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16-Aalhaa-Oodal Kathaa

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16-Aalhaa-Oodal and Eeshaamaseeh Kathaa
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (3), p 319-322

The Third Part of Bhavishya Puraan is full of Raamaansh and Krishnaansh, means Aalhaa and Oodal (Udaya Sinh), and Jayachand and Prithviraaj Chauhaan's chivalrous stories. Aalhaa's story is very popular in India. Its several versions, in Bundelkhandee, Bhojpuree etc languages are available with a little variations. But their root Kathaa seems to be originated from this Pratisarg only. Often these stories seem to be exaggerated but have their own importance by historical perspective. Here only their gist is presented. - Sorry, Sankshipt Bhavishya Puraan gives only this much about them.

Prolog of Aalhaa-Oodal

Rishi said - "Hey Soot Jee, You described Vikramaaditya's ruling period which was like Dwaapar Yug and continued for some time. At that time Krishn also did many Leelaa, we want to hear about them." Soot Jee said - "There happened Kuru Kshetra war in the end of 28th Dwaapar Yug, of Vaivaswat Manvantar, of Bhavishya Kalp. In that war Paandav attained full victory over Kaurav in 18 days time. On the last day, knowing the bad Time, Krishn prayed Shiv Jee to protect Paandav. Hearing this prayer, Shiv Jee carrying his Trishool (trident) rode on his Nandee and came to protect Paandav's camp. At that time Krishn was away to Hastinaapur by the order of Yudhishthir and Paandav were living on the banks of Saraswatee River.

At mid-night, Ashwatthaamaa and Kritavarmaa and Kripaachaarya came to Paandav's camp and they pleased Shiv by their prayers. At this Shiv allowed them to enter Paandav's camp. Mighty Ashwatthaamaa killed Dhrishtdyumn etc warriors by the sword given by Shiv and then went back with Kripaachaarya and Kritavarmaa. Only one Soot remained there who informed Paandav about this killing. Bheem etc Paandav thought this the act of Shiv Jee and they got extremely angry and started fighting with Shiv Jee. Whatever weapons were used by them at Shiv Jee, they all entered his body. At this Shiv said - "Because you are the devotee of Shree Krishn that is why I am protecting you otherwise you were worth being killed. You will have to suffer for this by taking birth in Kali Yug." and he got disappeared. Paandav got very sorry at this. They came to Krishn for help. All of them prayed Shiv Jee and Shiv asked them to ask for Var. Krishn said - "Dev, Whatever weapons of have entered in your body, please return them to them and free them from Shaap."

Shiv Jee said - "Krishn, I salute you. At that time I was deluded by your Maayaa that is why I gave Shaap to them. Although my words will not be a lie, still Paandav and Kaurav will be born on Prithvi from their part and will be free soon. Yudhishthir will be the son of Vats Raaj, his name will be Balakhaani (Malkhaan) and he will the king of Shireesh city. Bheem's name will be Veran and he will be the king of Vanaras. Whoever will take birth from Arjun's part, he will be my Bhakt and great intelligent. He will be born in Parimal's house and his name will be Brahmaanand. Nakul will be born as Ratnbhaanu's son in Kaanyakubj and his name will be Lakshan. Sahadev will be the son of Bheem Sinh and his name will be Dev Sinh. Dhritraashtra's part will be born as Prithvee Raaj in Ajamer and Draupadee will be born as Belaa, the daughter of Prithvee Raaj. The great donor Karn will be born as Taarak. At that time I will also take Avataar in the form of Raktbeej. Kaurav will be skilled in Maayaa war and Paandav will fight according to Dharm."

Soot Jee further said - "Rishi, Krishn smiled hearing this and said - "I will also take Avataar through my special Power and help Paandav. In Mahaavatee Puree built by Maayaa Devee I will be born as the son of Desh Raaj who will be called as Udaya Sinh (Oodal). His mother's name will be Devakee. The part of my Vaikunth Dhaam will be born as Aalhaad and he will be my Guru. I (Shree Krishn - Udaya Sinh) will destroy the kings of Agni Vansh and establish Dharm." Hearing this from Krishn Shiv Jee disappeared.

Stories of Shaalivaahan and Eesaa Maseeh

Soot Jee said - "In the morning, grieved by the sorrow of their sons, Paandav came to Bheeshm Pitaamaha after doing their last rites. They learned king's duties, Moksh duties and Daan Dharm from him. Then they did three Ashwamedh Yagya and ruled for 36 years. After that they went to Swarg. When A-Dharm will increase in Kali Yug, they will also be born. Now you may go to your place, I am now getting under the control of Yog Nidraa, so I will meditate on Par Brahm." Hearing this all Rishi also started meditating. After a long time those Rishi again came to Soot Jee and said - "Hey Soot Jee, Now you describe the kings born by the order of Shiv Jee in Dwaapar Yug."

Soot Jee said - "After Vikramaaditya had gone to Swarg, many kings ruled. From Kapil in the east to Sindhu River in the west; and from Badaree Kshetra in north to Setubandh in south, there were 18 states in Bhaarat Varsh - (1) Indraprasth, (2) Paanchaal, (3) Kurukshetra, (4) Kampil, (5) Antarvedee, (6) Vrij, (7) Ajamer, (8) Marudhanv (Maarvaar), (9) Gurjar (Gujaraat), (10) Mahaaraashtra, (11) Dravid (Tamilnaadu), (12) Kaling (Orissa), (13) Avantee (Ujjain), (14) Udup (Aandhra), (15) Bang, (16) Gaud, (17) Maagadh, and (18) Koshal. Separate kings ruled here in these states. Their languages were also different and there were many Dharm propagators at time to time.

After 100 years passed, Shak etc foreigner kings came in Aarya Desh crossing Sindhu River, seeing the deterioration of Dharm. and some other came here crossing the icy paths of Himaalaya. They robbed Aarya and went back to their own country. At this time, Vikramaaditya's grandson Shaalivaahan was crowned on his father's throne. He defeated armies of Shak and China etc countries. He punished the evil people of Baahleek, Kaamroop, Rome and Khur countries and took all their treasury. He established separate countries for Mlechchh and Aarya kings. He gave Sindhu Desh to Aarya and across Sindhu River area to Mlechchh.

Once, Shaalivaahan went to a mountain peak and he saw a handsome man standing on a mountain peak of Hoon country. His complexion was fair and he had white clothes on his body. He got very happy to see him and asked him - "Who are you?" He said - "I am the son of God and I am born from a maiden. I am the propagator of Mlechchh Dharm and Truth." Raajaa asked - "What is your Dharm?" Eesh-Putra said - "After the Truth died, I came in borderless Mlechchh Desh as a Messiah. A girl named Eeshaamasee was born in Dasyu (slave) community, I got this Messiahship only after getting her from Mlechchh. Whatever Dharm I have propagated, listen to it.

First make your body clean after cleaning your physical and mental dirt. Then one should do Jaap of his Isht Devtaa. One should speak truth, follow justice, and worship Paramaatmaa established in solar system by concentrating one's mind, because Eeshwar and Sun are similar. Paramaatmaa is immovable and Sun is also immovable. Hey Raajan, By doing this I have established eternal pure Eesh idol in my heart, that is why my name is Eeshaamaseeh."

Hearing this, Shaalivaahan saluted that Mlechchh and established him there. Then he came back, did Ashwamedh Yagya, ruled for 60 years and went to Swarg.



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