of Manipur, my son Vabhruvaahan, will come in this sacrifice, you must honor him duly."

Yudhishthir said - "I have heard this. I don't know for what reason he is always disassociated with ease and comfort? I always think about him when I am not at work." Krishn said - "I do not see any other sign on his body, except a bit high cheek bones, that he is always on the road." Both were talking like this that a messenger came and informed that Arjun was coming. Yudhishthir got very happy to hear this. Next day Arjun came. Yudhishthir, Krishn, Dhritraashtra etc went to receive him. In the meantime Vabhruvaahan also came with Chitraangadaa and Uloopee. They all went to see Kuntee Draupadee, Subhadraa and other royal women. They made many costly gifts to them. Kuntee herself took care of their staying there. Vabhruvaahan met Krishn also, He gave him an excellent chariot made of gold and yoked with excellent horses.

On the 3rd day Vyaas Jee came and said to Yudhishthir - "Now your sacrifice will start. All are here. Give Dakshinaa, three times what is prescribed. This will increase the merit of your sacrifice three-fold. The last bath will cleanse you completely from the sin of killing your kinsmen. So the ceremonies began. During the sacrifice nobody went hungry, nobody was sad, nobody was poor, nobody was in grief and none that seemed that was vulgar. Bheem was distributed food ceaselessly. When the time came to erect stakes for the sacrifice, six stakes of Vilva tree, six stakes of Khadeeraa tree and six stakes of Saravarn (Palaash) tree, were erected. Two stakes, made up Devadaar and Sleshmatak were also erected by the priests. A number of golden bricks were made for Chayan. The Chayan was to be 8 and 10 cubits and 4 stories high. A golden bird, of shape of Garud, was made with three angles (not clear what it was). Then the priests tied the sacrificial animals and birds with stakes according to the deity. In that sacrifice 300 animals and birds were tied to stakes. Naarad and Tumburu also came there.

Then the horse was cut into three pieces and Draupadee sat near him. Its marrow was cooked and Yudhishthir along with his brothers smelled its smoke to cleanse his sins. Rest of his pieces were thrown in fire. Yudhishthir gave 10 billion Nishk to priests, and the whole earth to Vyaas Jee. He said - "This earth was given to me by you, I give this earth now back to you." Vyaas Jee accepted the earth and then said - "I accept the earth, but I give it back to you. Give me its purchasing value, for Braahman need the wealth [not the earth]." Yudhishthir said - "The highest Dakshinaa prescribed for such sacrifice is giving the earth, so I give the earth to you conquered by Arjun. I will go to woods. You may divide it as per your convenience - in four parts according to Chaaturhotra sacrifice." His brothers and Draupadee agreed for it.

The great was the sensation among all by this announcement. Vyaas Jee applauded Yudhishthir's step but repeated what he said before. Then Krishn intervened - "You should do as Vyaas Jee says." Then Yudhishthir gave millions of gold coins to Vyaas Jee, in fact three times more what was prescribed for this sacrifice. No other king will be able to accomplish this sacrifice like this after the king Marutt, as Yudhishthir did. Vyaas Jee divided it in four parts among priests. Yudhishthir was also happy after cleansing his sins and making sure to go to Heaven. After Braahman took their wealth, the remaining wealth was taken by all others - Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shoodra and Mlechchh etc. Then Vyaas Jee presented his own share, which was quite large, to Kuntee. Kuntee got very happy to receive it from her father-in-law and she gave it to many kinds of acts of merit. Paandav, for gratifying his sister Dushalaa, established her grandson on his paternal throne. It was all like a festival. All returned happily to their respective places.


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