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3-Pratisarg Parv (3)

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17-Raajaa Bhoj and Other Kings
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (3), p 322-323

Raajaa Bhoj and Mahaamad

Soot Jee said - "Ten kings were there in Shaalivaahan's Vansh, and they ruled for 500 years. After that Dharm used to deteriorate. The last king of Shaalivaahan Vansh was Raajaa Bhoj. He proceeded for winning other lands seeing his own country's border narrowing. He had 10,000 people army and he had several learned people like Kaalidaas. He crossed Sindhu River, then defeated Gaandhaar, Mlechchh and Kashmeer's Shath kings and punished them taking their all treasury. In the same reference a Mlechchh man named Mahaamad came into his presence.

Bhoj did Darshan of Mahaadev Jee in desert. He bathed him with Gangaa water and prayed him. Hearing his prayer Shiv Jee said to the king - "Hey Bhoj Raaj, You should go to Mahaakaaleshwar Teerth. This is Baahleek named land, but now has become unholy. There is no Aarya Dharm here. Daitya Raaj Bali has sent Maayaavee Tripuraasur here, he is increasing the strength of Daitya after getting Var from me. He is A-Yonij and his name is Mahaamad. You should not come in this An-Aarya Desh, you are still pure and clean by my grace." Hearing Shiv Jee Bhoj went back to his own country. Bhoj propagated Sanskrit language for Dwij, and Praakrit language for Shoodra. He ruled for 50 years and in the end attained Swarg Lok. Whatever land is between Vindhya Giri and Himaalaya, it is called Aaryaavart.

Desh Raaj and Vats Raaj etc Kings

Soot Jee further said - "After Bhoj had died, seven kings ruled in his Vansh, but they all were short-lived and less intelligent and died within 300 years. During their ruling period many small kings were there. Veer Sinh was the 7th king in his Vansh. Three kings ruled in Veer Sinh's Vansh, they died within 200 years. The last king, the 10th king, was Gangaa Sinh, he ruled in Kalp Kshetra. Raajaa Jayachand ruled in Kaanyakubj in Antarvedee. Anangpaal of Tomar Vansh was ruling in Indraprasth.

Agni Vansh expanded a lot and many mighty kings were born in that Vansh. In east Kapil Sthaan (Gangaa Saagar), in west Baahleek, in north China and in south Setubandh, in the middle of these borders there were 6,000,000 (60 Lakh) kings were ruling. All people in their kingdoms used to do Agnihotra, wished good of Braahman and cows and good at Dharm acts like Dwaapar Yug. In fact it looked like Dwaapar Yug everywhere. Everybody had lots of wealth and Dharm. Even Mlechchh observed Aarya Dharm. 

Seeing this type of Dhaarmik (religous) conduct of people Kali went in refuge of Hari on Neelaachal Parvat with Mlechchhaa. There he did Tapasyaa for 12 years and had Darshan of Shree Krishn and Raadhaa. He prayed them - "Please protect me. I am in your refuge. In Sat Yug you were of fair complexion, in Tretaa Yug you were of red complexion, in Dwaapar Yug you were of yellow complexion, and in my Yug you are of dark complexion. In spite of being Mlechchh, my sons have accepted Aarya Dharm. In my ruling period gambling, liquor, gold, women should be in every house, but the people born in Agni Vansh have destroyed everything. I am now in your refuge."

Hearing this Krishn said smilingly - "I will incarnate in Mahaavatee as my part Avataar and he will kill those Agni Vanshee kings and establish Mlechchh kings." After saying thus Bhagavaan got disappeared. Kali got very happy. In the future events occurred in such a way that parts of Kaurav were defeated and parts of Paandav won. In the end Prithvee Raaj Chauhaan was killed and Sahoddeen (Muhammad Gauree) handed over his kingdom to his slave Kutuddeen (Kutubuddeen Aibaq)) and went away with lots of wealth after looting it from here.

Bhavishya Puraan
3-Pratisarg, Triteeya Khand, Ends Here



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