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4-Paataal Khand

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9-Story of Surath-1
2-Padm Puraan, 4-Paataal Khand, p 498-506

This Khand covers the pages 411-609 (220 pages) of the book. It gives the account of Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya, and Krishn's life.

Upliftment of a Braahman

Shesh Jee said - "Hey Vaatsyaayan, Yagya horse then arrived at Hemkoot Parvat - at the end of Bhaarat Varsh. It is 10,000 Yojan long and wide and its peaks are of gold and silver. There were many forests there so he entered a forest. There happened a surprising event, that the horse got stuck at one place, he could not move at all. The guards of horse reported to Shatrughn of this and asked him whatever he wanted to do. Pushkal tried to lift his feet but couldn't move them. Shatrughn asked Sumati about this. Sumati said - "We should look for such a Rishi who can see in past as well as in future. I can know only visible events happened in this Lok only, I have no power to know any thing happened in other Lok."

So Shatrughn sent his people to find out such a Rishi. One man found a Rishi's Aashram, one Yojan far from there, in east. It was Shaunak Muni's Aashram. Shatrughn went there with his people. Muni welcomed him with Arghya etc and asked - "It seems that you have come from a very far place. Why are you wandering around?" Shatrughn introduced himself and said - "Maharshi, My horse entered this forest and his body has got stuck there. It is our good luck that we have found you. Please save us and tell us why it happened to our horse?"

Shaunak Muni meditated a while and said to Shatrughn - "I tell you the reason of this. A Saatwik named Braahman was doing Tapasyaa in Gaud Desh, on the beautiful banks of Kaaveree River. He drank water on one day, air on second day and did not eat anything on the third day. Thus he was passing his time with this 3-day Vrat. He was doing this that he died. He went to Meru Parvat riding on a beautiful Divine Vimaan (airplane). There flowed Jamboo named River, on whose banks many Rishi were doing Tap. He started enjoying with Apsaraa there, so he became proud and started misbehaving with other Rishi there. Rishi gave him Shaap of being a Raakshas and deformed his face. He asked for their forgiveness. Then Rishi said - "When you will freeze Shree Raam's horse then you will get the opportunity to hear the story of Raam and you will get free from this Shaap." So the same Rishi has frozen your horse, now you do Keertan there and get your horse released."

Shatrughn got very surprised to hear this story, he said - "How Karm work, nobody knows. He, being a Tapaswee had to be Raakshas even after living in Swarg. Please tell us which Karm give which kind of Narak?" Shaunak Jee said - "In spite of knowing everything, you are asking me this for the sake of the good of others. Who feeds himself only and doesn't know others, he falls in Kumbheepaak Narak and is cooked in boiling oil. Whoever wants to have a woman whom he should not have, Yam Raaj asks him to embrace the iron statue of the same woman burned in fire. Who kills other living beings to feed himself, he falls in Mahaaraurav Narak. Thus there are many types of Karm and many types of Narak. Who have never heard Raam's Kathaa and have not done any good to others, they have to suffer with many kinds of pains and sorrows in Narak. Daan, Punya, going to Teerth, hearing Raam's story and doing Tap etc destroy sins. Who disrespects Bhagavaan, he cannot be cleansed even by Gangaa water. Now you go, tell Raam's story to that horse and get your horse released."

All went to that horse and told him Raghunaath's stories and prayed - "Now you ride on Divine Vimaan and go to your own Lok. May you be free from this low Yoni." Hearing this Devtaa said - "Now I am free from this Yoni, I am going to my Lok, please permit me." After this that horse became free from that freeze and started wandering around."

King Surath

Shesh Jee further said - "Seven months had passed for that horse wandering over the earth. He wandered in several places near Himaalaya, but nobody could catch him remembering Raam's powers. Now he came to Surath's city named Kundal. It was named Kundal because Aditi's Kundal (earring) fell here. People lived here in a very religious way. They heard Raam's Kathaa daily. One day Surath's people saw a beautifully adorned horse and came to know that he was Shree Raam's horse, so they reported this to their king and suggested to catch him. Surath said - "We are blessed that Raam's horse is in our city. I will catch him and free him only when Raam will give me His Darshan."

Surath ordered his servants to catch that horse anyhow, not to free him at any cost and tie him in his stables. The servants went and brought the horse there. Since the inhabitants of that country were very religious, disciplined, just and dutiful, they used to get Peace after their death. Nobody went to Yam's Lok from that country. So one day Yam Raaj went to the King assuming a Muni's guise. The King had Tulasee on his forehead and Raam's name on his tongue. He was telling Dharm to his soldiers. He welcomed Yam and offered him a seat and asked him to tell him Raam's stories which destroy all kinds of sins." Hearing this Yam Raaj started clapping and laughing loudly. The King could not understand this so he asked politely - "What is the reason of your laughing like this so that I could also be happy."

Yam Raaj said - "You said, "Tell me Bhagavaan's glory." So who is that Bhagavaan and what is His glory? Everybody is bound to his Karm. Karm gives Swarg, Karm gives Narak and Karm gives all kinds of pleasures in this world. Indra did 100 Yagya and got Indra Lok; Brahmaa also got Satya Lok because of his Karm; and all others got their Lok only by their Karm. That is why you also do Karm, it will give you fame in this world."

Surath was a great devotee of Raam, so hearing this he got angry, he said - "Hey Braahman, Do not talk about Karm which give only mortal pleasures. You are not a good man, so you go out of my kingdom. What do you say about Indra and Brahmaa? Both will fall from their status but who worship Raam, they never fall down from their status. Dhruv, Prahlaad, Vibheeshan etc all devotees of Raam never fall down from their status. You are a Braahman, that is why I cannot punish you, so you just get out of my kingdom." Hearing this King's servant got ready to take him out, that Yam showed him his real form and said - "O Raam's devotee, I am very pleased with you. I tried to misguide you but you were firm in your ideas. Now what do you want to ask for?" Surath said - "If you are pleased with me, then give me this Var that I should not die until I see Raam." Yam Raaj said - "Be it so." and got disappeared.

Now Surath said to his army - "Since I have caught Raam's horse, so you be ready to fight." The King had ten very might sons - Champak, Mohak, Ripunjaya, Durvaar, Prataapee, Balmodak, Haryaksh, Sahadev, Bhooridev, and Asutaapan. All immediately got ready and wished for the fight.

When Shatrughn's people didn't see the horse, they reported this to Shatrughn, and he asked Sumati about him. Sumati said - "This is Kundalpur named city. Here lives a very religious king named Surath. He is always busy in serving Raam." Shatrughn asked - "If he has taken our horse then how should we behave with him?" Sumati said - "We should send a person who is good at communication skills, to him." Hearing this Shatrughn called Angad and said to him - "Hey Baali's son Angad, Go to Surath's city and tell him that if he has caught our horse knowingly or unknowingly, he should return him, else he should come in the battlefield."

Angad went there and saw Surath applying Tulasee's flower (Manjaree) on his forehead and telling Raam's stories to his servants. Seeing a Vaanar in his court, Surath understood that he was the messenger of Shatrughn, still he asked him - "Vaanar Raaj, Why have you come here? After knowing the reason of your coming I will act upon accordingly." Angad said - "I am Baali's son Angad. Shatrughn has sent me to you as his messenger. Your servants have caught our Yagya horse. They have done this unknowingly, so better you return that horse to him, otherwise you will be killed."

Surath said - "You are right, but I cannot free that horse just because of the fear of Shatrughn. If Bhagavaan Raam Himself comes to me then only I can give Him everything. I am fighting only with the desire of having Darshan of Shree Raam. If Raam will not come to my house then I will win all warriors and arrest them." Angad said - "Who killed Maandhaataa's enemy Lavan named Daitya, who killed Vidyunmaalee named Raakshas, are you going to arrest that Shatrughn? I think you have lost your mind. Hanumaan is also  with him. How brave and powerful Hanumaan is, only Raam knows about it, that is why He never forgets His this servant. Many great warriors are with Shatrughn, how can you face him? So behave accordingly." Surath said - "If I serve Raam with mind, speech and actions then He will surely come to me. You may go and tell all this to Shatrughn, I am coming to battlefield."



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