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4-Maanav Sarg

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4-Creation of Maanav Sarg
2Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti Khand, p 10-12

Creation of Maanav Sarg

Bheeshm asked - "Hey Muni, Now I wish to hear about the creation of Maanav Sarg." Pulastya Muni said - "Brahmaa created human beings in four Varn - Braahman from his mouth, Kshatriya from his chest, Vaishya from his thighs and Shoodra from his feet for the purpose of Yagya. When people do Yagya, Devtaa are satisfied, and make rains available to them. Thus the population created by Brahmaa used to live wherever it wished. All had clean hearts, and were holy by nature. Then people started working for their living. There were 17 types of rural grains - rice, barley, wheat, small grains, sesame seeds, Kanganee, Jwaar, buckwheat, Chenaa, black gram (Urad), green gram (Moong), lentils (Masoor), peas, Kulathee, Arahar, and Chanaa (red gram), San (from which ropes are made).

There are 14 grains, both rural and wild combined, which are good for Yagya, they are - eight rural grains (rice, barley, black gram (Urad), wheat, fine grains, sesame seeds, Kanganee and Kulathee), and six wild grains (Sanvaa - a kind of very small rice, Tinnee rice, Vantil, Gavedhu, Venuyav, and maize). They are the principal grains for Yagya and in turn Yagya is the means to produce them.

Brahmaa created people first only by his intention, but this creation did not expand much, so he produced nine Maanas Putra - Bhrigu, Pulah, Kratu, Angiraa, Mareechi, Daksh, Atri, Vashishth and me. He produced four sons before these nine sons, but they did not desire to produce sons. At this Brahmaa got angry with them. And in this angry mood Rudra appeared from his forehead. His half body was male and another half was female. Brahmaa went away after instructing him to divide his body in two parts, so he separated his male and female parts. Then he divided his male part in 11 parts and female part also in several parts. His all parts were of different complexions.

Then Brahmaa appointed Swaayambhuv as the first Manu who was born from him in his form only. Manu accepted Shataroopaa as his wife. They had two sons - Priyavrat and Uttaanpaad; and two daughters - Prasooti and Aakooti. Prasooti was married to Daksh, and Aakooti was married to Ruchi Prajaapati.

Daksh produced 24 daughters from Prasooti - (1) Shraddhaa, (2) Lakshmee, (3) Dhriti, (4) Pushti, (5) Tushti, (6) Medhaa, (7) Kriyaa, (8) Buddhi, (9) Lajjaa, (10) Vapu, (11) Shaanti, (12) Siddhi and (13) Keerti. These 13 daughters were married to Dharm. The 11 daughters, younger to them, were - (1) Khyaati, (2) Satee, (3) Sambhooti, (4) Smriti, (5) Preeti, (6) Kshamaa, (7) Sannati, (8) Anasooyaa, (9) Oorjaa, (10) Swaahaa, and (11) Swadhaa. Among them (1) Khyaati, (2) Satee, (3) Sambhooti, (4) Smriti, (5) Preeti, (6) Kshamaa, (7) Sannati, (8) Anasooyaa, and (9) Oorjaa nine daughters were married to Bhrigu (Khyaati), Shiv (Satee), Mareechi (Sambhooti), Angiraa (Smriti), me (Preeti), Pulah (Kshamaa), Kratu (Sannati), Atri (Anasooyaa), Vashishth (Oorjaa). Swaahaa was married to Agni and Swadhaa was married to Pitar.

(1) Shraddha produced Kaam
(2) Lakshmee produced Darp
(3) Dhriti produced Niyam
(4) Pushti produced Lobh
(5) Tushti produced Santosh
(6) Medhaa produced Shrut
(7) Kriyaa produced Dand, Naya, and Vinaya
(8) Buddhi produced Bodh
(9) Lajjaa produced Vinaya
(10) Vapu produced Vyavasaay
(11) Shaanti produced Kshem
(12) Siddhi produced Sukh
(13) Keerti produced Yash

They are all Dharm's sons. Bhrigu and Khyaati had a daughter Lakshmee who is the wife of Naaraayan. Rudra and Satee had no children as Satee burned herself in the Yagya of her father.

Adharm's wife's name is Hinsaa. They had a son named Anrit and a daughter Nikriti. Both had Bhaya and Narak named sons and Maayaa and Vedanaa named daughters. Bhaya and Maayaa gave birth to Mrityu named son; and  Narak and Vedanaa had the son named Dukh. 

Mrityu had Vyaadhi, Jaraa, Shok, Trishnaa, and Krodh named sons. They have no wife and no sons. All are Brahmchaaree and are the terrible forms of Brahmaa. These are the causes of Nitya Pralaya in the world."



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