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1-Srishti Khand

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5-Saagar Manthan

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5-Saagar Manthan
2-Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti Khand, p 12-14
See also 3-Vishnu Puraan, 1/3;    5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 8/3

Saagar Manthan

Bheeshm asked - "Hey Muni, I have heard that Lakshmee Jee has appeared from Ksheer Saagar, and you are saying that Lakshmee was born to Bhrigu's wife Khyaati?" Pulastya Muni said - "I have also heard that Lakshmee is born from Samudra. Once upon a time, Daitya and Daanav invaded Devtaa and defeated them in that battle. Devtaa went to Brahmaa Jee and told their plight. Brahmaa Jee took them to Vishnu on the northern shore of Ksheer Saagar and prayed Him. He said - "I will certainly help you. You do what I say to you now. You, along with Daitya, bring all kinds of herbs and drop them in Ksheer Saagar. Then you use Mandaraachal Parvat as churning rod, Vaasuki Naag as churning rope and churn the sea and get Amrit out of the sea. I will help you in extracting Amrit from it. After drinking Amrit you will be immortal."

Then all Devtaa and Daitya started making efforts to extract Amrit from the sea. All brought all kinds of herbs and dropped them in Ksheer Saagar. They used Mandarachal Parvat as their churning rod and Vaasuki Naag as their churning rope and started churning the sea. Devtaa held the tail side of Naag and Daitya stood at the head of Vaasuki Naag. Vaasuki was breathing fast and was emanating poison so Daitya became weaker. Brahmaa and Mahaadev were holding Mandaraachal. Vishnu assumed the form of Kashchap (tortoise) and was supporting the Parvat from its base. Thus Shree Hari was present among Devtaa and Daanav in the form of Koorm (Kashchap or tortoise).

First of all Surabhi (Kaamdhenu) cow appeared from the sea. Then appeared Vaarunee Devee. Considering her unholy, Devtaa abandoned her, so she went to Daitya and Daitya took her. Then appeared Paarijaat tree (Kalp Vriksh) which was taken by Devtaa. Then appeared 600 million (60 Crore) Apsaraa who were for both Devtaa and Daanav, and who go to Swarg after doing Punya, they can also enjoy them. Then appeared Chandramaa. Shiv took him and adorned him on his head in his hair. After him appeared Kaalkoot Vish (poison). Shiv took it willingly. He did not drink it, rather he kept it in his throat which made his throat blue and since then he is known as Neelkanth. Some poison remained from Shiv, it was taken by Naag etc. Then appeared Dhanvantari carrying a pot of Amrit. Then appeared Uchchshraivaa horse and Airaavat elephant Then appeared Lakshmee.

Maharshi worshipped her with uttering Sookts. Saagar presented her with a lotus flower garland whose flowers never faded. Vishwakarmaa put on ornaments on every part of her body. Devtaa longed to have her, but Brahmaa gave her to Vishnu pleased with Him on completing Saagar Manthan. She entered His heart saying - "Hey Dev, Do not leave me any time. I will always live in your heart."

As Lakshmee abandoned Daitya, they became very angry and they snatched the Amrit pot from Dhanvantari's hands. Shree Hari assuming the form of a beautiful woman (Mohinee Avataar) attracted Daitya and asked the pot of Amrit. Daitya got attracted towards her and gave that pot to her in a mesmerized way. Mohinee gave that Amrit to Devtaa, they drank it immediately. Seeing this Daitya got ready to fight with them, but by then Devtaa had already became immortal. They defeated Daitya and went back to Swarg Lok happily.

Soorya's rays became clear and he started his journey on his own path. Agni Dev also shone beautifully and all human beings started their religious duties. Thus although Lakshmee has appeared from Saagar, and she is eternal, still once she was born from Bhrigu's wife Khyaati."



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