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1-Braahm Parv

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22-Saur Dharm-2

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22-Saur Dharm-2
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 1-Braahm Parv, p 203-

This section, Braahm Parv, is on p 1-222 of the book and mostly contains information about Soorya.

Panch Mahaa-Yagya

(Chap 188-189) Soorya Bhagavaan said - "Arun, Who eats food without offering to Soorya, Agni, Guru, and Braahman, he eats sin itself. A Grihasth naturally attaches to sin by farming, trading, anger and Panchsoonaa sins. By serving Soorya, Guru, Agni and A-Tithi, these sins are destroyed. In the same way by doing good Karm, he doesn't commit other sins also. Who serves Soorya in Sandhyaa time, he goes to Soorya Lok. Serve A-Tithi with a smiling face and with all possible things. 

Daan (Charity, Donation)

Daan should be given to a worthy candidate only. As a seed sown in an unproductive land is destroyed, in the same way Daan given to a unworthy candidate is also destroyed or goes waste. Daan given with Shraddhaa is the highest among all Karm. The fruit of Daan given to a blind, miser, child, old, and an anxious man is unlimited. Whoever donor, seeing a coming beggar, considers his worthiness first, he is not a true donor in spite of doing all kinds of Karm. If there is no beggar in the world, then how one can perform his Daan duty? That is why one should donate to a person saying, "Welcome, Welcome". All Daan should be given with love and Shraddhaa. It is better not to give Daan, if the donor is angry in his heart. Daan, discipline, Yagya, meditation, Havan, Tap - all becomes useless if one gets angry. Daan given with welcoming feelings, friendliness, kindness, without pride gives great fruit.

Vaaraanasee, Kuru Kshetra, Prayaag, Pushkar, Gangaa River and sea shore, Naimish Aranya, Mudeer Swaamee (Konaark area of Orissa), Kaalapee are the places where Devtaa live. All places where rivers flow, cows and Siddh live are called Punya areas. All Daan given in these places give great fruits because of given in special places. Solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, Makar Sankraanti (14th January), Sankraanti - all these occasions are said Punya Kaal (auspicious time) for donations. There are 10 means to earn Dharm - (1) Ahinsaa (non-violence), (2) Kshamaa (forgiveness), (3) Satya (Truth), (4) Namrataa (polity). (5) Shraddhaa (unconditional devotion), (6) Control on Indriya, (7) Daan (charity, donation, alms), (8) Yagya (Havan, Hom), (9) Tap (penance), and (10) Dhyaan (meditation).

Who desires for other women and other's money, and who troubles Guru, sad, weak, has gone to foreign lands and troubled by enemy, is called a sinner. One must abandon such a man, but not his wife and son. Insulting those people is a sin like telling bad words about Guru. Killer of a Braahman, who drinks liquor, gold thief, who sleeps on the bed of Guru, and who keeps contact with them - these five types of sinners are called the greatest sinners. Who insults Braahman because of anger, jealousy, fear, and greed, he is called Braahman killer. Who invites a beggar or a Braahman for donation and then sends him back without giving him anything saying "I don't have anything", he is like a Chaandaal. Who takes the land previously given to Devtaa, or a Braahman, or a cow, he is Braahman killer. Whoever fool obtains Saur knowledge and then abandons it - means does not behave in that way, he is like who drinks liquor.

Sins and Yam Raaj's Punishment

(Chap 190-192) Soorya Bhagavaan said - "Sins are of many types by mind, speech and body. Who set fire in the path of cows, in forests, in cities and in villages are regarded as grave sins as drinking liquor. Abduction of man, woman, elephant, and horse; destroying crops in farmlands; stealing sandal, camphor, silken clothes or securities is like stealing gold. Abduction of a girl; misbehaving with son's or friend's wife, or sister; sexual contact with an unmarried girl or brother's wife or with a woman of the same Varn - these all are regarded as the great sins like sexual contact with Guru's wife.

Who doesn't give money to a Braahman after promising him to give; who abandons one's well-behaved wife; who steals cow. land, money, grains, animals and gold etc; who troubles Bhakt; or who worship unworthy people - they are less sinners. Not protecting women; telling bad words for Devtaa, Braahman, Agni, Satee, and cow; abandoning one's Dharm; atheism etc are also lesser sins. Who follow Paakhandee; who intrude in another's land; using weak animal for laborious work; who listen to other's talks secretly - all are sinners and surely fall in Narak.

Yam Raaj's Paarshad take such people to Yam Lok and afflict them a lot. Whose sins are known in this world they are punished by the government, but who commit sins secretly they are punished by Yam Raaj. Therefore one should do Praayashchit of his sins. There are many ways to do Praayashchit written in Shaastra. Sins committed by mind, speech and body do not get destroyed even in several Kalp without suffering for them. Who themselves do goos Karm and advice to do the same, they get good comforts. All Jeev who take birth on Prithvi, have to enjoy and suffer for their good and bad Karm.

Vaivaswat Puree's extension is 86,080 Yojan. Who do good Karm, they feel this Dharm Puree very near; but who commit sins, they feel it very far. Its path is very terrible. Somewhere there are thorns spread on the path, somewhere there is only sand, somewhere there is scorching heat of sunshine, somewhere there are nails. Sometime they are thrown from trees or from mountains, somewhere they are taken through very dark, somewhere they have to go through snowy path, somewhere they have to pass through terrible forest where many kinds of wild animals are around. Therefore one should abandon sins and do good Karm. Who worships Soorya Dev even for a little while, he never goes to Yam Puree."

Seven Saptamee and Udak Saptamee Vrat

(Chap 193-197) Soorya spoke - "Arun, One should always worship Soorya at Ayan time, Vishuv time, Sankraanti and Grahan time (Solar eclipse); especially on Saptamee. Saptamee is of seven types - (1) Ark-Samputikaa Saptamee, (2) Marich Saptamee, (3) Nimb Saptamee, (4) Phal Saptamee, (5) Anodanaa Saptamee, (6) Vijaya Saptamee, and (7) Kaamikaa Saptamee. One should start Saptamee fast from Maargsheersh or Maagh Shukla Saptamee, but for a grieved person there are no rules. Just before half an hour the night ends, one should clean his mouth, take bath and complete daily worship activities. Then do Jaap of enough Soorya Mantra. In the night sleep on floor. If somebody keeps fast drinking only 1/2 Anjulee (the shape formed by one hand to take something in it) water, it is called Udak Saptamee. It always gives pleasure.

Arghya and Worship of Soorya

(Chap 198-) King Shataaneek asked - "Who is that Devtaa by whose worship one always gets pleasure? Which Dharm is the best among all? Who is Aadi Dev (first Devtaa) and who is worshipped by all Devtaa?" Sumantu Jee said - "I tell you the dialog between Vyaas Jee and Bheeshm in regard with this. Once Ved Vyaas Jee was sitting on the banks of Gangaa River, that Bheeshm Jee came there and asked him - "You have told me everything, but I have a doubt regarding Soorya Bhagavaan. All Devtaa are worshipped only after worshipping Soorya Dev. What is the reason of this? Who is this Bhagavaan Bhaaskar, from where he is born? Please tell me this."

Vyaas Jee said - "Bheeshm, All Devtaa worship Soorya Dev and only he is the Aadi Dev. He has created everything, that is why he is called Aaditya. He is the greatest among all Devtaa." Bheeshm asked - "If he is so powerful, then how he is afflicted by Raakshas etc in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening? How Raahu eclipses him?" Vyaas Jee said - "Pishaach, snakes, Daakinee etc attack Soorya in anger, and Soorya also fight back with them. Muhoort etc are because of Soorya only. Dharm exists in this world because of Soorya. All Devtaa get Pranaam by doing Pranaam to Soorya Dev only. All Braahman who do Sandhyaa three times a day, that all goes to Soorya Bhagavaan.

Just below the shadow of Soorya, Raahu is situated. Desirous for Amrit Raahu always looks for an opportunity for splashing Amrit from the Amrit Kalash which is kept on the chariot of Soorya. As he comes very near to the chariot, then it seems that Raahu has eclipsed Soorya. The same is called Grahan (eclipse). In fact, nobody can eclipse Soorya Bhagavaan, because he is the only one who destroys the whole world. Whatever is manifested in this world, it is all because of Soorya.

Now I tell you the method of worship of Soorya Bhagavaan. After taking bath, one should sit on an Aasan facing east. Worship Soorya Bhagavaan, then do Jaap of Soorya Mantra. Worship Soorya's Vyom by making its idol. Who worships Soorya on the days of Uttaraayan and Dakshinaayan by keeping fast, he gets the fruit of Ashwamedh Yagya, education, fame and lots of children. Who worships Soorya on the days of solar eclipse and lunar eclipse by keeping fast, he goes to Brahm Lok. After that one should offer Avyang to Soorya and worship his 9 Divine powers (Deeptaa, Sookshmaa, Jayaa, Bhadraa, Vibhooti, Vimalaa, Amoghaa, Vidyutaa, and Sarvatomukhee). Who worships Soorya with this method his all desires are fulfilled. Who worships him with Bhakti, he is not afflicted by anything.

Who worships Soorya Bhagavaan keeping Nakt Vrat on Sunday, he becomes immortal. Who worships Bhagavaan Bhaaskar on Saptamee, especially on Sunday or eclipse days, his all desires are fulfilled. Eclipse days are especially dear to Soorya Bhagavaan.



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