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3-Pratisarg Parv (2)

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15-Durgaa Saptshatee

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15-Brahmcharya, Bhaagvat, Durgaa Saptshatee
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (2), p 313-


(Chap 30-) Rishi said - "Hey Soot Jee, Now we want to listen about Brahmcharya." Soot Jee said - "Hey Rishi, In Kali Yug, there lived a good Braahman named Pitri Sharmaa. He knew Ved and Vedaang and was very scared of sinful actions. He got worried seeing Kali Yug. He started thinking in which Aashram he will be all right, because in Kali Yug Vaanprasth had already disappeared, Sanyaas was also deteriorating. Only Brahmcharya  is there somewhere. If I could get a wife of my own ideas then it is all right, so he prayed Maataa Bhagavatee. Bhagavatee got pleased with his prayer and she said to him - "I have fixed the daughter of Vishnuyashaa Braahman for you." Pitri Sharmaa married her and started living in Mathuraa. They had four sons who knew four Ved and their names were - Rig, Yajush, Saam, and Atharvaa. Rig's son was Vyaadi who was good at Nyaaya Shaastra. Yajush's son was Meemaans. Saam's son was Paanini who was good at Vyaakaran (grammar), and Atharvaa's son was Vararuchi.

At one time they all went to to the court of King Chandragupt with Pitri Sharmaa. The King worshipped them and asked - "Brahman, Which Brahmcharya is highest?" Vyaadi said - "Mahaaraaj, who is always involved in the worship of Param Purush, only he is the highest Brahmchaaree." Meemaans said - "Raajan, He is the highest Brahmchaaree who does Yagya with Brahmaa etc Devtaa and does Tarpan with Rochanaa etc and takes Prasaad of Bhagavaan." Pitri Sharmaa said - "Who, living in Grihasth Aashram, respects Pitar, Devtaa and guests and enjoys his wife only at appropriate time, only he is true Brahmchaaree." Chandragupt said - "In Kali Yug only your definition is appropriate." and he became the disciple of Pitri Sharmaa.

(Chap 31) At one time Paanini got defeated by the disciples of Kanaad, so he went to Kedaar Ksehtra and started worshipping Shiv Jee. He ate only leaves and took water in the end of the week. Then he took only water for 10 days. Later he took only air for 10 days. Thus when 28 days passed, Shiv appeared before him and asked to ask for Var. Paanini prayed him and said - "If you are pleased with me then give me the Mool Vidyaa (root knowledge) and Param Shaastra Gyaan (the highest knowledge)." Shiv Jee gave him "a, i, u, n" etc Varn (letters) and said - "Paanini, I give you this Mahaan Maanas Gyaan Teerth which is capable to make Hari appear before you." After saying this Rudra disappeared and Paanini came back to his home. Then he wrote Sootra-Paath, Dhaatu-Paath, Gana-Paath and Ling-Sootra-Roop Vyaakaran Shaastra (grammar science) and attained Moksh. Therefore Hey Rishi, You also adopt Gyaan Teerth (knowledge).

(Chap 32) Soot Jee further said - "Hey Mahaamuni Shaunak Jee, There lived a Braahman named Bopdev in Totaadri. He was a devotee of Krishn. He went to Vrindaa Van and worshipped Janaardan. After one year of worship Hari gave him knowledge. Bhaagavatee's Kathaa rose from the same knowledge. The Kathaa Shuk Dev Jee told to Pareekshit, Bopdev described the same Kathaa again with the name of Hari Leelaamrit. When the Kathaa was over, Vishnu Bhagavaan appeared before him and asked him to ask for any Var. Bopdev said - "You have already given me Ved Vyaas created Bhaagvat knowledge, now if you want to give me something more, then tell me the importance of that Bhaagvat."

Bhagavaan said - "Bopdev, Once Shiv settled in Kaashee with Paarvatee after Bauddh started ruling there. Shankar Jee said - "Hey Satchidaanand, Victory to you." Paarvatee said smiling - "Who else is like you to whom you saluted?" Shiv said - "Mahaadevee, This Kaashee is very holy area. It itself is eternal. It is worth saluting. Here I will do Saptaah-Yagya (Bhaagvat Kathaa in seven days)." Then to guard that Yagya Bhoomi, Shankar Jee appointed Chandeesh, Ganesh, Nandee and Guhyak and he himself told Bhaagvat Kathaa to Paarvatee for seven days. On the 8th day he asked Paarvatee seeing her sleeping - "How much Kathaa did you hear?" She said - "Dev, I heard up to Amrit-Manthan." Shuk Dev Jee was also listening this Kathaa sitting nearby in a hole of a tree. He became immortal listening this Amrit Kathaa. By my order, the same Shuk Dev is in your heart now. You have got its importance through me. Now you go and tell it to the father of Vikram, Gandharvsen, on the banks of Narmadaa River. Hari Mahaatmya Daan is the one of the highest Daan. One should tell it to Vishnu Bhakt only. Even giving food to a hungry man is not equal to this Daan." After saying this Hari disappeared, and hearing this Bopdev got very happy.

Importance of Durgaa Saptshatee

(Chap 33) Rishi asked - "Hey Soot Jee, Now tell us by reading which Stotra one can get the fruit of Ved reading and sins are destroyed." Soot Jee said - "Listen to a story in this regard. There lived a Braahman in the kingdom of Vikramaaditya. His wife's name was Kaaminee. Once he went somewhere to do Paath of Durgaa Saptshatee, that his wife, whose nature was like her name, got involved in Paap Vritti and as a result she had a son who was known as Vyaadhkarmaa. Her son's nature was also like his name so that Braahman packed them off his house. He started doing Chandee Paath on Vindhyaachal Parvat and by the grace of Jagadambaa he attained Moksh. Now his wife and son went to their known man Nishaad and started living there. There also they couldn't leave their bad deeds and started earning by those actions.

One day Vyaadhkarmaa came to a Devee temple where a Braahman was doing Paath of Durgaa Saptshatee. Hearing only its beginning part his mind got all right and he accepted that Braahman's discipleship and gave his all wealth to him. Then by the order of Guru he did Jaap of Devee Mantra for three years and he became pure with the effect of that Seed Mantra. He passed 12 years reading Aadi-Charitra and doing Jaap of her Seed Mantra. Then he came to Kaashee and did Jaap of the following Mantra - 

Nityaanandkaree Paraabhayakaree Saundarya Ratnaakaree
Nirdhootaakhil Paap Paavankaree Kaasheepuraadheeshwaree
Naanaalok-karee Mahaabhayaharee Vishwambharee Sundaree
Vidyaam Dehi Kripaavalambankaree Maataannpoorneshwaree

After doing Jaap of this Mantra for 108 time he slept there only. Annapoornaa Shivaa appeared in his dream and after giving him the knowledge of Rig Ved she disappeared. He became Aachaarya of Vikramaaditya's Yagya. After the Yagya he went to Himaalaya. This is the importance of Devee's Aadi Charitra.

(Chap 34) Soot Jee said - "Once there lived a Kshatriya named Bheemvarmaa in Ujjayinee city. His conduct was with A-Dharm so he became sick with many diseases and he died in young age. By chance he asked somebody to do Chandee Paath for him, so such a sinful man did not go to Hell. In his next life he became Magadh king Mahaanand and he remembered his previous life. He became the disciple of Kaatyaayan (Vararuchi). Kaatyaayan gave him the Seed Mantra of Mahaa Lakshmee and asked him to do Paath of Madhyam Charitra. He did that everyday for 12 years. After 12 years when Kaatyaayan came to him, he made him to do Laksh Chandee Paath. As a result Mahaa Lakshmee appeared before him and gave him Dhram, Arth, Kaam, and Moksh.

(Chap 35) Soot Jee further said - "There lived a Patanjali Muni on Chitrakoot Parvat. He knew Ved, Vedaang and Geetaa Shaastra. He was a devotee of Vishnu, truth speaker and writer of Vyaakaran (grammar). Once he went to several Teerth and at one place he had some Shaastra discussion with Devee Bhakt Kaatyaayan. This discussion continued up to one year, in the end Patanjali got defeated. Ashamed of his defeat he prayed Saraswatee Devee like this - 

Namo Devyai Mahaamoortyai Sarvmoortyai Namo Namah
Shivaayai Sarvmaangalyai Vishnumaaye cha Tey Namah
Twamev Shraddhaa Buddhistwam Medhaa Vidyaa Shivankaree
Shaantirvaanee Twamevaasi Naaraayanee Namo Namah

Hearing this prayer Devee Saraswatee said in her Divine voice - "Hey Vipra, You do Jaap of my Uttar Charitra. You will certainly attain knowledge because of that. Patanjali, Kaatyaayan will be defeated by you." Hearing this Patanjali went to Vindhyavaasinee Devee Temple and worshipped her there. She got pleased and Patanjali defeated Kaatyaayan. Later he propagated the importance of Tulasee Maalaa (rosary) in Krishn Mantra  and Bhakti. He became immortal.

Hey Muni, So I told you the importance of the three part of Durgaa Saptshatee, now what do you want to hear?"

Bhavishya Puraan
3-Pratisarg, Dwiteeya Khand, Ends Here



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