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Page 12: Sarg 24-27

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Sarg 24-Raavan Sends Shoorpankhaa to Dandak Van

Agastya Muni further said - "While returning to Lankaa, Raavan abducted many women of Devtaa, Daanav, and Raajarshi. Those women were crying loudly - "We don't know what will happen to us now? How this Raavan will treat us? How will our family members survive without us? This evil Raakshas has made us widow after killing our husbands. We give him Shaap that, "because you looked at others' wives, that is why you will die because of a woman only". Hearing this Shaap, Raavan got sad and thought - "Their Shaap cannot fail." Hearing their cry Raavan arrived in Lankaa.

Hey Raam, [hearing that her brother Raavan has come back from his world conquest] Shoorpankhaa came to him crying and fell on the ground. Raavan lifted her up and asked the reason of her crying. Shoorpankhaa said - "Hey Lankesh, Today I am widow because of you only. There is nothing worse than this for me. The 14,000 Kaalikeya Daitya you killed in Ashm Nagar, among them one of them was my husband. Don't you feel ashamed of such an evil act?" And Shoorpanakhaa started crying bitterly.

Raavan said - "At that time I was mad for victory. I shot arrows without looking at the people. The sad thing is that I could not recognize my own brother-in-law. And since he was killed in the fight, he was very mighty. Don't be too sorry for him. I will please you with wealth and respect. My brother Khar is the chief of 14,000 Raakshas army. He is the son of your Mausee (mother's sister). You live with him. He will obey you. I will send him soon along with 14,000 Raakshas to Dandak Van to guard it." Later he sent Khar to Dandak Van as its guard along with 14,000 Raakshas under the leadership of Dooshan. Thus Khar started ruling Dandak Van without any problem along with his sister Shoorpanakhaa.

Sarg 25-Raavan's Friendship With Madhu

After sending Shoorpanakhaa to Dandak Van, Raavan came to Nikumbhalaa Van. There Meghnaad was doing Yagya keeping silence. On asking, Shukraachaarya Jee answered - "Hey Raajan, Your son Meghnaad has already completed these six Yagya: Agnihom, Ashwamedh, Bahu Swarn, Raajsooya, Gomedh and Vaishnav. After them he has started Maaheshwar Yagya. Shiv Jee is pleased through this Yagya and He has given one divine chariot which can go anywhere; a Taamasee Maayaa which spreads darkness all around, because of this Maayaa nobody will be able to see him in war; two quivers which will never go out of arrows; an infallible bow and other weapons." Raavan said - "Hey Guru Dev, He has not done good to worship Indra etc Devtaa who are our enemies." After saying this Raavan came back to his palace along with Vibheeshan and Meghnaad.

All abducted women were still crying. Hearing their cry, Vibheeshan said to Raavan - "Hey Brother, You have not done good by abducting others' women. And you have already got its result. Our Naanaa's daughter Kumbheenasee (Mausee) has been abducted by Madhu Daitya. At that time Meghnaad was doing Yagya, and I was doing Tap standing in water and Kumbhkarn was asleep."

Raavan got very angry hearing this. He ordered to prepare his army. Meghnaad led the army. Thus Raavan arrived at Madhu Daitya's place. There he saw Kumbheenasee. She joined her palms together and said - "Hey brother, The greatest sorrow for a woman in the world is being widow, that is why you don't make me widow." Raavan assured her not to make her widow and thus not to kill Madhu. Then he asked her to inform Madhu about his coming and told that he would win Dev Lok along with him."

Then Kumbheenasee woke up Madhu and said - "My brother Raavan has come to see you. He wants your help to win Dev Lok. Madhu got up, greeted and welcomed Raavan. Raavan stayed there for a day then took Madhu along and went to Kailaash Parvat at Kuber's place and ordered his army to camp there.

Sarg 26-Raavan Gets Nal-Koobar's Shaap

The whole army slept there, but Raavan was enchanted by Parvat's beauty. Cool slow fragrant air was flowing, Kinnar couples were singing in sweet voices. Sound of singing and dancing of Apsaraa was coming from Kuber's palace. At the same time Rambhaa Apsaraa passed through that way adorned with all kinds of beautiful things. A desire rose in Raavan's heart to have her, so he caught her hand and said - "O beautiful woman, Where are you going? You are smelling like lotus flower. Who is going to touch your beautiful body? At this time no Devtaa, Indra, or Vishnu, or Ashwinee Kumaar can be compared to me, therefore you come to me. We will enjoy here on this rock."

Hearing these words of Raavan, Rambhaa got scared and said - "You are my father-in-law. because I am going to see Nal-Koobar, your brother Kuber's son. He would be waiting for me. And is it all right for you to rape your son's wife?" Raavan said - "You said, you are my son's wife, but this concept is only for those women who have only one husband. You are an Apsaraa, your duty is to please Devtaa, so today you please me instead of any other Devtaa." And Raavan had her there only. Rambhaa's clothes and jewelry were displaced, flower garlands were broken. She came to Nal-Koobar in such condition and told him everything.

Nal-Koobar got very angry and gave Shaap to Raavan immediately, that "in future if he will have any woman without her wish, his head will break into seven pieces." Devtaa got very happy to hear this Shaap and they started beating drums. So Raavan didn't have any woman without her wish after having this Shaap. The Pativrataa women who were abducted by Raavan got very happy with this Shaap.

Sarg 27-Raavan Goes to Win Indra

Agastya Muni said - "Hey Raam, Later when Raavan arrived in Indra Lok with his army, his army's noise echoed in the whole Dev Lok. Hearing Raavan coming for fighting, Indra ordered Aaditya, Vasu, Rudra, Saadhya and Marud Gan to fight with him. All Devtaa got ready to fight immediately. But then Indra got scared and He went to Vishnu and prayed - "Hey Bhagavaan, Mighty Raavan has surrounded our Dev Lok with his army, therefore you come and fight with him." Vishnu said - "This is my vow that I don't come back from battlefield without killing the enemy. But because of Brahmaa's Var, Raavan, at present, cannot be killed by Devtaa, therefore I cannot fight with him now. You will have to wait till then. You may fight with Raavan with the help of Devtaa fearlessly."

Hearing this Indra came to battlefield and the war started. Sumaalee, Maareech, Prahast etc Raakshas pushed Devtaa's army back as wind scatters clouds. Seeing Devtaa army running away, Saavitra named 8th Vasu started showering his weapons. Twashtaa and Pooshaa also showered their arrows on Raakshas. After a fierce fight Devtaa army ran away, but Saavitra decided to continue the war. He broke Sumaalee's chariot, then he hit Sumaalee's head with his Gadaa which broke his head. Seeing Sumaalee dead, Raakshas ran away from there.




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