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3-Mrikandu Muni

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3-Mrikandu Muni
6-Naarad Puraan, 1-Poorv Bhaag, p 13-22

Shraddhaa, Bhakti and Mrikandu Muni's Story

Sanak Jee said - "Hey Naarad Jee, Whatever Karm are done with Shraddhaa, they all give desired results or fruits. Shraddhaa pleases even Shree Hari. As water is the life of all beings, in the same way Bhakti is also the prime cause of all Siddhi. In this immortal world only three things are main - company of devotees of Bhagavaan (Satsang), devotion to Bhagavaan (Bhakti), and the nature to bear dualities like sorrows and pleasures, day and night, profit and loss etc. Who always look at faults in others, their all Daan, Bhajan etc are waste. Vishnu is very far from such people. Dharm is described in Ved and Ved are the form of Naaraayan, therefore who do not have faith in Ved, Vishnun is very far from them. Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksh - these four are eternal. Who have Shraddhaa, only those people can get them. Only Bhakti is the root cause of all conducts, all Yog and Hari's Bhakti. Bhakti can be developed in the company of devotees, and this company is got by Punya earned in previous lives."

Naarad Jee asked - "What are the characteristics of the devotees of Bhagavaan? What Karm they usually do? What kind of Lok they attain?" Sanak Jee said - "I tell you the same what Vishnu told Maarkandeya Muni when He woke up from His Yog Nidraa. Whoever is the Lord of the whole Universe, the same Vishnu appears in Universe form. Only He is its creator. Shiv and Brahmaa are also His Swaroop only. He appears as Rudra in Pralaya Kaal and destroys the whole Universe. When the whole Universe is sunk in water, He is the only one who sleeps on the leaf of a banyan tree in the form of a baby. At the time of Pralaya, when Bhagavaan was sleeping on banyan tree leaf, Maarkandeya Jee was standing there seeing His Leelaa."

Rishi asked Soot Jee - "We have heard long before that all beings get destroyed [at the time of Pralaya] then why did Hari spared Maarkandeya Muni?" Soot Jee said - "In earlier times, there was a Rishi named Mrikandu. Once he did a severe Tap in Shaal Graam Teerth. He observed fasting for 10,000 Yug. Scared from his tap Indra etc Devtaa went to Naaraayan on the northern shore of Ksheer Saagar and prayed - "Please protect us, we are in your shelter. We greet you." Naaraayan appeared before them. All Devtaa did Saashtaang Pranaam to Him. Bhagavaan said - "I know, you are very worried from Mrikandu Muni's Tapasyaa, but he will not give you any trouble. Whether he is happy or sad, he never gives any trouble to anybody. Such a person is called Nih-Shank. A Sa-Shank person is always worried and the Nih-Shank person is always happy. You may go and don't worry about him. Otherwise also, I am there to protect you, so live happily." Devtaa came back.

Hari appeared before Mrikandu Muni. Muni got surprised to see Him. He prayed Him. Vishnu got very happy with his prayer, He embraced him and said - "You are sinless, O Muni. You ask for anything whatever you wish for." Mrikandu Muni said - "Hey Bhagavaan, I am satisfied, there is no doubt about it, because who are not a good soul they cannot see you. Even the great Devtaa and Muni etc cannot see you, I can see you now. What other Var can I ask for? I am very much satisfied with this."

Bhagavaan said - "You said it rightly. Still my Darshan never goes without fruit, therefore I will be born in your house as my part Avataar as a beautiful qualitative and long-lived son. Hey Muni, In whatever family I take birth his whole Kul (generation) attains Moksh." After saying this Bhagavaan disappeared and Muni's Tapasyaa was also over.

Mrikandu's Preaching to Maarkandeya

Naarad Jee asked - "We have heard from Puraan, that Maarkandeya had seen Vishnu's Maayaa in Pralaya time." Sanak Jee said - "I will tell you about that also. Maarkandeya's story is full of Vishnu Bhakti. After this Tapasyaa, Mrikandu got married and started his family life. His wife was very good. She was always in the service of her husband. When the time came, she got pregnant, and after 10 months gave birth to a very gracious boy. Muni got very happy to see that boy. He did his Jaatkarm Sanskaar. In his 5th year Muni did his Upanayan Sanskaar and started teaching him Vaidic Dharm and said - "When you see any Braahman, always greet him. Offer Jalaanjali to Soorya Dev three times a day and always follow Vaidic Dharm. Worship Hari through Brahmcharya and Tapasyaa. Never talk to wicked people. Do not be jealous with anybody. Always do Yagya, study and Daan." Maarkandeya started acting on his father's teachings.

Once he did Tap to please Vishnu, and Vishnu gave him Var to write Puraan Sanhitaa. Maarkandeya was Vishnu's part and His great devotee. So even when this whole Universe was sunk in water, Vishnu did not kill him to show His glory. Till Shree Hari slept there, he stood there. I tell you the time as for how long it took.

15 Nimesh = 1 Kaashthaa
30 Kaashthaa = 1 Kalaa
30 Kalaa = 1 Kshan
6 Kshan = 1 Ghadee = 24 minutes
2 Ghadee = 1 Muhoort = 0.8 hour = 48 minutes
30 Muhoort = 1 Day = 24 hours
30 Days = 1 Month = 2 Paksh
2 Months = 1 Season
3 Season = 1 Ayan (6 months)
2 Ayan = 1 Year = 1 Divine Day or Devtaa's day and night (Uttaraayan is day, Dakshinaayan is night)

1 Human Month = 1 Pitar Day (That is when Soorya and Chandra meet, on Amaavasyaa - the best Pitar time)

360 Divine Days = 1 Divine Year
12,000 Div Years = 1 Div Yug
71+ Div Yug = 1 Manvantar
14 Manvantar = 1,000 Div Yug = Brahmaa's 1 Day = 1 Human Kalp
14 Manvantar = 1,000 Div yug = Brahmaa's 1 Night = 1 Human Kalp
2,000 Div Yug = 1 Human Kalp = Brahmaa's 1 Day and Night

This period is Brahmaa's 1 Day - creation and Pralaya combined. This is one Human Kalp too.
At the time of Brahmaa's night all three Lok are destroyed. 
Now listen to their measurement according to human years:-

1,000 4-Yug = Brahmaa's 1 Day
1,000 4-Yug = Brahmaa's 1 Night
2,000 4-Yug = Brahmaa's 1 Complete Day
30 Brahmaa's Days = Brahmaa's 1 Month
12 Brahmaa's Month = Brahmaa's 1 Year
100 Brahmaa's Years = Brahmaa's Age = 2 Paraardh
2 Paraardh = Brahmaa's Age = Vishnu's 1 Day
2 Paraardh = Brahmaa's Age = Vishnu's Night
4 Paraardh = Brahmaa's Two Lives = Vishnu's Complete Day (Day and Night)

Maarkandeya Jee, empowered by Vishnu's power, stood for the same time in that Pralaya waters like a dry leaf. At that time he was meditating on Shree Hari.

When Pralaya period was over, Hari created this world assuming the form of Brahmaa. Water disappeared and a new world appeared in the place of the old one. Maarkandeya Rishi got surprised to see that. He greeted Hari's feet and prayed. Hey Naarad, Pleased with his prayer Hari said - "Who think about me, I always protect them." Maarkandeya asked - "What are the characteristics of a Bhakt? Which Karm make them a Bhakt of Bhagavaan?" Shree Hari said - "Although they cannot be described even in years, still I tell you some. Who are everybody's well wisher; who do not have the habit of seeking fault in others; who are not jealous with others; who have controlled their Indriyaan; whose mind is at peace; who do not store or do not take anything from anybody else; whose Saatwik Buddhi always thinks about Bhagavaan, listen to His Leelaa; respect the name of Hari; observe their Varn Dharm; serve Vratee, Yatee and saints, they all are called Bhakt.

Who build ponds and wells, plant gardens, are always busy in the Jaap of Gaayatri Mantra, who greet Tulasee garden, who felicitate their guests and who read Ved, they are also Bhakt. Who always worship Vishnu and Shiv, do Jaap of their names, who preach Shaastra for others' welfare and adopt good things from them, they are said good Bhakt. Who do Jaap of Shiv's Panch-Akshar Mantra to please him, they are good Bhakt. Who donate water, grains, food, girls (in marriage), cows and  observe Ekaadashee fast, they are known as good Bhakt. Hey Maarkandeya, Here I have described Bhakt of very few types, in fact I cannot describe all of them in even 1 billion (100 Crore) years. You also live with good conduct, self-restraint, and meditate on me, you will also attain Moksh after the next Mahaa Pralaya." After saying this to Maarkandeya, Bhagavaan Vishnu got disappeared. Maarkandeya started living as Vishnu had said to him.



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