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Who Lived and Ruled for How Many Years
In Indian mythology many people lived for many thousands of years, people in Kali Yug cannot even think about it.

(1) Hiranyakashyap          -   ruled for 730 million years.

(2) Dhruv (Uttaanpaad's son) -  ruled for 36,000 years.

(3) Raajaa Bali                    -  ruled for 21 million years

(4) Alark
In Chandra Vansh, Pururavaa's son was Aayu, Aayu's son was Khatravriddh, Kshatravriddh's son was Suhotra.
Suhotra -> Kaashya -> Kaasheya -> Deerghtapaa -> Dhavantari -> Ketumaan -> Bheemarath -> Divodaas -> Pratardan -> Alark
Alark ruled for 66,000 years in his young age.
[Vishnu Puraan, 4/7Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/10]

(5) Nahush's son Yayaati - ruled for 80,000 years (In Pururavaa's Vansh)

(6) Yayaati's youngest son Puru ruled for 100,000 years

(6) Bharat (Dushyant's son) - ruled for 27,000 years.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/12]
Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg-3, p 276-278 says that he ruled for 36,000 years

(7) Arjun (Kritveerya's son) - enjoyed pleasures for 85,000 years 
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/14]

(8) Dasharath
It is said that Raajaa Dasharath got his children in his fourth (means last period) of his life. Everybody knows that Raam went with Vishwaamitra at the age of 16 years just for a few days. At he same time He was married to Seetaa. After getting married, He lived in Ayodhyaa only for 13 years and after that went to forest. So He was about 29 years old when He went to forest and within a couple days Dasharath Jee died. It means he lived only 29-30 years more after getting his children. V-Raamaayan says that he got his children at the age of 66,000 years.
[V-Raamaayan, 1/6/20]

(9) Raam (Dasharath's son) - ruled for 13,000 years.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/6]    [V-Raamaayan, 7/20/51] says that He  ruled for 10,000 years.

Kings who Fought in Dev-Asur War
(1) Dasharath -
A king in Soorya Vansh. Ikshwaaku >> Sagar >> Rituparn >> Saudaas (Kalmaashpaad) >> Khatwaang >> Dasharath. Where he gave two Var to his youngest queen Kaikeyee.

(2) Khatwaang -
A king in Soorya Vansh. Ikshwaaku >> Sagar >> Rituparn >> Saudaas (Kalmaashpaad) >> Khatwaang. He also helped Devtaa in fighting with Asur. When Devtaa asked him to ask for a Var, he wanted to know his remaining age. Devtaa said, "One Muhoort (half an hour) time". Khatwaang immediately came to Earth from Swarg Lok and with his Yog power he left his physical body and got Parampad.   [Vishnu Puraan, 4/4, Bhaagvat Puraan, ]

(3) Puranjaya -
A king in Soorya Vansh. Ikshwaaku > Shashaad > Puranjaya. He fought with Asur and killed them riding on the back of Indra who assumed the form of a bull to make him sit on his back.

(4) Raji -
A King in Chandra Vansh, Pururavaa's grandson. Pururavaa > Aayu > Raji. In one Dev-Asur war both Asur and Devtaa went to Brahmaa Jee and asked as who would win that war. Brahmaa Jee said - "Whoever will have Raji on on his side, they will win war." So Asur went to ask for his help. He asked them to regard him as their Indra after he had defeated Devtaa, but Asur said - "Our Indra is Prahlaad Jee and we fight for him only." Then Devtaa went to ask his help. He asked Devtaa the same thing "to regard him as their Indra after he had defeated Asur". Devtaa agreed for it. When he had killed all Asur, Indra said to him tactfully - "You are the best in Tri-Lok, you have saved us from Asur so you are our father and I am your son." Hearing this he smilingly left Swarg for Indra.

(5) Muchukund -
A king in Soorya Vansh. He also helped Devtaa in Dev-Asur war. When Devtaa had got victory, to show his gratitude to the King, Indra asked him to ask for any boon. Muchukund asked him to have Darshan of Bhagvaan's Chaturbhuj Roop. Indra said - "You will see His Chaturbhuj Roop, but you will have to wait for it." The King asked - "Then what should I do till then?" Indra told him to sleep in a cave. Muchukund asked him if somebody woke him up then?" Indra said - "He will burn to ashes as soon as you will look at him." He slept in the cave and in Dwaapar Yug he had the Darshan of Krishn's Chatubhuj Roop. After that he went to his Lok.



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