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10-Shree Panchamee 

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10-Shree Panchamee Vrat
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-37, p 415-417

Shree Panchamee Vrat
(Chap 37) Yudhishthir said - "Bhagavan, Lakshmee is scarce in this Lok, but what Karm may bring stable Lakshmee? You know everything, please tell me this." Krishn said - "It is heard that Lakshmee was born to Bhrigu's wife Khyaati. Bhrigu married her to Vishnu. Lakshmee was very happy with Vishnu so she used to be kind to everybody. Everybody was very satisfied and world was going in a regular way. When Virochan etc Daitya saw Devtaa's prosperity and happiness, they also started doing Tap and Yagya etc to get Lakshmee. By doing Tap etc Daitya became powerful and the whole world got affected with their atrocities. After a while Devtaa got very proud of Lakshmee and began to lose their Tap etc good conduct. Seeing this Lakshmee went to Daitya and Devtaa became poor.

After a while Daitya also became proud after getting Lakshmee and started saying, "I am Devtaa", "I am Daksh", "I am Braahman", "The whole world is my form only". Seeing this Lakshmee got very sad and she entered Ksheer Saagar. Now all the three Lok became poor.

Then Indra asked their Guru Brihaspati - "Mahaaraaj, Tell us some Vrat by which we can get Lakshmee again." Dev Guru Brihaspati said - "I tell you a very secret Vrat in this regard. If you will observe this, you will surely get your desired thing." Then Brihaspati told him the method of Panchamee Vrat. Indra observed that and got more powerful. Then they thought to get Lakshmee by churning Ksheer Saagar.

So they took the Mandaraachal Parvat as the churning rod, Vaasuki Naag as the churning rope and started churning the ocean. First appeared cool-rayed Chandramaa, then appeared Lakshmee. All Devtaa and Daitya got very happy to see her kind look and behavior. Since Vishnu did this Vrat so Lakshmee married Him, Indra did this Vrat with Raajas feeling so he got the kingdom of Swarg. Daitya did it with Taamas feeling that is why even after getting riches they remained poor."

Yudhishthir asked - "How this Vrat is done? When does it start and how is it finished? tell me everything." Krishn said - "This Vrat should be done in Maargsheersh Maas, on the 5th day of Shukla Paksh. In the morning, after the daily chores, one should start this Vrat. Wearing two clothes, one should do Tarpan for Devtaa and Pitar, then worship Lakshmee. One should have an idol of Lakshmee of gold, or silver, or wood, or even painted picture will do. She should be sitting on lotus flower and take lotus flower in her hand too. Four white white elephants should be giving her bath with golden pitchers (Kalash).

One should worship her with seasonal flowers with these Mantra ( see the Mantra on p 416 ) from her feet to head. Then he should offer her sprouted grains and fruits. He should worship married women with Kumkum and flowers and offer food to them. Then he should give one Prasth (one Ser or 900 grams) rice and one pot full of Ghee to a Braahman. After this worship, he should take his food silently. He should this Vrat every month with these 12 names - Shree, Lakshmee, Kamalaa, Sampat, Ramaa, Naaraayanee, Padmaa, Dhriti, Sthiti, Pushti, Riddhi, and Siddhi pronouncing at the end of the Poojaa like "Shree Preeyataam", "Lakshmee Preeyataam" etc.

In the 12th month, he should make a Mandap (canopy), adorn it with cloth, flower, incense etc and establish the idol of Lakshmee on a throne. Eight pearls, seven grains, wooden shoes, umbrella, some pots, Aasan etc should be kept near it, then he should donate these to a Braahman along with a cow and her calf. One should feed Braahman to his capacity and offer Dakshinaa. In the end one should pray like this. ( see the method of praying on p 417)

Who does this Vrat he lives in Lakshmee Lok with his descendents up to 21 levels. Whoever married woman does it, she gets beauty, prosperity and children.



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