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1-Braahm Parv

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23-Seven Saptamee

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23-Seven Saptamee
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 1-Braahm Parv, p 215-222

This section, Braahm Parv, is on p 1-222 of the book and mostly contains information about Soorya.

Seven Saptamee

(Chap 208-209) Shataaneek said - "Whichever seven Saptamee you have described before, I wish to listen to them in detail." Sumantu Jee said - There are seven Saptamee - (1) Ark-Samputikaa Saptamee, (2) Marich Saptamee, (3) Nimb Saptamee, (4) Phal Saptamee, (5) Anodanaa Saptamee, (6) Vijaya Saptamee, and (7) Kaamikaa Saptamee. Their method to observe in short is that - 

One should take up these fasts in Uttaraayan or Dakshinaayan, in Shukla Paksh, on Sunday on eclipse day, in masculine Nakshatra. Vratee should be clean and busy in Soorya worship. He should stay Ek-Bhukt (eating only once just after sunset) on Panchamee and control his Indriyaan on Shashthee. In first Saptamee drink juices (Ark); in second Saptamee take Marich; in third Saptamee take Nimb leaves; in Phal Saptamee eat fruits; in Anodanaa Saptamee one should not eat Ann, keep fast; in Vijaya Saptamee one should keep complete fast without water; and in Kaamikaa Saptamee eat only Havishya. Who does these Saptamee, he attains Soorya Lok -

Ark-Samputikaa Saptamee brings wealth up to seven generations. (Phaalgun Shukla Saptamee)
Marich Saptamee gives the company of dear and sons. (Chaitra Shukla Saptamee)
Nimb Saptamee cures all diseases and makes one healthy. (Vaishaakh Shukla Saptamee)
Phal Saptamee gives many sons and grandsons. (Bhaadrapad Shukla Saptamee)
Anodanaa Saptamee gives wealth, grains, animals, gold, health and pleasures. 
Vijaya Saptamee destroys all enemies. 
Kaamikaa Saptamee fulfills that particular desire for which that Vrat is done. 

Who does this Vrat methodically, there is nothing unavailable for him in this world. If, somehow the Vrat is broken, then do Praayashchit by not eating for three days and start Vrat again."

12 Saptamee of 12 Maas

Sumantu Jee said - "One should keep fast on all Shukla Saptamee of all 12 Maas eating cow dung, or dry leaves, or milk, or begged Ann, or Ek-Bhukt. He should worship Soorya Dev with lotus flower, various incenses, sandal and Dhoop etc; as well as Braahman with the same things and give Dakshinaa to him. In these months one should worship Soorya with the 12 name - (1) In Chaitra - Vishnu, (2) in Vaishaakh - Aryamaa, (3) in Jyeshth - Vivaswaan, (4) in Aashaadh - Divaakar,  (5) in Shraavan - Parjanya, (6) in Bhaadrapad - Varun,  (7) in Aashwin - Maartand,  (8) in Kaartik - Bhaargav, (9) in Maargsheersh - Mitra, (10) in Paush - Pooshaa, (11) in Maagh - Bhag, (12) in Phaalgun - Twashtaa."

Ark-Samputikaa Saptamee

(Chap 210-211) Sumantu Jee said - "Phaalgun Shukla Saptamee is called Ark-Samputikaa Saptamee. On that day, one should worship him, offer Gudodak in Naivedya and do Jaap of his Mantra in the night." Shataaneek asked - "Which is his favorite Mantra?" Sumantu Jee said - "He should do Jaap of 6-letter Mantra. First do Jaap of Gaayatree Mantra. Soorya Gaayatree Mantra is like this - " Aum Bhaaskaraaya Vidmahe, Sahastra Rashmim Dheemahi, Tanno Sooryah Prachodayaat ". Its even one time Jaap makes one cleansed. On Saptamee, in the morning, he should do Jaap of this Mantra, worship and feed Braahman. Feed food made of Moong, Pooaa, milk and yogurt. Worship Ark tree with "Aum Khakholkaaya Namah" Mantra and eat its leaves, Take bath, and worship Soorya with Ark flowers and feed Braahman. By doing this Vrat, one Kauthumi Rishi got free from leprosy disease."

Shataaneek said - "I have heard about Janak, Yaagyavalkya and Saamb, but how Kauthumi Rishi got Siddhi, please tell me that." Sumantu Jee said - "There was a learned Braahaman named Hiranyanaabh in ancient times. He had a son named Kauthumi. He went to Raajaa Janak's Aashram with his son. There he had lots of discussion with several Braahman. His son killed one Braahman in anger. Seeing a Braahman killed by his son the Braahman abandoned his son Kauthumi. Other family members also abandoned him. Kauthumi went to several temples and Teerth but he could not be free from Brahm Hatyaa. In the meantime, he had leprosy also. He came back to his father's house and said - "I have been to several temples, Teerth etc but I have not been free from this Brahm Hatyaa and leprosy, what should I do, where should I go?"

Hiranyanaabh said - "I know your story. Now I tell you one way. Brahmaa, Vishnu, Mahaadev etc all Devtaa have worshipped Soorya Bhagavaan, that is why you also worship Soorya with his Mantra and Saam Ved Mantra, and listen to Itihaas and Puraan related to him, you will soon be free from this disease and Brahm Hatyaa." He did so and became perfectly healthy and free from Brahm Hatyaa."

Marich Saptamee

(Chap 212-214) Sumantu Jee said - "In this Vrat one eats Marich. It is held on Chaitra Shukla Saptamee. One should worship Soorya according to Saur Dharm, and do Jaap of " Aum Vam Phat". Remembering and doing Jaap of this Mantra, one sees Soorya in one year only, and attains Soorya Lok in the end being free from disease and death. Feed a Braahman also on this day, then take food himself also quietly. Before taking food pronounce this Mantra " Aum Khakholkaaya Swaahaa, Preeyataam Priyasangado Bhav Swaahaa ". By doing thus, the Vratee meets his favorite person the same moment. This Marich Saptamee helps meet people. By doing this Saptamee Vrat, one does not separate from his sons etc. Indra, Nal and Raam got Indraanee, Damayantee and Seetaa respectively by doing this Vrat.

Nimb Saptamee and Phal Saptamee

(Chap 215) Sumantu Jee said - Now I tell you about the third Saptamee, Nimb Saptamee which falls on Vaishaakh Shukla Saptamee. One should take Nimb leaves in this Vrat. This Saptamee cures various diseases. This day one should meditate upon him with bow, Shankh, Chakra and Gadaa with this Mool Mantra - " Om Khakholkaaya Namah ". This is Soorya's Gaayatree Mantra - " Om Aadityaaya Vidmahe, Vishwabhaagaaya Dheemahi, Tanno Soorya" Prachodayaat ". The following worship method gives desires results. In a clean place, one should draw an 8-petal lotus flowers. Do Aavaahan of Soorya Dev and bathe him. One should complete all processes with Mantra. Worship Soorya and pray Nimb that one's all diseases are cured by eating it. After this do Jaap of Soorya Mantra, feed Braahman and then take food without salt quietly. Who does this for one year, he goes to Soorya Lok free from all diseases.

Bhaadrapad Shukla Saptamee is Phal Saptamee. One should worship Soorya with Saur method on this day. On Ashtamee, worship Soorya, offer Soorya the dates, coconut, large lemon and mango fruits saying "Maartandah Preeyataam" and give them to Braahman. This is called Phal Saptamee. Take those fruits himself also saying "Sarve Bhavantu Saphalaa Mam Kaamaah Samantatah". This Phal Saptamee gives many sons and grandsons.

Note - Here Bhavishya Puraan seems to have some kind of error, because among seven Saptamee, the remaining three Saptamee - Anodanaa, Vijaya, and Kaamikaa, are not described here. These Vrat have been described in detail in Hemaadri 's "Chaturvarg-Chintaamani" with the reference of Bhavishya Puraan. Vaishaakh Shukla Saptamee is Anodanaa Saptamee; Maagh Shukla Saptamee is Vijaya Saptamee, and Phaalgun Shukla Saptamee is said as Kaamikaa Saptamee. In Vijaya Saptamee, Soorya Sahstra Naam Stotra is also read. It shows that Hemaadri had the genuine and completely pure copy of Bhavishya Puraan at that time.

Importance of Braahm Parv

Sumantu Jee said - "After hearing this Braahm Parv of Bhavishya Puraan, one becomes free from all sins and gets fruit of all Yagya and Ved studies. There is no other means except Itihaas and Puraan which can free one from sins. Fruits of listening to Puraan and reading the Puraan are same." Shataaneek asked - "Bhagavan, How one should read and listen to Mahaabhaarat, Raamaayan and Puraan? What fruit is got by worshipping the teller? What should be given to the reciter? Please tell me everything." Sumantu Muni said - "I tell you the dialog between Dev Guru Brihaspati and Brahmaa Jee. One becomes free from Brahm Hatyaa by listening to Itihaas and Puraan. After taking bath who listens to Puraan in the morning, evening and night, Brahmaa, Vishnu, and Mahesh, all the three are pleased respectively with him.

When a reciter sits on the Aasan to read after taking bath and worshipping Bhagavaan, he becomes like Devtaa. His Aasan is called "Vyaas Peeth". The listener should never sit on treciter's Aasan. After worshipping Devtaa, one should worship Braahman, then provide all listeners with a copy of the book. The listener should bow his head to that book and the start listening to Puraan. The whole book is said to be like Devtaa. The reciter should hold the book in his hands, bow his head to Brahmaa, Vishnu, Mahesh, Soorya etc Devtaa, then start reading it with all necessary emotions. Listener should also take bath before he listens to Puraan. He should sit in the front of the teller, and listen to it quietly. The listener should do Pranaam to the reciter, and after that he should not speak unless there is any doubt or curiosity. This doubt or curiosity should also be cleared by asking the reciter politely, because he is also like his Guru, and Guru's duty is to be kind to everybody. The reciter must be a Braahman. 

After the end of every Parv, do Paaran and worship the reciter, and in the end give some gold to him. There is no other better candidate than the reciter for Daan, because all Shaastra sit on his tongue. Who feeds the reciter with Shraddhaa, his Pitar are satisfied for 100 years. The reciter is called Vyaas also. As there is no other Teerth like Kurukshetra, no other river like Gangaa River, no other Devtaa better than Soorya, no other Yagya like Ashwamedh Yagya, no other pleasure like the birth of a son, in the same way there is no other Braahman like the reciter of Puraan.

Thus I told you the method of listening to Puraan, and importance of the reciter. One should read and listen to Puraan properly, then only they give fruits.

Bhavishya Puraan 1-Braahm Parv Ends Here



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