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5-Sagar and Gangaa

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5-Sagar and Gangaa
6-Naarad Puraan, 1-Poorv Bhaag, p 29-35

King Sagar and Gangaa's Coming on Earth

Sanak Jee further said - "Hey Naarad Jee, Thus Sagar's both queens lived in Aurv Muni's Aashram and served him for six months. Now the elder queen became jealous seeing her younger co-wife's prosperity, so she poisoned her, but the younger queen was busy in serving the Muni so that poison didn't affect her. After three months she gave birth to a boy with that poison. All sins of queen were destroyed by serving Muni. Blessed are those who live near saints by whom their all sins are destroyed. Muni did his all Sanskaar and named him as Sagar because of being born with poison (Sa-Gar). Aurv Mini trained him in weaponry.

One day he asked his mother - "Mother, Where is my father? What is his name? Tell me everything about him. Who have no parents, who are A-Gyaanee, who have no logic, who have no son and who owe to others, their life is useless." The queen told him everything about his father. Sagar got angry hearing that and vowed to kill all his enemies. He took permission from Aurv Muni and left the place. As he left the place he met his Kul Purohit Vashishth Muni. He told everything to him and took several weapons from him. He killed all his enemies along with their sons, grandsons and armies.

Many kings of Shak, Yavan and of other Vansh came to Vashishth Muni in his refuge. Sagar came back to Vashishth Jee. Seeing Sagar coming to him and considering his enemies coming in his refuge and to please Sagar, Vashishth Jee got many kings' head shaved and many kings' moustache and beard shaved. Sagar said - "You are uselessly guarding them, I will kill all of them because they took my father's kingdom." Vashishth Jee said - "You are right in your own ideas, but what I tell you now, I am sure, you will be pacified hearing it. All Jeev are bound with the rope of his actions, still whoever are killed by their own sins, why do you kill them? This body is born from sin and because of that it is growing. Knowing thus why are you ready to kill it? What kind of fame you will get after killing it? Thinking thus do not kill these people."

Hearing this Sagar got pacified. Then Muni crowned him as the king. Sagar had two queens - Keshinee and Sumati. They both were the daughters of Vidarbh's king Kaashyap. They had no child so they prayed Aurv Muni to give them children. Aurv Muni said - "Among both of you one queen will have only one son, but he will carry the name of his father; while another will have 60,000 sons just to fulfill her wish to have children. So ask whatever you wish for according to your desire." Keshinee asked for one son and then Sumati had 60,000 sons. Keshinee's son's name was Asmanjas.

Asmanjas did not behave well, and his other brothers followed him. Sagar got very sad seeing this. But Asmanjas' son Anshumaan was very religious and obedient to his grandfather. Seeing Sagar's sons' atrocities, Indra went to Kapil Jee and told him everything. Kapil Jee said - "Don't worry, they will be destroyed in a short time." Devtaa went back to their Lok. In the meantime Sagar did Ashwamedh Yagya. Indra stole the horse of that Yagya and tied it near Kapil Muni's Aashram.

When the king did not see his horse, he sent his 60,000 sons to look for the horse. When they did not find the horse over the land they started digging it and came to Paataal Lok. Searching for it they came to Kapil Muni's Aashram and they saw their horse tied there nearby. Kapil Muni was in Samaadhi so he didn't know what was going around. They filled with great rage and attacked the Muni saying, "He is the thief of our horse, catch him and kill him. See how he is pretending to do Tap after stealing our horse." Some of them hit him with feet, some caught him by arms, he woke up from his Samaadhi and said - "Who are mad of their prosperity, or are hunger stricken, or are lusty or are very proud, they do not have logic. Wherever is wealth, youth, and other women, there all are fools and blind around." Saying thus he threw fire from his eyes and it burned all of them instantly.

A messenger from Devtaa told all this to king Sagar. Sagar got happy to hear this that, "It is good that Bhagavaan Himself punished them." Hey Naarad Jee, Sagar did not worry about his sons' death. Since who has no son, he has no right to do Yagya, he adopted his grandson as his son and sent him to bring the horse. Anshumaan followed his uncles' footprints and came to Kapil Muni's Aashram. He saluted him and prayed politely - "Whatever my uncles did to you, please forgive them for it. You are a great saint and all saints show their kindness to everybody." Kapil Jee got pleased with his prayer and asked him ask for Var. He said - "Bhagavan, Please send my uncles to Brahm Lok." Kapil Jee said - "Your grandson Bhageerath will bring Gangaa here and send them to Brahm Lok. Take this horse, so that your grandfather can complete his Yagya."

Anshumaan returned with the horse and told everything to his grandfather. After finishing that Yagya, king Sagar went to Vaikunth Dhaam. Anshumaan had the son named Dileep, and Dileep had the son named Bhageerath who brought Gangaa on Earth. Who will bear her? Thinking this he prayed Shiv Jee and he bore her for him. With the touch of her water Sagar's 60,000 sons went to Swarg Lok.



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