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Chapter 66-68

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66-Killing of Paundrak and Kaashee Raaj

Shuk Dev Jee said - "When Balaraam Jee was away to Brij, the King of Karoosh Desh Raajaa Paundrak sent a messenger to Krishn with a message - "I am Bhagavaan Vaasudev and you drop your fake name, because I am the real Krishn. You only pose yourself as Vaasudev, so take off those marks [of Krishn] and come in my shelter or fight with me." Hearing this everybody started laughing in the court. Krishn said to him - "Go and tell him that I will not take off these marks just like that. I will throw them on him and his people." and sent him back to his king. Then He rode on His chariot and started towards Kaashee to attack Paundrak [because Paundrak was in Kaashee at that time with his friend]

As Paundrak got the news of Shree Krishn's attack, he also came out with his two Akshauhinee army to face Krishn. Since the King of Kaashee was his friend, he also came out with his three Akshauhinee army. Pareekshit, Now Bhagavaan saw Paundrak. He also had Shankh, Chakra, Gadaa, Padmm Shaarng bow [in his hands] and Shree Vats mark [on his chest]. He had fake Kaustubh Mani and Vanmaalaa also on his chest. He also wore yellow silken clothes, he also had the flag on his chariot with Garud mark. He had precious crown on his head and fish-like ear-rings in his ears. Seeing him in His own disguise, Krishn laughed.

Fight started and Krishn destroyed both armies. Now Krishn said to Paundrak - "You asked me to take off these marks, now I am taking them off these marks on to you." Then He broke his chariot and cut his neck with His Chakra. In the same way He cut Kashee Raaj's neck also with Chakra and let it fall in Kaashee Nagaree. Because Paundrak was also thinking about Krishn, therefore he got the same Roop as Krishn.

When a head with ear-rings fell on the gate of palace, the people doubted as whose head it was. When they came to know that it was the King's head, then his wives, prince etc people all started crying. Kaashee's King's son's name was Sudakshin. He did last rites of his father and started worshipping Shankar Bhagavaan. Pleased with his worship, Shankar Jee asked him to ask for a Var. Sudakshin said - "Please tell me the way to kill my father's killer." Shankar Jee said - "You, with Braahman, worship Devtaa of Yagya - Ritwigbhoot Dakshinaayan - with Abhichaar method. This will cause him to appear with Agni Pramath Gan and then you use him on non-devotee Braahman. This will fulfill your intention (Sankalp)."

So he did, as Shankar Jee said, to kill Shree Krishn. As the Abhichaar (Purashcharan to kill) got completed, Agni appeared in the human form from the Yagya Kund. He was naked and scary in his look. He had a Trishool in his hand which was emitting fire. He arrived in Dwaarakaa burning all directions. He had many Bhoot (devils) also with him. Dwaarakaa people got frightened to see him. They went to Shree Krishn and requested Him to help them. Krishn knew that this was Maaheshwaree Krityaa from Kaashee, so He ordered His Chakra to kill him, so it destroyed Krityaa's power. Krityaa came back to Kashee and he burned the Ritwij Braahman as well as Sudakshin. Thus his Abhichaar became the cause of his own death. Chakra followed him up to Kaashee and it burned the whole Kaashee and came back to Shree Krishn. Who hears Bhagvaan's this Leelaa, his all Paap are destroyed.

67-Killing of Dwivid

Raajaa Pareekshit asked - "Balaraam Jee is Almighty and his Swaroop, character, Leelaa etc are also not the subjects of mind, intelligence and speech [means neither mind can think about them, nor Buddhi can understand them with its logic and nor speech can describe it properly]. So whatever he did in Brij, I want to listen to it." Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, There was a Vaanar (monkey) named Dwivid. He was the friend of Bhaumaasur, Sugreev's minister and mighty brother of Mayand. When he heard that Shree Krishn has killed Bhaumaasur then he became a terrorist and he started burning cities, villages, mines and habitats. He dug out big mountains and threw them on cities. This he was doing only in Aanart Pradesh (present day Gujraat), because the killer of Bhaumaasur (Krishn) was living there. He was as powerful as 10,000 elephants. Sometimes he used to stand in the sea and splashed so much water that nearby habitats used to sink. He was hurting people also. One day he went to Raivatak Mountain following sweet music.

There he saw Balaraam Jee sitting and enjoying with beautiful women. He was looking very handsome. He was singing after drinking Madhu. Dwivid came there and started playing. Sometimes he climbed on tree, sometimes he used to laugh like monkeys. Women started laughing to see him. Now he started misbehaving with them, so Balaraam Jee got angry and He threw a stone on him. He escaped the stone and lifted the Madhu Kalsh and tore women's clothes. Now Balaraam Jee picked his Hal and Moosal and attacked on him. He was very mighty, so the fight continued for some time. At last Balaraam Jee killed him.

68-Balaraam's Anger on Kaurav and Saamb's Marriage

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Jaambvatee's son Saamb was very brave and he could win great warriors alone. He kidnapped Duryodhan's daughter Lakshmanaa from her Swayamvar. This made Kaurav very angry, because he insulted them and above that Lakshmanaa did not want him as her husband. Therefore they arrested Saamb and talked among themselves "even if Yadu Vanshee will be angry what harm could they do to Kaurav. They are enjoying wealth only by our grace, so if they will hear the news of his arrest and if they will come here then we will destroy their pride." Thinking thus, Karn, Shal, Bhoorishravaa, Yagyaketu, Duryodhan etc took the permission of elders and planned to arrest him.

When Saamb found Dhritraashtra's sons following him, he faced them alone in the battlefield. Kaurav came nearer to him with Karn as their chief and started aiming arrows at Saamb. Saamb was Shree Krishn's son. He got irritated with their behavior. He aimed six arrows each from his bow on six people riding on six chariots together - four arrows at the horses of each chariot, one at each Saarathee and one at the person himself on each chariot. Seeing his fighting skills even his opponents praised him. Then those six people together made him without his chariot. Four people aimed at his horses, one aimed at his Saarathee and one aimed at Saamb's bow. Thus with great difficulty they returned to their capital Hastinaapur with Saamb and Lakashmanaa.

Yadu Vanshee got very angry hearing this from Naarad Jee. They, with the permission of Raajaa Ugrasen, got prepared to attack Kaurav. Balaraam Jee did not consider this fight good, so he calmed them down and he himself went to Hastinaapur along with a few Braahman and elders. He stayed outside of Hastinaapur, in a garden and tried to find out what Kaurav wanted to do next. So he sent Uddhav Jee to Dhritraashtra. Uddhav Jee went to Kaurav's court and told Bheeshm Pitaamah, Dronaachaarya, Baahleek and Duryodhan that Balaraam Jee had come They were very happy to hear about his coming. They welcomed Uddhav Jee and went to welcome Balaraam Jee. After exchanging each other's welfare, Balaraam Jee said - "Mahaaraaj Ugrasen has passed an order for you. Listen it carefully and obey it. He has said - "We know that you have defeated lone Saamb unethically, and arrested him. We tolerate this so that we should stay united and don't get separated."

Hearing this Kuru Vanshee got extremely angry. They said some bad and wrong words to Balaraam Jee - "We have given you throne, we have given you royal life facilities," and then said to themselves "We think now we should take them back from them. They do not care even for normal courtesy. They have become very proud." After saying this, they came back to Hastinaapur. Balaraam Jee also got angry at this and said - "Today I will kill all Kaurav." Saying this he stood up, picked his Hal. He dug out Hastinaapur with the point of his Hal and took it sliding towards Gangaa Jee. Hastinaapur started shaking like a boat in the river. When Kaurav felt this they came to their senses and brought Lakshmanaa and Saamb to him and said - "Balaraam Jee, You are the base of this Universe, we did not know your glory therefore, please forgive us. You are the cause of the birth, existence and destruction (Pralaya), and you yourself need no base. You have thousands of heads. We know you, we greet you, please protect us."

Balaraam Jee got pleased hearing this. Duryodhan used to love his daughter very much. He gave 1,200 elephants of 60 years of age, 10,000 horses, 6,000 golden chariots shining like Soorya and 1,000 maid-servant wearing gold necklaces. Balaraam Jee accepted all this dowry and came back to Dwaarakaa with newly-wed couple. Pareekshit, Even today this Hastinaapur is a little higher from south side and lower towards Gangaa Jee, This proves Balaraam Jee's power."



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