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3-Varaah Avataar

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3-Varaah Avataar
2-Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti Khand, p 7-12
see also    5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 3/7

Varaah Avataar and Creation

Bheeshm Jee asked - "Hey Muni, Tell me how Brahmaa created this world in the beginning of this Kalp?" Pulastya Muni said - "Hey Bheeshm, When Brahmaa got up after his sleep, he found all Lok empty. He came to know that Prithvi had sunk in water, so he thought to bring it up. He assumed the form of a Varaah and entered the water. As Prithvi saw Brahmaa Jee coming in Paataal Lok, she said - "Please get me out of here. You have created me, so only you take me out of here." Then Varaah lifted her on his sharp teeth and proceeded upward. Rishi started praying him. Varaah brought her up and established her on the water of the ocean as a boat looks floating in water.

He divided Prithvi in seven Dweep (islands) and created all four Lok - Bhoo Lok, Bhuvar Lok, Swar Lok and Mahar Lok. He then requested Bhagavaan - "To whoever Asur I have given Var, you kill them now for the good of Devtaa. Besides whatever I will create, you sustain that." Vishnu said - "So be it" and went away. Then Brahmaa started his creation.

1. Mahat Tattwa is the first creation of Brahmaa. 
2. Then the appearance of Tanmaatraa is his second creation. It is called Bhoot Sarg (creation) also.
3. Creation of Indriyaan through Vaikaarik (Saatwik) Ahankaar is said to be his third creation. It is called Aindriya Sarg.

These three Sargs come under Praakrit Sarg which was created through A-Buddhi (naturally).
The next five Sarg (creations) are called Vaikrit Sarg.

4. The fourth one is Mukhya Sarg in which he created mountains, trees etc immovable things.
5. The fifth one is Tiryak Yoni creatures - animals, birds, worms, flying worms etc.
6. After this comes Oordhwaretaa Sarg - Devtaa etc. It is called Dev Sarg also.
7. The seventh creation is of talking creatures, that is human beings. It is called Maanav Sarg.
8. The eighth Sarg is Anugrah Sarg. This Sarg is Saattwik as well as Taamas.
9. The ninth Sarg is called Kaumaar Sarg which is Praakrit as well as Vaikrit.

Thus Brahmaa created these Praakrit and Vaikrit nine Sarg.

All movable and immovable things and creatures are created by Brahmaa Jee. They are born according to their previous Karm. He creates all these in the beginning of every Kalp." Bheeshm said - "I wish to hear this Maanav Sarg in detail."



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