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6-Bali and Vaaman Avataar

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6-Bali and Vaaman Avataar
6-Naarad Puraan, 1-Poorv Bhaag, p 35-44

Bali Defeats Devtaa and Aditi Does Tap

Naarad Jee said - "Brother, Tell me the story of birth of Gangaa from Vishnu's feet." Sanak Jee said - "Listen to it, O Naarad. There was a Muni named Kashyap. He is the father of Indra etc Devtaa. Daksh's two daughters, Diti and Aditi, both were the wives of Muni Kashyap. Aditi is the mother of Devtaa and Diti is the mother of Daitya. Diti's one son Hiranyakashyap was very mighty. His son was Prahlaad, Prahlaad's son was Virochan who was a great devotee of Braahman. Virochan's son was Bali who was also very gracious.

Once Bali won the whole Prithvi, and proceeded to win Swarg Lok. Both Bali and Devtaa fought for 1,000 years. In the end Daitya got mightier and won Devtaa. So Devtaa ran away from Swarg, came to Prithvi and wandered around there in human form. Daitya started enjoying pleasure of Swarg Lok and the kingdom of Tri-Lok.

Aditi got very sad seeing all this, so she proceeded towards Himaalaya and started doing Tapsayaa there, thinking that "now my life is useless". She wished Daitya's defeat. For some time she only sat, then for log time she stood up on her both feet, then for long time she stood only on her one foot, and then stood only on the toes of her one foot. For some time she ate only fruits, then she ate only dry leaves, then she drank only water, and then subsisted only on air. In the end she ate nothing. She did this Tapasyaa for 1,000 Divine years.

Daitya tried to disturb her Tapasyaa by producing fire from the front part of their teeth. That fire burned the forest which was extended around 100 Yojan area. But whoever Daitya went to insult Aditi, they themselves got burned in it, because Vishnu's Chakra protected her.

Vaaman Avataar and Bali Goes to Rasaatal

Naarad Jee asked - "How did that fire burn all Daitya leaving Aditi safe? This is very surprising." Sanak Jee said - "Whose mind is meditating on Bhagavaan Vishnu, who can touch such people? Who is worshipping Shiv and Vishnu, Lakshmee and all Devtaa live there. Nobody - fire, thieves, Pret, Raakshas, can trouble him. That is why she did not get burned. Vishnu's Divine disc was protecting her. Then Bhagavaan appeared before her and said - "You have suffered a lot, now you will be all right. Ask for what do you want, I will give you anything you wish for." Aditi first prayed Him then said - "Prabhu, Please protect my children. I do not wish to kill Daitya also because they are also my children. Give the kingdom to my children without killing Daitya."

Bhagavaan said - "I myself will be your son because it is very difficult to find so much love towards one's co-wife's children as you have. Whatever prayer you have read to me, whoever will read that prayer they will get lots of wealth and their sons will never be in sorrow. Who treats his own and other's son alike, he never weeps on his son." Aditi said - "Hey Bhagavan, You are so big, you have millions of universes in your body, how I will keep you in my womb? All Devtaa, Shruti do not know whichever Bhagavaan, how I will be able to keep Him in my womb? I meditate upon you only. You can do anything, do as you wish."

Bhagavaan said - "You have said right. Still I tell you a secret, who do not have attachment or jealousy, do not find faults in others, are very far from pride, do not trouble others, worship Shiv and love to hear my stories, they can always have me. Pativrataa women can also have me. Devotee to parents, Guru, guests, and Braahman can also have me. Who always worship Tulasee and worship me, they can always have me. Who do not take donations and do not eat other people's food; and who always donates food and water, they can always have me. You are always ready to serve all and are Pativrataa, I will surely be your son." After saying thus Vishnu took the garland off His neck and gave it to Aditi and He came back to His own Lok.

When the time came Aditi gave birth to a brilliant son. He had conch in one hand and Chakra in another hand. In His third hand was Amrit Kalash, and in the fourth hand was grain mixed with yogurt. This was Bhagavaan's famous Vaaman Avataar. His body's shine was like thousands of Soorya. Kashyap Jee got very happy to see Vishnu and he prayed Him. Hearing Kashyap's prayer, Vaaman Bhagavaan said - "Father, May God bless you. I am very pleased with you. In a few days time I will fulfill your all wishes. I have been born as your son in your two previous lives also. Now also I will give you joy being your son."

After winning Swarg Lok, Bali also started a great Yagya which would continue for quite a long time, with the help of Shukraachaarya. In that Yagya, Brahmvaadee Muni invited Vishnu along with Lakshmee Jee. Vaaman Jee also went in that Yagya with the permission of His parents. It seemed that Vishnu Himself came to eat Havishya food in the form of Vaaman. Whoever is Bhakt of Vishnu, Vishnu always lives in his heart. Seeing Vaaman coming to their Yagya, Maharshi community went to welcome Him. Seeing this Shukraachaarya said something to Bali.

He said - "Daitya Raaj,  Vishnu Himself has appeared as Aditi's son in the form of Vaaman to take away your wealth. He is coming to your Yagya, do not give anything to Him. You yourself are very learned. One's own intellect gives joy, Guru's intellect brings special joy, other's intellect is the cause of destruction only  and a woman's intellect brings only Pralaya." Bali said - "Gurudev, You should not say such words. If Vishnu is asking me something then what can be greater happiness than this for me? Learned people do Yagya to please Vishnu, and if Vishnu Himself is coming to have food in this Yagya, then who is more fortunate than me? Hey Guru, Bhagavaan gets happy with that Aahuti which is offered to Agni or in Braahman's mouth with the devotion in Vishnu. I do Yagya only to please Vishnu, and if Vishnu Himself is coming here, I am highly blessed. There is no doubt about it."

At the same time Vaaman Bhagavaan entered Bali's Yagyashaalaa. Bali, seeing Him entering his Yagyashaalaa, immediately stood up and welcomed Him with folded hands. He offered Him Aasan to sit upon and washed His feet. He put that water on his head along with his family. Bali said - "Today my birth is successful, my Yagya is successful, my life is successful. Today I have rain of Amrit. I am blessed, I am blessed, I am blessed. There is no doubt about it. I salute you, order me what can I do for you?" Hearing this Vaaman said laughing - "Give me three feet land for doing Tapasyaa. Bhoomi Daan (donation of land) is considered a great Daan. Such Daan has never taken place nor it will take place in future. This Daan is the destroyer of all sins. Who has all kinds of sins on his head, if he donates even 10 arms (5 yards) land, he frees from those sins. There is no other Daan than Bhoomi Daan in the whole Tri-Lok. Who donates land to a Braahman who has no livelihood, its fruit cannot be described even in one hundred years. Therefore Hey Daitya Raaj, You give me three feet land. I will do Tapasyaa on that land."

Bali got very happy to hear this, he immediately took the water-filled Kalash in his hand to make this donation. As he started pouring water to read the Sankalp, its water stopped coming out. Vishnu knew that Shukraachaarya was stopping the water from coming out, so He inserted a straw of Kush grass in its spout. This pierced one eye of Shukraachaarya Jee, as Shukraachaarya took his time to take Kush out of his eye, Bali had donated the three feet land to Vaaman Bhagavaan.

Vaaman started growing in His size and became sky high. His head reached up to Brahm Lok. He measured the whole Prithvi by His one foot, measured the other Lok by His second foot. When He was extending His second foot, His big toe's nail touched the border of the Universe and made a hole in it. The outside water of the Universe seeped through that hole washing His foot. Thus whose source is outside of the Universe, that Gangaa water made all Devtaa holy, and fell on Meru Parvat. All Devtaa prayed Vishnu. For the third foot land, Hari tied Bali, then gave him the kingdom of Rasaatal and He Himself stayed there as his gatekeeper under the influence of his Bhakti."

Naarad Jee asked - "Muni, Rasaatal is the place for snakes, the what was the arrangement of his food there?" Sanak Jee said - "Whatever Aahuti is offered without any Mantra and whatever Daan is given to an inappropriate person, all that is not good for the doer; so the same goes to Bali as his food. Whatever Hom, Yagya, Daan and good action are done by a unholy person, they all go to Bali in Rasaatal. Thus Hari gave Rasaatal to Bali, and Swarg Lok to Devtaa. Who reads, or hears this Gangaa story in a temple or on the banks of a river, he gets fruit of Ashwamedh Yagya.



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