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29-Narottam Braahman-3

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29-Narottam Braahman-3
2-Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti Khand, p 182-189                   Page-1    Page-2    Page-3   Page-4

Narottam Braahman-3: Story of a Satee
In reference to five Mahaa-Yagya - devotion to father, Paativrat, equal conduct, no quarrel, and Vishnu Bhakti, this story of Narottam Braahman

Braahman said - "Naath, How did that Pativrataa woman know about me? What is the importance of being Pativrataa, please tell me about this also." Vishnu said - "Whoever woman is Pativrataa she considers her husband her life. Who doesn't even look at other men, she is worshipped by even Muni and Devtaa. In ancient time, there was a beautiful city in the middle area. There lived a Pativrataa woman named Shaibyaa. Her husband was a leper because of the sins of some previous life. Still she served him very well. She tried to fulfill his every wish.

One day her husband saw a beautiful prostitute. He got attracted to her. But how could he go there? So he got sad. When Shaibyaa saw him worried, she asked him as what did he want. He said - "I have a wish which neither you can fulfill, nor myself, then what is the use of talking about that." On insisting he told her his plight. Shaibyaa asked him to keep patience for some time and promised him that she would fulfill his wish as soon as possible. Next day morning, before sunrise, she went to that prostitute's house and started cleaning it. After that she came back home soon so that nobody else could see her working there.

The prostitute saw her house cleaned and asked her servants as who cleaned it, but nobody knew anything about it, because nobody saw anybody coming and going. She did this for three days. Next day the prostitute woke up early and saw a Braahman woman cleaning her house. Prostitute fell on her feet and asked her not to do it for her. She said to the Braahman woman - "Why are you trying to destroy my age, body, wealth, fame etc? Whatever you will ask me I will give it to you - gold, gems, clothes, anything." Braahman woman said - "I don't need anything, I need you to help me. If my work will be done then only I will consider as if you gave something to me." Prostitute said - "Tell me soon, I will try my best to do it. Please protect me."

Pativrataa woman told her everything. The prostitute thought for a while about her own duty and that woman's husband's pain. She got very sad because she did not want any kind of relationship with a leper, but then she said - "If he comes to my house, I will fulfill his desire." Pativrataa woman got very happy, she said - "I will bring him today at night and take him back after he is satisfied." Hearing this Pativrataa went to her house and said to her husband - "Today you will go to her house." "But how I will go there, I can't walk?" "I will carry you on my back and bring you back when you are satisfied." Braahman said - "Devee, Only you can do it for me. Whatever you are doing for me it is difficult for other women to do for their husbands."

Vishnu said - "Now, on that day some thieves stole some money from some rich man. When king heard this he asked his night guards to find the thief. So they started roaming around to catch the thief. Near that city was a dense forest in which Maandavya Rishi was sitting in Samaadhi. Those guards thought that he was the thief so they tied him and brought him to the king. King prescribed the usual punishment for him. His people took him and put him on the lance stood near the entry gate. The lance came out on the other side piercing his whole body.

In the meantime, at mid-night, that Pativrataa was carrying her husband on her back to the prostitute's house. As she was passing near Muni, the leper's body touched Muni's body. This awoke Muni from his Samaadhi and he felt pain from that lance. He said angrily - "Whoever gave me this pain, he will die at sunrise. As Maandavya said this, the leper fell down. At this Pativrataa said - "Let the Sun not rise for three days." and she took him to her home, laid him on a bed and she herself sat down beside him. Maandavya Muni went to his Aashram.

When Sun didn't rise for three days, Devtaa went to Brahmaa Jee. Brahmaa Jee told them about Maandavya Muni and came to Braahman's house and said to that Pativrataa - "Maa, Why did you like to do such an action which could kill everybody on Earth? Don't be angry with Soorya." Pativrataa said - "My only Guru is my husband. He is my everything. As Sun will rise my husband will die that is why I have given Shaap to Soorya. I have not done this because of any pride, greed or anger." Brahmaa Jee said - "When one man's death can relieve the whole world, and you will get lot of Punya." Pativrataa said - "I do not like your Satya Lok without my husband." Brahmaa Jee said - "When the whole Tri-lok will be healthy after Sun has risen and your husband would die, then I will do something for him. With our blessings he will become a handsome man."

Braahman woman thought for a moment and then agreed. Immediately the Sun rose and her husband became the pile of ash, but a handsome man appeared from that ash. All people got surprised  and happy to see him. At the same time a Vimaan (airplane) came and that Satee went to Swarg Lok along with her husband. Shubhaa is also such a Pativrataa woman, that is why she knows everything."

Narottam asked - "Bhagavan, Why Maandavya Muni got the pain of lance, and how that Braahaman became leper?" Vishnu said - "When Maandavya Muni was a child he inserted a straw in the anus of an insect. Although he didn't have the knowledge of Dharm at that time, still because of that fault he had to be on that lance for one day and one night. That Braahman also killed one leper Braahman in his previous life that is why he became leper in this life. But he gave four Gauree Daan, and three Kanyaa Daan that is why his wife was Pativrataa. And because of that wife he became like me in the end."

Braahman said - "If the glory of a Pativrataa is like that, then whoever has such a woman as his wife, his attainment of Swarg is definite?" Vishnu said - "You are right. There are some very wicked women who behave just opposite the wishes of their good husbands. One must never accept such women. In this regard Umaa-Naarad dialog is very well known, because Naarad knows a lot about women's mind. He has a natural desire to know everything. Once he went to Kailaash mountain and asked Paarvatee after appropriate greetings - "Devee, I wish to know about beautiful women's bad habits. Since I do not know anything about them, that is why I am requesting you to tell me this."

Paarvatee said - "Naarad, Young women always think about men, there is no doubt about it. A woman is like a pitcher, full of Ghee (clarified butter) and a man is like a flame so both never should be together at one place. As the elephant is controlled by Ankush and Mugdar, in the same way women are also controlled by punishment. In the childhood a father, in the youth a husband, and in the old age a son protects a woman. She should never be given freedom. If a beautiful woman is given freedom, then at the request of a man she indulges herself with him. Then she destroys the whole family by producing Varn-sankar children. A woman of good conduct maintains the respect of both families - her father's family and her husband's family. Swarg, family, black spot, fame, defame, son, daughter, friends all depend on woman. 

Whoever man abandons any Satee woman by destroying her character, he is attached to killing of a woman sin. Who rapes a woman, he falls in Narak. Who abducts other's woman, he is born in Chaandaal family. Who deceives her husband, she falls in Narak for long time and then is born as crow. Later she is born as human being and becomes widow. Who has sexual contact with Guru's wife, mother, sister, nephew's wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, aunt etc he never comes out of Narak."

Narottam asked - "How one can be free from such sins?" Vishnu said - "Such man should have an iron statue, heat it in fire and then should embrace it hard. He should die thus and make a journey to Par Lok after being purified. Who leaves Grihasth Aashram and meditate on me his all sins are destroyed. Killing of thousands of Brahman, 100 times sexual contact with Guru's wife etc all kinds of grave sins are destroyed by taking my name. But who sins in the hope that my name will destroy his sins, it is not so. 'Govind' name Keertan is very powerful. Listening to Puraan's stories brings a man to me. Puraan is the collection of all kinds of Dharm."

Narottam asked - "What is the fruit of Kanyaa Daan (donating a maiden girl of usually below 11 years of age, as a wife)?" Vishnu said - "Who donates Kanyaa adorned with gold jewelry, he donates Prithvi. Who sells his daughter he never comes out of Narak. Who donates his daughter to an unworthy person because of greed he goes to Raurav Narak (the most terrible Hell) and then becomes Chaandaal (one of the lowest castes in India). That is why learned people never think of taking any money from their son-in-law. Whatever is given to daughter brings eternal fruit to donor. If the giver forgets his Sankalp to donate something to somebody, and that person doesn't remind him for that donation, both fall in Narak.

Who eats a lot, who lives very far, who is very rich, who is very bad, whose family is not good, who is a fool, one should not give his daughter to any of these six types of people. In the same way one should not give his daughter to these six types of people - very old, very poor, ill person, who lives very near, who is very angry, and a never contented man. By giving them a girl to such person, he falls in Narak."

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