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4-Paataal Khand

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2-Padm Puraan, 4-Paataal Khand, p 488-498

This Khand covers the pages 411-609 (220 pages) of the book.  It gives account of Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya, and Krishn's life.

Rukmaangad Catches the Horse

Vaatsyaayan Jee said to Shesh Jee - "Now tell me this story further. Where did that horse go and what happened to him?" Shesh Jee said - "Listen, That horse arrived in Devpur city, built by Devtaa, wandering over the banks of Narmadaa. People's house there were studded with gems. Its king's name was Veermani and his great kingdom was very prosperous. The king's son's name was Rukmaangad. One day he went to enjoy with some women that he saw Raam's horse in that forest. He was looking very beautiful, so the women asked him to catch him. So he caught him and read the letter tied to his forehead. Then he said - "Who is this Raamchandra who is so proud of Himself? Shankar himself protects whoever, and Devtaa, Daanav etc worship him with their crowns, the same my mighty father should do Ashwamedh Yagya by this horse." Thinking thus he came to his palace and said to his father - "I have caught Raghu Kul king Raamchandra's horse. He was wandering for His Ashwamedh Yagya. Raam's brother Shatrughn has come to protect him with him." Veermani didn't like this. He told this to Shiv.

Shiv said - "Raajan, Your son has done a wonderful job. Whoever I meditate upon, he has caught the same person's horse. But there will be a great advantage in this battlefield that we will be able to see Raghunaath's feet. We will have to guard him well. But in spite of guarding him well, I am afraid, that those people will take him from us. So I suggest you to go to them and return this horse to them and have Darshan of His feet." Veermani said - "Bhagavan, Kshatriya Dharm is this that they should protect their glory, and if needed, they should die for it. If one just surrenders, he is called coward. Thinking thus decide my duty." Shiv Jee said - "Even if all Devtaa (33 Crore) have come here, then also nobody can take this horse from me. But if Bhagavaan will come here, then I will bow my head to Him, because it is injustice for a servant to fight with his master, otherwise all remaining people are nothing for me; so be prepared for the fight."

When Shatrughn didn't see his horse, he asked his people his whereabouts. The servants said - "Somebody has taken it away, we also cannot see him." At this Shatrughn asked Sumati - "Which king lives here? How we will recover our horse? Whoever king has taken our horse, how much army he has?" In the meantime Naarad Jee came there. Shatrughn welcomed him and asked him about his horse. Naarad Jee said - "There is a Devpur named city here. Its King's son was here, he has caught your horse. Today you will have a fight with him, many great warriors will be killed in that battle so be ready for that. Organize your army like this that enemy cannot enter it. Although you will have tough time with Veermani, but in the end you will win. Who can defeat Raam in the whole world?" After saying this he disappeared then and there and waited in the sky with other Dev and Daanav to witness the battle.

Veermani came forward with his people. His brother Shubhaangad was also with him. His other brother Veersinh and nephew Balmitra were also there. Seeing them coming, Shatrughn asked Sumati to get ready for the fight. Sumati said - "At this time Pushkal should go for fight, You should fight only with king Veermani or Bhagavaan Shankar." Rukmaangad came and challenged Pushkal. Rukmaangad read a Mantra and shot Bhraamak Astra at Pushkal. Pushkal's chariot fell one Yojan far revolving around. Somehow Pushkal's Saarathee brought it in the battlefield. Pushkal said to Rukmaangad - "A warrior like you should not live on the earth, you should be in Indra's court, so go to Dev Lok." and shot an Astra which took his chariot in the sky. It reached up to Soorya so he got started burning. He fell down unconscious.

When Hanumaan saw Veermani challenging Pushkal, he ran towards Veermani. Pushkal said - "I can handle this army, you go to help my uncle." Hanumaan said - "Son, Do not dare to fight with Veermani. You are a child and the king is matured. You should know that Shiv and Paarvatee live in his city and protect him." Pushkal said - "Bhagavan Shankar himself has reached at this status after worshipping whichever Raam, the same Raam doesn't go anywhere leaving my heart, therefore I will win him surely." Hearing this Hanumaan went to fight with Veermani's younger brother Veersinh.

When Veermani saw Pushakal facing him, he said - "O child, Do not fight with me. If you want to live then go back." Pushkal said - "I am the devotee of Shree Raam, nobody can win me, so be careful." Pushkal soon wounded Veermani. Veermani got impressed with his bravery, he said - "Pushkal, You are blessed who has devotion in Raghunaath's feet." And they again started fighting. Pushkal shot one arrow, Veermani failed it, Pushkal shot the second arrow, Veermani failed that arrow also; This time Pushkal meditated upon Raam and shot the third arrow which made Veermani unconscious. His whole army ran away and Pushkal got the victory."

Hanumaan's Efforts

Shesh Jee said - "Hanumaan came to Veersinh and said to him, "Where are you going? I will defeat you in one moment only." So both started fighting. Soon Veersinh fell unconscious by hitting of the fist of Hanumaan. Shubhaangad came there seeing his uncle unconscious. Rukmaangad also joined him, but Hanumaan made both of them unconscious. Seeing this Maheshwar himself came to fight with Shatrughn's army, so Shatrughn came to face him. Rudra asked Veerbhadra to fight with Pushkal and sent Nandee to fight with Hanumaan. He sent his other people to fight with other people in Shatrughn's army. Veerbhadra broke Pushkal's chariot so both started fighting with hands. Veerbhadra cut Pushkal's head with his trident. Seeing this all started trembling.

Hearing the news of Pushkal's killing, Shatrughn got very sad, and seeing Shatrughn sad Shiv said - "Don't be sorry for Pushkal. He fought for five days with the same Veerbhadra who killed Daksh in one moment only. Come and fight." So Shatrughn started fighting with him . Everybody was thinking, "Who will win. One is Shiv himself, another is the younger brother of Raam." Shatrughn and Shiv fought for 11 days. On the 12th day Shatrughn used Brahmaastra for Shiv but he drank it smilingly. Shatrughn was thinking "What to do now" that Shiv shot an arrow at Shatrughn's chest, it pierced his chest and he fell down. Seeing Shatrughn unconscious, Hanumaan kept Pushkal's body on a chariot and came to fight with Shiv. He said to Shiv - "You are doing wrong by killing a devotee of Raam that is why I want to punish you. I heard before that Shiv himself used to worship Raghunaath's feet, but today it seems that it was wrong, because you have fought with Raam's devotee Shatrughn."

Shiv said - "You are a great warrior and are blessed. You have heard right. Raam is my Lord, but my devotee Veermani has brought His horse and Shatrughn has attacked him, that is why I have come here to fight for my devotee. One must protect his devotee." Hearing this Hanumaan got very angry and he hit a rock on his chariot. It killed Shiv's Saarathee and broke his chariot. Seeing this Nandee rushed there and asked Shiv to ride on him. Seeing riding on Nandee, Hanumaan got angrier and threw a Shaal tree on Shiv. Shiv shot an arrow which had three sharp heads, at Hanumaan. Hanumaan caught it in his hand and broke it.

Both started fighting fiercely, but Hanumaan made Shiv uncomfortable, so he said to Hanumaan - "You are blessed. I am very pleased with your bravery. I am available with small Daan, Yagya or Tapasyaa, so you ask any Var from me." Hanumaan said - "Maheshwar, By the grace of Shree Raam I have got everything, but since you are pleased with me that is why I ask you something. My all people who have fallen unconscious and severed, so please you protect them till I come back. I am going to bring Drone Parvat. There are Sanjeevanee herb on that Parvat."

Hearing this Shankar Jee said - "OK, You go." Hanumaan went to bring Drone Parvat and here Shiv waited protecting Pushkal etc people. Hanumaan crossed over all Dweep (islands) and came to Ksheer Saagar. As he tried to lift the Drone Parvat up, it started trembling. Devtaa said - "Why are you taking this Parvat, leave it alone?" Hanumaan said - "There is a battle going on in Veermani's city. Our many warriors have been killed in that battle. I am taking this Parvat to give them life. If you will stop me I will kill everyone of them. Either give me this Parvat or give me the herb so that I can bring them to life." Devtaa gave him the herb and Hanumaan came back to the battlefield.

Hanumaan came to Pushkal and said to Sumati - "Now I will bring all dead  warriors of the battlefield to life." And he put the herb on the chest of Pushkal and said - "If I consider Raam my Lord by mind, speech and action, then Pushkal should be alive." Pushkal immediately got up and asked about Veerbhadra. Hanumaan said - "Veerbhadra had killed you and you have got this life by the grace of Shree Ram. Shatrughn is still unconscious so let us go there." Hanumaan came to Shatrughn and kept the herb on his chest. He also got alive, and he also asked about Shiv. Thus Hanumaan brought all the dead alive.

This time Veermani himself came to fight with Shatrughn. Shatrughn used Aagneya Astra, then Veermani used Varun Astra, then Shatrughn used Vaayavya Astra, then Veermani used Parvat Astra, and then Shatrughn used Vajra Astra. Now Veermani lost control and used Brahmaastra. Seeing Brahm Astra coming Shatrughn used Mohan Astra which made Brahmaastra useless and made the king unconscious. This caused Shiv to intervene and fight with Shatrughn. This time Shiv made Shatrughn uncomfortable, so at Hanumaan's advice he remembered Raam. As he remembered Him, He came there in the same guise in which He took Deekshaa. Shatrughn got surprised to see Him in the battlefield.

Seeing Him Shatrughn got relieved and Hanumaan fell on His feet. Shiv also greeted Him and said - "I did all this to do good to my devotee. Please pardon me for this. I come to you to protect my devotee. In earlier times, this king did Tapasyaa after taking bath in Kshipraa River in Mahaakaal temple. At that time I gave him Var that "you will rule in Devpur. And till Raam's Yagya horse will come there, I will live there. I was bound to that Var. Now my work is finished. He will hand over you your horse and from now on he will serve you." 

Raam said - "All Devtaa's duty is to protect their devotees. Thus what you did, was your duty. Shiv is in my heart, and I am in Shiv's heart. We both are the same. Who think that we are different they fall in Narak. My Bhakt worship you, and your Bhakt worship me." 

Shesh Jee said - "Hey Vaatsyaayan, Then Shiv also brought all of them alive and asked them to surrender to Raam. Shree Raam got disappeared from there. Hey Muni, Do not consider Raam a human being, He is omnipresent. Shankar also bade farewell to his Bhakt and said to him - "Getting Raam is very difficult in this world, that is why now you surrender to Raam." After saying this Shiv also got disappeared with his Paarshad from there. Blessed was Veermani who got Darshan of Raam. Veermani also accompanied Raam's procession of Yagya horse."



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