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Who Suffered in Playing Dice Game
There are some incidents where when people played dice game suffered a lot of loss -

(1) Paandav with Kaurav
Paandav and Kaurav played the dice game and Paandav had to lose because of Duryodhan and Shakuni's cheating tricks. They had to go to forest for 12 years, and spend an additional one year as Agyaatvaas (incognito).

(2) Nal with Pushkar
Both, Nal and his brother Pushkar, played dice game and Nal lost his everything so he had to leave his kingdom. He wandered in the forest for quite some time. Later he learned dice game tricks from Raajaa Rituparn and again played the game with Pushkar and won his everything but he returned it all to him.

(3) Rukmee with Balaraam
When Rukmee, Rukminee's brother, played dice game with Balaraam, Rukmee got defeated and was killed by Balaraam because of cheating.

Who Had Thousand Arms?
Only two people had 1,000 arms in our Indian mythology :-

(1) Sahastraarjun
His name was Arjun but because of getting 1,000 arms he became known as Sahastraarjun, or Sahasbaahu. Being the son of Kritveerya, he was called Kaartveerya Arjun also. He pleased Dattaatreya and got these arms. Parashuraam destroyed his pride.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/9]

(2) Baanaasur
Another name is of Baanaasur. He got his arms from Shiv Jee. Krishn cut his all arms, except two, at the time of His grandson Aniruddh's marriage to Baanaasur's daughter Ushaa.

(3) Raavan
Raavan didn't have 1,000 arms, but he also had an unusual number of arms and heads - 20 arms and 10 heads. Sahastraarjun and Baanaasur got their arms through Var (boon), but he was born with them. The specialty of his arms and heads was that whenever they were cut another new ones used to replace them

Who and Who Gave Shaap to Devtaa?
Is it not surprising to know that who is greater than Vishnu who could give Shaap to Vishnu? Yes, there are some, then who? And there are some others gave Shaap to other Devtaa

(1) Naarad Jee to Vishnu
Naarad Jee gave Shaap to Vishnu when He gave him monkey's face, so that His Maayaa princess cannot marry him. As soon as Naarad Jee came to know about this, he gave Shaap to Vishnu - "You also be born on Prithvi, suffer with wife's separation, and get help from monkeys only." With this Shaap Vishnu incarnated as Raam on Prithvi, suffered with wife's separation (Raavan abducted her), and got help from Vaanar to get Seetaa back.
[From Tulasee's Maanas, Baal Kaand]

(2) Bhrigu to Vishnu
Once Asur came in the shelter of Bhrigu with the desire to live as in Dev-Asur war they used to be killed. Bhrigu had known Sanjeevanee Vidyaa so he could make them live again. Bhrigu's wife was about to Shaap to Vishnu that Vishnu cut her throat and killed her. At This Bhrigu gave Him Shaap that "You incarnate on Prithvi ten times." Since then Vishnu has been taking Avataar on Prithvi. His last Avataar was of Buddh, and the last, the 10th Avataar will be Kalki Avataar in the end of Kali Yug.

(3) Daksh to Naarad Jee
This Shaap was not to Vishnu, but to Naarad Jee. Daksh Jee gave this Shaap to him when he ordered his children to produce children to increase the population of the world. Naarad Jee met them and preached them Bhaagvat Dharm. Hearing that they went to forest. Daksh again produced children and again asked them to produce children but Naarad Jee again preached the same to them. This time Daksh could not tolerate and gave Shaap to him - "You have behaved wickedly with us, you also wander in all Lok and you will not get one place to stay." Since Naarad Jee has been wandering in all Lok and cannot stay at one place.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/2]

(4) Maandavya Muni to Dharm Raaj
Once some thieves stole some money from a rich man's house. The night guards caught hold Maandavya Rishi. Since he was in Samaadhi, he did not speak anything. The King ordered for usual punishment for him and he was put on a lance fixed on a road. The lance went across his body. He did not feel pain as he was still in Samaadhi. The same night a woman was passing by the same way taking her husband. By chance husband's body touched him and Muni woke up. Later the King freed him asking his forgiveness. Rishi went to Dharm Raaj and asked him why did he have to tolerate this pain when he had not any thing bad? He said - "When you were a child you inserted a straw in the anus of an insect. Although you didn't have the knowledge of Dharm at that time, still because of that fault you had to be on that lance for one day and one night. Rishi got very angry at this saying - "Maybe I was very young at that time and I did not know Dharm. Since you have caused me such pain without any proper reason, I curse you that you would be born on Prithvi as a Shoodra and live there for 100 years."
[Padm Puraan, 1/29]

Who and Who Were Guarded by Bhagavaan?
There are several kings who pleased Devtaa and those Devtaa guarded them and their cities.

(1) Raajaa Bali - After donating two steps land to Vishnu, when Bali did not have anything to give for the third foot, he bent his head and offered it to measure the third step on it. At this Vishnu sent him to Rasaatal and asked him to ask for any Var. Bali asked Him to guard his city as his gatekeeper. Thus Vishnu's Divine disc always guarded his city.

(2) Raajaa Baanaasur
He was a great devotee of Shiv. One time he did austere Tapasyaa of Shiv, so Shiv appeared and asked him to ask for any Var. He said - "Prabhu, You live here guarding my city." Since then Shankar started guarding his city. When Baanaasur's daughter Ushaa wanted to marry Krishn's grandson Aniruddh, and he was not ready for it, Krishn invaded his city. Since Shankar Jee was guarding his city, both fought each other.
(I have known only this fight between two great gods, is there any one more known to anyone else?)

(3) Raajaa Ambareesh
Ambareesh was in the lineage of Vaivaswaat Manu -> Nabhag -> Naabhaag -> Ambareesh. In spite of having seven Dweep Prithvi, innumerable wealth etc etc he was a great devotee of Krishn. Pleased with his Bhakti Krishn had appointed His Chakra (Divine disc) to guard him.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/2]

(4) Raaja Veermani
There is a story in Padm Puraan, Paataal Khand. When Raam released His horse at the time of His Ashwamedh Yagya, in Devpur, Veermani's son Rukmaangad caught it with pride. Veermani's kingdom was also guarded by Shiv. As Veermani came to know about catching the horse, he talked to Shiv as what he should do. Shiv said - "I don't care for anybody else but if Bhagavaan Himself will come, I will bow my head to Him. So go and fight, I will protect you."

Who Produced Krityaa?
Several Muni had produced Krityaa to kill their enemies. Krityaa is a man or a woman produced through a Yagya or from a flock of hair to kill a specific person. His or her specialty is that if he or she cannot kill the person for whom he or she has been produced, then then he or she destroys his or her own producer.

(1) Twashtaa
He produced a Krityaa to kill Indra, because he killed his son Vishwaroop; but somehow Indra killed him.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/5]

(2) Durvaasaa
He produced Krityaa from a flock of his hair to kill Ambareesh, because he did not wait for him to come back from the River, and did Paaran of his Vrat, but Vishnu's Chakra was guarding Ambareesh, so he killed that Krityaa and then ran to kill Durvasaa himself. Durvaasaa ran in all the Lok but got shelter only in Ambareesh.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/2]

(3) Kaashee King's Son Sudakshin
Kaashee's King thought himself to be another Krishn, so he challenged Krishn and asked Him to give up His signs. Krishn went to fight with him and killed him. When his son Sudakshin heard this, he produced a Krityaa to kill Krishn. Krishn sent His Chakra, they both fought and Chakra killed that Krityaa and destroyed Kaashee too.
[Bhaavat Puraan, 10/u12]

(4) Purohit of Hiranyakashyap
Hiranyakashyap asked his Purohit to produce a Krityaa to kill Prahlaad. She did hit chest of Prahlaad, but it got broke into hundreds of pieces. Then she attacked Purohit themselves and killed them.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 7/3]

(5) Shiv Jee
Shiv Jee also produced Krityaa, Veerbhadra and Kaalee, at the time when he heard about the immolation of his first wife Satee at her father Daksh's Yagya. Naarad Jee brought this news to him. Hearing this, Shhiv Jee plucked a few strands of his hair from his Jataa (matted locks) and threw them on the peak of mountain where he was sitting. Veerbhadra and Kaalee appeared from those hair and destroyed Daksh's Yagya.
[Skand Puraan, p 13]

Who Took Revenge of Their Father's or Forefathers' Killings?

(1) King Janamejaya
The first name comes to our mind, is of Janamejaya, the son of Pareekshit. He took revenge of his father's killing by performing Sarp Yagya, in which he intended to burn all Sarp (snakes) including Takshak who bit his father Pareekshit and killed him. Besides Takshak bribed that Braahman who wanted to come to Pareekshit to make him alive again after Takshak had bitten him, and sent him away. If that Braahman had come, perhaps his father would not have died like this. He did perform the Yagya, and Takshak was about to come that Rishi Aasteek saved him and the remaining Naag and Sarp.
[MBH, 0-Prolog/10]

(2) Maharshi Paraashar
The second name is of Maharshi Paraashar. Paraashar was the grandson of Maharshi Vashishth, and son of his eldest son Shakti. A Raakshas Kinkar entered King Kalmaashpaad's body and ate him. Paraashar was born after his father died. When he heard this that a Raakshas ate his father, he wanted to destroy the whole world and started a sacrifice in which many Raakshas started falling. Vashishth Jee then tried to calm him down by telling Maharshi Aurv's story (see below). Although he calmed down still he killed many Raakshas.

(3) Maharshi Aurv
The third name is of Maharshi Aurv. He was born tearing his mother's thigh. When he was in his mother's thigh, Kshatriya attacked Brarahman and killed them for money. Their widows, many of them were pregnant at that time, ran away here and there for protection, but there was none to protect them. Aurv's mother was also running. In the meantime the child came out of the thigh and because of his fiery look the Kshatriya who were following his mother went blind. They resolved to go to the same woman and ask for her forgiveness and their eyesight. They did that, but the woman said - "I did not take your eyesight. This child has taken it, so ask the forgiveness from him." They did that and they got their eyesight back.

After getting their eyesight back they went away, but Aurv got very angry. He vowed to destroy the whole world. So he performed severe penance. Learning his intentions all celestials, Pitar etc came to him and tried to calm him down, but he said - "I got angry when I was in my mother's thigh, when she was running away from Kshatriya, even other women who were also pregnant were running away, and nobody was there to protect them. I heard their cries and got angry. I cannot obey your command. But since you always think about the good of the world, tell me what should I do?" They said - "You throw your anger in the waters." So he threw his anger in the sea where it grew as a horse mouth conversant with Ved. Still Aurv killed many Raakshas.

(4) Parashuraam
Another name which we are forgetting here is of Parashuraam. The King Arjun (Sahastrabaahu) of Haihaya Vansh killed his father Jamadagni. As he knew this he vowed to make the whole Prithvi empty from Kshatriya. He did this 21 times. It is said that when he finished his killings, five huge tanks were filled with their blood.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/9]

(5) Shringee Rishi
Yet another name is of Shameek Rishi's son, Shringee Rishi, in whose father's neck Pareekshit put the dead snake; and when he came to know abut this he cursed Pareekshit - "You will die by the bite of Takshak Naag on the 7th day from today." When the Rishi came to know about this, he became very angry at him and said - "You should not have cursed the King, because he is like father to the country." But by then he could not bring his curse reverse; and Pareekshit had to die. Although this revenge was not of killing his father, but for insult.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 1/6]

(6) Pradyot
In Chandra Vansh, in Yudhishthir's genealogy, there was a king named Kshemak. Kshemak abandoned his kingdom and went to Kalaap Graam. He was killed by Mlechchh. By the grace of Naarad Jee he had a son named Pradyot. Prodyot did Mlechchh Yagya in which many Mlechchh were killed.
[Bhavishya Puraan, 3/3]

Who Created Another Indra?
(1) Vishwaamitra
Vishwaamitra created another Heaven, when Indra pushed the King Trishanku down to earth. Indra did not want the King to come to Swarg with his mortal body, while Vishwamitra Jee wanted to send him to Swarg with his mortal body.

(2) Baalkhilyaadi Rishi
They also tried to create another Indra when Indra laughed at them and insulted them. Once they were carrying a branch of Palaash leaves and fell in a pool of water made by the hoof of a cow. Then Kashyap Jee went there and explained to Baalkhilyaadi Rishi that all Braahman had chosen Indra as their Indra that is why they should not falsify his existence. They said - "This sacrifice is not only for another Indra but is also for a son for you, so do whatever you like." After this Kashyap and Vinataa had two sons - Arun and Garud.



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