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6-Naarad Puraan, 1-Poorv Bhaag, p 22-29

Teerth-Gangaa and Prayaag

Soot Jee said - "Hearing this Naarad Jee asked Sanak Muni - "Please tell me which is the highest Kshetra and highest Teerth?" Sanak Jee said - "Hey Naarad Jee, The meeting point of Gangaa and Yamunaa rivers (Sangam at Allahabad) is considered the highest Teerth among all Teerth. All Devtaa live there. Gangaa is the holiest river because she has come out of Vishnu's feet. In the same way Yamunaa is also holy because she is the daughter of Soorya. Besides the holiest place is also the same - Prayaag, where Brahmaa Jee did a Yagya to please Vishnu Jee. Whatever Punya one gets after taking bath in all Teerth, those cannot be compared even with the 1/16th part of the Abhishek done by one drop of Gangaa water. Who pronounces the name of Gangaa even from 100 Yojan far from her, he gets free from all sins; then what to say of those people who take bath in Gangaa River. Who have taken bath in Gangaa River, they uplift many generations of their parents and go to Vishnu Dhaam. Even a sinner also goes to Swarg Lok after having Darshan of the person who has taken bath in Gangaa. Gangaa, Tulasee, unbroken Bhakti in Bhagavaan, and Shraddhaa in Guru who preaches Dharm - they all are very scarcely available to people. Even Vishnu cannot describe the grace of Gangaa in hundreds of years. Who take bath in Gangaa in Mesh (Aries), Tulaa (Libra) and Makar (Capricorn) Sankraanti, she makes those people holy.

In the same way Kaashee Puree is also the holiest Teerth and the highest Kshetra on earth. All Devtaa live there. In this world only those people, who hear Kaashee's name several times, are blessed. If a person remembers Kaashee even from 100 Yojan, his all sins are destroyed and he goes to Shiv Dhaam. Who remembers it at the time of death he also goes to Shiv Lok. Gangaa-Yamunaa's Sangam is higher than even Kaashee because by its Darshan only one can get Parampad. When Soorya is in Makar Raashi (Capricorn sign), wherever one takes bath in Gangaa River, she takes him to Indra Lok. How one can describe Gangaa's qualities to whom Shiv keeps on his head. Vishnu and Shiv are the same. Who differentiates between them is a fool.

The same Vishnu lives in the form of Shiv Ling in Kaashee. Kaashee's Vishweshwar Ling is called Jyotirling. Who has circumambulated Kaashee, he has done the circumambulation of the whole Prithvi. Vishnu lives in all the idols of Vishnu and Shiv made of metal, clay, wood, stone and in painted pictures. Whatever love is to hear Puraan's Kathaa, that equal to taking bath in Gangaa River. Wherever is Tulasee's garden, lotus flowers and Puraan's Kathaa, Vishnu is always present there. There is no Teerth like Gangaa, there is no Guru like mother, there is no Devtaa like Vishnu, and there is no Tattwa greater than Guru. As Braahman is the highest in four Varn, Chandramaa is the greatest in all Nakshatra (stars or constellations) and sea is the highest in all water bodies; in the same way Gangaa is considered the highest in all Teerth and rivers. There is no brother like Shaanti (peace), no greater Tap than Satya (truth), no greater benefit than Moksh and no higher river than Gangaa.

Both Gaayatree and Gangaa destroy all sins. Who is not their Bhakt, he should be considered as Patit (fallen). Gaayatree is the mother of all Ved, while Gangaa is the mother of the whole world. With whoever Gaayatree is pleased, Gangaa is also pleased with him. Both are equipped with the power of Vishnu Bhagavaan, therefore fulfill all desires. Whoever is touched even with only one drop of Gangaa water, he gets free from all sins and attains Param Dhaam. That is what happened with Sagar's sons."

Story of King Baahu

Naarad Jee said - "Who was king Sagar? Please tell me about him." Sanak Jee said - "King Baahu was born in Soorya Vansh. He was king Vrik's son. He did seven Ashwamedh Yagya in all the seven Dweep and satisfied Braahman with cows, gold, clothes etc. Prithvi used to give grains without doing anything and his kingdom used to be always full of fruits, flowers etc. At one time the king developed A-Sooyaa (finding faults in others) and became very proud. He started thinking - "I take care of the whole Prithvi and I am the mightiest king. I have done many great Yagya, so who else is greater than me in this world? Nobody can win me." and because of this he started finding faults in others. It gave rise to Kaam in his heart. Youth, wealth, greatness and un-reasoning - even one of these is harmful, then if all the four are there, then the destruction is certain. He became very illogical. This developed enmity in the hearts of Taaljangh and Haihaya families' kings. They fought for one month continuously. At last Baahu got defeated and went to forest with his wife.

He arrived at a large pond and got very happy to see it, but surprisingly enough even birds hid in their nest seeing the king coming. Baahu was very much defamed. He lived there like a dead man. Hey Naarad, There is no death like defame, no enemy like anger, no sin like speaking ill about others, and no fear like Moh (intense love), no fire like Kaam (desire), no bondage like Raag (attachment) and no poison like togetherness. Thinking like this the king became old and came to Aurv Muni's Aashram and soon he passed away.

At that time his younger wife was pregnant. She wanted to become Satee with her husband, but the Muni knew all the three times (past, present and future), so he politely stopped her being Satee. He said - "O loving wife of Baahu, You are carrying a Chakravartee king in your womb. Whose children are very young, who are pregnant, who have not had their first menses or who are in their menses period - such women don't become Satee. They are prohibited to sit on pyre. The learned people have told the Praayashchit for Braahman Hatyaa, or speaking ill about others but there is no way of Praayashchit for a killer of child in the womb. There is no Praayashchit for Naastik (atheist), unfaithful, A-Dharmee and traitors also. Therefore do not commit this sin."

The queen started weeping for her dead husband. Aurv Muni said to her - "Death treats everybody alike, whether he is learned or a fool, poor or rich, in the city or in forest, in sea or on Parvat. Everybody has to bear the fruit of his actions. As sorrows come to people uninvited, pleasures also come in the same way. Jeev, whether he is in womb or in childhood, or in youth or in old age, has to face death." 

Then queen did last rites of her husband and said to Muni - "Only the saints like you think good for others. There is no no wonder in this. Trees bloom only to comfort others, in the same way who becomes sad in other's sorrow and happy in other's happiness, only he is Naaraayan in human form. Wherever saints live, people are not sorrowful there, because wherever there is Sun, there is no darkness there."

Because of the presence of Aurv Muni, king Baahu came out of the pyre, sat in a Divine Vimaan and went to Param Dhaam after saluting him. Now the queen went to Aurv Muni's Aashram along with her co-wife and started serving Muni.



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