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9-Other Vrat-3 

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9-Other Vrat-3
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-26-36, p 407-415

Anant Triteeyaa Vrat
(Chap 26) Yudhishthir said - "Now you tell me that Vrat by doing which one can get all kinds of pleasure, good health, and Mukti." Krishn said - " Now I tell you the same what Shiv told Paaravtee - the method of worshipping Lalitaa Jee. This Vrat destroys all sins and is the best for women.

In Vaishaakh, Bhadrapad and Maargsheersh Maas, on the 3rd day of Shukla Paksh, take bath with white mustard Ubatan. Put on the Teekaa of mixture of Gorochan, Mothaa, cow's urine, yogurt, Gomaya and sandalwood paste, because this Tilak gives Saubhaagya and health. A married woman should worship wearing a red cloth, widow should worship wearing a saffron colored cloth, and a maiden should worship wearing a while cloth. Bathe her with Panchgavya or only milk, then offer white flowers, fruits, coriander seeds, white cumin seeds, salt, jaggery, milk and Ghee. Worship her with rice and sesame seeds. Worship her on all 3rd days of Shukla Paksh with this method ( see the method on p 406 )

After worshipping, draw a lotus flower with 12 petals and its stem with Kumkum (Rolee). Worship her with white flowers and rice. Worship married women with red clothes, red flower garlands, and red vermilion, apply red vermilion and saffron in their dividing line of hair. In every month use different names, flowers and offer different sweets. Whoever does this Vrat she lives in Shiv Lok for more than hundred Kalp. Even a poor man who does this Vrat, keeps fast, and worships her with only flower and Mantra etc, he also gets the same fruits."

Ras Kalyaanee Triteeyaa
(Chap 26) Krishn Jee said - "I am telling you now another Vrat, that is Ras Kalyaanee Triteeyaa. This destroys every sin. This is done in Maagh Maas, on the 3rd day of Shukla Paksh. In the morning take bath with milk and sesame seed mixed water. Bathe Devee idol with cow's milk and sugar cane juice and worship it with red flowers and Kumkum (Rolee). Then worship it with following method. (see p 407 for the method) Whoever does this Vrat he gets freed from all kinds of sins at the very moment. It gives the fruits of thousands of Agnishtom Yagya. Who even listens to its method and advises to do this Vrat, she also gets freed from sins."

Aardraanand-Karee Triteeyaa Vrat
(Chap 27) Krishn Jee said - "Now I tell you about Aardraanand-Karee Triteeyaa Vrat which gives all kinds of joy is famous in all three Lok. This Vrat should be done whenever there is Poorvaashaadh, Uttaraashaadh, Rohinee or Mrigshiraa Nakshatra (constellation) on any 3rd day (Triteeyaa) of Shukla Paksh of any of the 12 months.

On that day take bath with Kush and sweet smelling water, put on white sandalwood paste, white flower garland and white clothes, establish Shiv Paarvatee idol on a throne. Then worship their all body parts as follows. (see p 408 how to worship) In the end of the year give a pitcher with salt and jaggery, sandalwood, two white clothes, sugar cane, various fruits to a Braahman couple along with a gold idol of Shiv Paarvatee saying "Gauree May Preeyataam". By doing this a man lives in Shiv Lok and never gets any kind of sorrow in this Lok. A woman who does this Vrat, she lives in Gauree Lok with her husband after enjoying pleasures of this world."

Chaitra, Bhaadrapad, and Maagh Shukla Triteeyaa Vrat
(Chap 28) Krishn said - "Now you listen to This Triteeyaa Vrat which gives Saubhaagya, beauty and good son. There were two friends of Paarvatee Jee - Jayaa and Vijayaa. Once some Muni girls asked them - "Tell us how Paarvatee can be pleased?" Jayaa said - "I tell you a Vrat which fulfills all wishes. In Chaitra Maas, on the 3rd day of Shukla Paksh, in the morning after one's daily chores take up this Vrat. Put on Kumkum, red vermilion, red clothes, betel leaf and worship Paarvatee Jee. First build a Mandap (canopy) and a Vedee of one arm long and wide under it. Worship Devtaa and Pitar and worship Paarvatee Jee with these eight names - Paarvatee, Lalitaa, Gauree, Gaandhaaree, Shaankaree, Shivaa, Umaa and Satee. Offer her various flowers, fruits, sweets, household items and sing her songs. Take bath at Pradosh time (during 150 minutes - 75 minutes before and 75 minutes after the sunset) and worship Paarvatee again. Do Havan with Ghee mixed sesame seeds. Offer betel leaf, Kumkum (red vermillion), and flowers to married women. After morning bath, one should do Tulaa Daan of any material like jaggery, salt, Kumkum etc and for Devee's forgiveness. Feed Braahman and married women, distribute Prasaad.

In the same way, this Vrat should be done in Bhaadrapad Maas. In this month an idol of Umaa should be made of seven grains and should be worshipped. In this Vrat cow's urine should be taken. This Vrat gives excellent beauty. In Maagh Maas one should do Tulaa Daan with Kund (Belaa) flowers and worship Ganesh Jee on next day. Whoever does Tulaa Daan with this method no girl becomes widow in her family and no bad son is born ever. If any maiden does it and worships Braahman she gets desired Var and enjoys pleasures."

Aanantarya Triteeyaa Vrat
(Chap 29) Krishn Jee said - "Now I tell you about Aanantarya Vrat, although Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh have told that this Vrat is secret. Begin this Vrat in Maargsheersh Maas, on the 3rd day of Shukla Paksh. One should not eat the previous night, and do fasting on the 3rd day. Worship Umaa and offer the Prasaad of Pooree and sugar. She herself should eat yogurt. Next morning feed a Braahman couple. Whoever woman does this Vrat this method, she gets the fruits of whole Ashwamedh Yagya. Thus she should do this Vrat for all the 3rd days of the year (all Vrat are done indifferent ways - see p 410-413 for details ) Whoever, man or a woman, does this Vrat he or she goes to Gandharv Lok, Dev Lok and Vishnu Lok, then is born as a king. The woman who does this Vrat becomes his queen and enjoys all kinds of pleasures.

Akshaya Triteeyaa Vrat
(Chap 30-33) Krishn Jee said - "Mahaaraaj, Now you listen to Akshaya Triteeyaa Vrat. It falls in Vaishaakh Maas, on the 3rd day of Shukla Paksh. Whatever is done today - Snaan (bath), Daan (donation), Jap, Havan, self study, Tarpan etc, they all become immortal. (see the note on Vishnu Poojaa here) Sat Yug was also started on this day that is why it is called Krit Yug Triteeyaa. This destroys all kinds of sins and gives all kinds of comforts.

There is a story about this - there lived a truthful religious Vaishya in Shaakal city. One day he heard in a Kathaa that if somebody donates something on Vaishaakh Shukla Triteeyaa, especially falling on Wednesday and Rohinee Nakshatra, then that donation becomes immortal. So he did Tarpan on that day and after coming home he donated a pitcher full of water, grains, Sattoo, yogurt, black gram, wheat, jaggery, sugar cane, sugar, gold etc to Braahman. His wife used to obstruct him doing so but he always donated something on that day. After some time he died. He was reborn in Kushaavatee (Dwaarakaa) city and became the king of that city. He had lots of wealth and he again did many Yagya with much Dakshinaa. This was his previous life's fruit. Its fruit is thus immortal.

Now you listen about how to do this Vrat - all kinds of juices, grains, honey, water filled pitchers, all kinds of fruits, shoes, land, gold, etc should be given to Braahman. No Karm is destroyed done on this day that is why Muni have named it Akshaya Triteeyaa.

Shaanti Vrat
(Chap 34) Krishn Jee said - "Mahaaraaj, Now I tell you about Shaanti Vrat in Panchamee Kalp which is the giver of all kinds of Shaanti (peace) to householders. From Kaartik Maas, from the 5th day of Shukla Paksh till one year one should not eat sour things. Eat only one time and worship Vishnu Bhagavaan on Shesh Naag with these following Mantra. (see the Mantra on p 414) Then bathe Him with milk and do Havan with sesame seed. When the year is over, make a gold idol of Vishnu and Shesh Naag and donate it to Braahman along with a cow with its calf, a Kaansaa pot full of Kheer, two clothes and gold to his capacity. Offer food to him and thus end the Vrat. Who does this Vrat he is always at peace and has no fear from Naag.

Saraswatee Vrat
(Chap 35-36) Krishn Jee said - "Listen to now Saraswatee Vrat which gives Saubhaagya, knowledge, no separation from dear ones and long life. Saraswatee is pleased even if somebody hears about this Vrat. One should start this in Chaitra Maas, on the 5th day of Shukla Paksh on Sunday. On this day ask a Braahman to do Swasti-vaachan and worship Gaayatree with incense, white flower garland, white rice, white cloth and pray with the following Mantra. (see the Mantra on p 414) After this take food quietly. On every 5th day of Shukla Paksh one should do Poojaa of married women and give them sesame seeds and rice, Ghee pot, milk and gold saying "Gaayatree Preeyataam". In the evening keep quiet. Thus one should do this Vrat for one year. At the end of the Vrat give a pot full of rice, two white clothes, cow with calf, and sandalwood. Whatever grains, bell, canopy are for Devee, they should also be given to Braahman. Worship Guru also with clothes, money and garland. Whoever does this Vrat he becomes a poet like Ved Vyaas.



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