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1-Early Life

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1-Hanumaan's Early Life

Hanumaan is mainly a Raamaayan character, although he appears in Mahaabhaarat also very briefly. First we meet Hanumaan in Kishkindhaa Kaand when Sugreev asks him to find about Raam and Lakshman, lest they were sent by Baali to kill him. Hanumaan was one of the ministers of Sugreev. His father's name was Kesaree and mother's name was Anjanee. Kesaree used live on Sumeru Parvat. Hanumaan is also known as "Bajarang Balee", "Bajarangee", "Mahaaveer". When he grew up he studied Shaastra from Soorya Dev.

Although Hanumaan took the vow to remain lifelong Brahmchaaree (bachelor), but as the legend goes on: he has a son named Makaradhwaj: How? When Hanumaan jumped into the sea to put out his own tail's fire after setting fire to Lankaa, a drop of his sweat fell in the sea which was swallowed by a fish. When that fish was brought to Ahiraavan's kitchen, she gave birth to a son. His name was Makaradhwaj. He helped his father to save Raam and Lakshman from Ahiraavan's place. (see Hanumaan Again Saves Raam and Lakshman)

Birth of Hanumaan
See also    Birth of Hanumaan

Dev Guru Brihaspati had an attendant named Punjikaasthalee Apsaraa.  Once he gave her Shaap to assume the body of a female monkey. Later he relaxed this Shaap that "the Shaap will be over when she would give birth to Shiv's Avataar". So she was born as Anjanee in Mahaatmaa Kunjar Vaanar's house, got married to Vaanar Kesaree on Shring Parvat, and lived with him with purity. The Vaalmeeki Raamaayan, (Yuddh Kaand) states that Kesaree is the son of Dev Guru Brihaspati and that Kesaree also fought on Raam's side in the war against Raavan. This means that Guru is the grandfather of Hanumaan. After the marriage, both did severe Tap to please Shiv Jee and asked him the Var to have his incarnation as her son so that she can become free from the Shaap of Brihaspati Jee (her father-in-law).

Since she could take any form at her wish, once she was roaming around wearing yellow silken clothes with red border on a mountain. Vaayu Dev saw her and lifted her clothes. He found her beautiful, so he hugged her dearly. Anjanee felt the hug, so she said - "Who is that who is trying to break my vow of Paativrat (one man one wife) Dharm?"

Hearing this Vaayu Dev said - "I am not breaking your Paativrat so you need not to fear me. I am the all-permeable Vaayu Dev. My hug will give you a brave and mighty son. That son will be like me in jumping and swimming etc." Anjanee got very happy to hear this from Vaayu Dev. Then Hanumaan was born to her in a cave.

When Dasharath, the King of Ayodhyaa, was doing Yagya to get a son; and Agni Dev gave him a pot of Charu (Divine Kheer), a bird took out some Charu from it and while flying over a forest dropped it. Pavan Dev helped putting it in outstretched hands of Anjanee, and Anjanee ate it soon. After that she gave birth to Hanumaan. Thus Hanumaan was the incarnation of Shiv (incarnate of 11th Rudra), in a monkey's physical form through the grace and blessings of Pavan Dev. Anjanee and Kesaree were his earthly parents. As Hanumaan was born to Anjanee, she was released from the Shaap. Then she wanted to go to Heaven. Hanumaan asked his mother as what would happen to him and how he would live on Prithvi? She said - "Don't worry. You will never be destroyed and fruits as ripe as rising Sun will be your food."

Hanumaan has two brothers -
Bheem, the son of Kuntee and Pavan Dev; and
Madhwaachaarya - born in 1236 AD, near Udippee. The reason he is referred to as Madhwaa is that he is universally recognized, even by his opponents, as the third Avataar of Mukhya Praan, also known as Vaayu, as referred to in the Balittha Sookt of the Rig Ved.

Different Birth Dates

He was born on Chaitra Poornimaa on a Tuesday in Mool Nakshatra, near Tryambakeshwar, Maharashtra. On this day, in a Hanuman temple spiritual discourses are started at dawn. Since Hanuman was born at sunrise, at that time the spiritual discourse is stopped and the offering of food (Prasad) is distributed to everyone.

--In UP and Mahaaraashtra Hanumaan Jayantee is celebrated on the Poornimaa of Chaitra month.
--According to some religious Panchaang (almanac) his birthday falls on the 14th day of the dark fortnight of the Aashwin month.
--In Tamilnaadu and Kerala, the Hanuman Jayantee is celebrated in the month of Margazhi (normally comes between December 16 to January 14, perhaps Hindi Maagh month). There it is believed that Hanuman or Aanjaneya was born in Mool Nakshatra, on the Amaaasyaa day (New Moon) in the month of Margazhi.
--In Aandhra, Hanumaan Jayantee is celebrated on the 10th day of Bahulaa Paksh in the month of Vaishaakh. It is good to Paaraayan of Hanumaan Chaaleesaa on this auspicious day.

Place of Hanumaan's Birth

Hanumaan's birth place is much debated. According to one view, the place of birth of Hanumaan is Aanjan. Aanjan is a small village about 18 km away from Gumla via Toto. The name of the village has been derived from the name of goddess Anjanee, the mother of Hanumaan. Aanjanee Gufaa (cave), 4 km from the village, is believed to be the place where Anjanee once lived. Many objects of archaeological importance obtained from this place have been placed at Patana Museum.

Another view is that Hanuman was born on Aanjaneya Hill, in Hampee, Karnaatak, near the Rishyamook Mountain on the banks of the Pampaa, where Sugreev and Shree Raam met. There is a temple there that marks the spot.

Boons to Hanumaan 

Hanumaan is considered a great Gyaanee (learned), Yogee and a born Brahmchaaree. He has been blessed by Seetaa Jee as Chiranjeevee, one who lives eternally. The blessings of Shiv, Vishnu, Brahmaa, Soorya, Indra, Varun and Vaayu etc Devtaa made him invincible. He is the great lover of music and also mastered the Sanskrit language. Being the Yogaachaarya, Hanumaan is considered as an embodiment of the four Yog. His strength, valor, prowess, will power, memory, balanced emotions, sharp intellect, fearlessness, and noble actions were perfectly refined and grounded in spirituality. Hanumaan is endowed with 28 transcendental Divine opulence, with perfection in each. One among the divine opulence is enlarging and diminishing in size. None in the world can equal Hanumaan.

He had only one thought in his mind - that was of serving his Raam with utmost humility, sincerity and devotion. He serves, protects and inspires the devotees of Raam. He holds the flag with fish symbols. Hanumaan Chaaleesaa praises the selfless service, courage, humble disposition, and foremost devotion shown by Hanumaan towards Shree Raam. He is especially so because he is born with the power of Rudra and with "Daasya Bhaav Bhakti" to Raam. That is why he always presents himself with folded hands in prayer wherever and whenever the holy name of Shree Raam is recited. He always loves to hear "Shree Raam Jaya Raam Jaya Jaya Raam". Just chant "Shree Raam Jaya Raam Jaya Jaya Raam" Mantra 108 times and pray to Hanumaan. Here's how to recite one of his most popular chants and Mantra, the Hanuman Chaaleesaa.

Hanumaan Eats Soorya and Obtains Many Boons

Once he was lying in a swing that he felt hungry. He saw upward and saw the red rising Sun. As he being the son of Pavan Dev, already had the power of flying, so thinking the rising Sun as his food, Hanumaan took only one leap and came near the Sun. Devtaa got surprised to see him running like this because his speed was faster than Garud Jee. Seeing his son running towards the Sun, Pavan covered him with cold air to protect him from Sun's heat. He came to the Sun with his own might. Soorya also didn't burn him considering a brave child.

Hanumaan was only 1,600 miles far from the Sun, it was Amaavasyaa day, that he saw Raahu who wanted to eat Soorya, so he climbed up the Soorya's chariot and hit Raahu with his foot. Raahu came to Indra and said - "You gave me Soorya and Chandra to eat, but then why did you send another Raahu to eat Soorya?" Indra got very surprised to hear this and said - "I have not sent any other Raahu to eat Soorya. What are you talking about?" And he came there where Soorya was, following Raahu. Seeing Raahu coming, Hanumaan took him also as fruit and ran to eat him. Raahu again ran back to Indra, so Indra came forward to rescue him. Now Hanumaan saw Airaavat elephant, he took him also as a fruit so he ran to eat it also. Indra didn't get angry at him but just touched his Vajra (thunderbolt) to his chin softly. This broke his left side of chin and he fell unconscious. Seeing this Pavan Dev got very angry and he stopped all his movements in all beings, took Hanumaan to Paataal Lok (nether worlds) and sat down in a cave carrying his son Hanumaan in his lap.

Because of no movements of air all beings got lifeless, then all Devtaa went to Brahmaa Jee and told about this. Brahmaa Jee said - "Indra has hit Pavan's son with his Vajra that is why Pavan has stopped all his movements, so let us go to Pavan Dev. Brahmaa Jee found Pavan sitting in a cave with his son in his lap. Seeing Brahmaa Jee coming to him, Pavan greeted him. Brahmaa Jee gave life to Hanumaan by touching him. Seeing his son alive, Pavan also started flowing.

Brahmaa Jee said to all Devtaa - "This Putra of Pavan will do your work, so bestow him with Vardaan." Indra took off his lotus flower garland and gave it to Hanumaan and said - "Because my Vajra's hit broke your chin (Hanu), that is why you will be called Hanumaan from today. I give you one more Var that you wouldn't die with my Vajra." Soorya gave him his 1/4th part of his grace and said - "When he will come to the age to learn Shaastra, I will teach him Shaastra."

Varun bestowed him with millions of years of age and said - "He should not be afraid of water and my Paash." Yam Raaj said - "My Kaal Dand will not be able to kill you, and you will always be healthy." Kuber said - "My Gadaa will not be able to kill you." Shiv Jee said - "He cannot be killed by my weapons." And in the last Brahmaa Jee said - "You will not be killed by Brahm Dand. And Hey Pavan, Nobody will be able to win your son in war, and he will be able to go anywhere. Brave Hanumaan will almost defeat Raavan in the war and will do wonderful actions to please Raam." Thus Hanumaan got powers from all Devtaa.

Hanumaan and His Education: Hanumaan the Student of Soorya

The word "Kapi" also means 'Sun...'; kam=water; pi=drinker, so Kapi means drinker of waters... that is the Sun. Sun, monkey, elephant are all the meanings of Kapi. As the Sun drinks waters only to give rains later, Hanumaan drinks Raam Ras Amrit to shower wisdom..., may it be Sugreev, Angad or Seetaa. Hanumaan is the student of a Guru no less than Sun-god - He learned Shaastra from Soorya himself. On ascertaining that nobody is prepared to teach him scriptures, as he was a fickle monkey, he approached Sun. As Sun is an all-knowing teacher, Karm Saakshee, an eternal witness of all deeds. Hanumaan, raised his body to solar orbit and requested Sun to accept being his teacher.

Note: In fact he was blessed by the Sun that the Sun would teach Shaastra to Hanumaan when he came to the age of learning them.

Sun expressed his problem saying, " Look, It is not possible for me to stop in-between while teaching you because this will create havoc in the Universe. I am ever on my wheels, where can I be standstill to teach you leisurely, I have my unending duty to perform..." and thus continued his solar traversal. But Hanumaan was not scared of this. He was very mighty. So he got his lessons facing Soorya, at the same time going backwards, traversing the sky with the speed of Soorya, always facing his Guru. He enhanced his body, placing one leg on the Eastern mountain range and the other on the Western one, and face turned toward the traveling Sun, again requested him, saying "My face will always be towards you, in whichever orbit you go, but teach me... oh! God..." Pleased by the pertinence of Hanumaan, Sun taught all the scriptures to Hanumaan. Within a short period of 60 hours Hanumaan had attained all knowledge of scriptures.

The Sun was very pleased the way Hanumaan got his education and considered it his Guru Dakshinaa, but Hanumaan wanted to give him something more. Then Soorya asked him to assist his son Sugreev who was living in Kishkindhaa Nagaree by being his minister and a constant companion. Hanumaan agreed to it. So Hanumaan was also a witness to all the happenings in Raamaayan, like Sun, and also performed whatever duty was assigned to him. Even today any student is asked to adore Hanumaan, to obtain such a stubborn health, enduring education, and above all a reverential scholarship.

Rishi's Shaap to Hanumaan

Apart from trying to snatch Sun-fruit Hanumaan used to trouble to sages and hermits too. He was warned several times but he was so proud of his powers that he didn't listen to anybody. He used to tease and tickle the sages by snatching away their personal belongings, by spoiling their well arranged worship articles etc. Knowing that Hanumaan is indomitable by the blessings of Brahmaa and Indra and all the celestials, a severe punishment was uncalled for, and as he was only a simple little monkey, thereby Angiraa Rishi gave him a minor curse.

The curse was that "Hanumaan should not remember his might on his own, but may recollect them whenever anybody else reminds him about it..". If Hanumaan were to be aware of his own might, the course of Raamaayan would have been otherwise. He would have simply enlarged his body and brought the whole Lanka island to Raam, as he lifted the whole "Sanjeevanee" mountain, to enliven Lakshman in the war with Raavan's son, Indrajeet. So this was a necessary curse upon Hanumaan. Hence Jaambvaan had to remind Hanumaan about his power at this time.

Besides, if he remembered his powers before, Sugreev would not have to suffer so much as he suffered. Hanumaan could have killed Baali very easily and got Sugreev's kingdom back to him. Since he was under Rishi's curse, he did not remember his powers and thus was an ordinary monkey.

Hanumaan's Names

Hanumaan is known by many names -

Aanjaneya - Son of Anjanee
Anjanee Putra - Son of Anjanee
Anjanee Sut - Son of Anjanee
Bajarang Balee - Whose body is made of Vajra and is mighty too
Bajarangee -
Hanumaan - Given by Indra after he hit him with his Vajra and it made a dent on his chin
Kesaree Nandan - Son of Kesaree
Langdaa Veer - Lame warrior (read this story Hanumaan Brings Herb)
Mahaaveer - Great warrior
Panchmukhaa - Who has five faces
Pavan Kumaar - Son pf Pavan
Pavan-Putra - Son of Pavan
Pavan Sut - Son of Pavan
Pavan Tanaya - Son of Pavan
Sankat Mochan - Who removes all kinds of difficulties
Shankar Suvan - Who is the incarnation of Shiv


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