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Who Talked to Gods in Mahaabhaarat?
There are a few people who have talked to gods in Mahaabhaarat, who are they...?

(1) Karn
--Karn was the son of Soorya Dev. He talked to Soorya Dev and Indra Dev. When MBH war was to start, Indra knew that Karn had indestructible armor (Kavach) and earrings (Kundal) and they will not let his son Arjun win him, so he decided to take them from him. He went to him in disguise of a Braahman and begged for them at the time that he could not refuse him.

--Knowing Indra's intention, Soorya Dev came to him to warn him not to give them to Indra, but Karn could not agree with him, then Soorya Dev asked him to ask for Indra's Shakti (Power) in exchange of his Kavach and Kundal.

(2) Arjun
--Arjun was the son of Indra Dev. When it was decided that Paandav had to fight with Kaurav, Krishn suggested Arjun to obtain Divine weapons. So Arjun pleased Indra Dev and asked Divine weapons. He told him that first he had to take Paashupat Astra from Shiv Jee, then he is most welcome to enter Swarg and take Divine weapons.

--So Arjun pleased Shiv Jee and Shiv Jee encountered him in disguise of a Kiraat. Shiv Jee defeated him and pleased with his fight gave his Paashupat Astra to him. Only after that he could enter Swarg and brought Divine Astra from his father.

(3) Yudhishthir
--While in exile, just in the beginning, Yudhishthir worshipped Soorya Dev to get food for all his followers. So Soorya Dev gave him a Divine pot which will not be empty from food unless Draupadee would eat from that pot.

--While in exile, once Draupadee asked for water to drink and Yudhishthir asked Sahadev to bring water for her. Sahadev found a pond, and as he was about to take water from it, he was warned by its caretaker that unless he would answer his questions he could not take water from there. Sahadev neglected his warning and when he took the water to drink, he fell lifeless on its bank. Thus all four brothers came there and fell lifeless by ignoring the caretaker's warning. In the end Yudhishthir came there and he answered all his questions, got his all brothers back to life. The caretaker of that pond was Dharm Raaj - his own father himself.

Who Talked to Gods Other Than in Mahaabhaarat?
There are some other people also, outside Mahaabhaarat, who talked to gods ----

(1) Saavitree
Saavitree talked to Yam Raaj

(2) Nachiketaa
Nachiketaa also talked to Yam Raaj.


Who and Who Are the Soot Putra in MBH
Soot Putras are those, as defined, whose father is a Braahman and mother is a Kshatriya. By this definition many people can be counted as Soot Putra, such as Dhritraashtra, Paandu, etc. Still the famous ones are --

(1) Karn - The most famous one is Karn

(2) Adhirath - Saarathee of Shaantanu

(3) Keechak - Brother of Sudeshnaa (King Viraat's wife) who also becomes a Soot Putree. Keechak is Prince of Kekaya? but also is a Soot. King of Kekaya married a Yaadav Princess and was a co-brother to Paandu hence Keechak was step-cousin to Paandav. So there is a probability that Kuntee's sister married a Soot or someone whose at least one wife was Soot (Karn is cited having Soot wives as disqualifying him from marrying Draupadee as a Soot Putra).

In Indonesian legends, Keechak is either the son to Paraashar and Satyavatee or a descendent of Satyavatee

(4) Sanjaya - Saarathee of Dhritraashtra

(5) Vishok - Saarathee of Bhem - he was the son of Krishn, so Krishn had him either from a Braahman woman or a woman of the Soot birth.

(6) Ugrashravaa - is famous as Soot Jee - he used to tell Puraan etc stories to Rishi.

(7) Romharshan - Ugrashravaa's father was also a Soot. He was a very dear disciple of Ved Vyaas Jee and in spite of being a Soot, he taught him Puraan and Itihaas (Mahaabhaart) which he recited to other Rishi. He was killed by Balaraam Jee when he was on his Teerth Yaatraa.

Who Was Born to Kill Whom
In our mythology many people were born to kill certain people. Who are they?

(1) Shikhandee
Shikhandee was born to kill Bheeshm. Shikhandee was the incarnation of Ambaa who vowed to kill Bheeshm.
[MBH, Ambaa]

(2) Dhrishtdyumn
Drupad got him to kill Drone. Drupad had a severe enmity with Drone as much as that he did a Yagya to get a son to kill him.
["Enmity With Drupad"]

(3) Ashwatthaamaa
Drone's son Ashwatthaamaa was born to kill Dhrishtdyumn.

(4) Pradyumn
Pradyumn was born to kill Shambaraasur. That is why when Pradyumn was only seven days old, he stole him from Rukminee's room and threw him in Lavan Sea. Although Shambaraasur threw him in Lavan Sea to kill him, still he did not die there. One fish swallowed him. A fisherman caught that fish and seeing a good fish brought that fish for the King Shambaraasur. Shambaraasur gave it to his cooks to cook it. When the cooks cut it they found a baby inside its stomach. They gave the baby to Maayaavatee - Shambaraasur's maid-servant. Maayaavatee brought up him with great love, thus he grew up in Shambaraasur's palace only. Later he killed him.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u5]

(5) Saatyaki
Saatyaki was born, not to really kill Bhoorishravaa, but to take the revenge of his grandfather's insult. How? Raajaa Shoorsen, the father of Vasudev and grandfather of Krishn, had a cousin named Sinee. There was once the Swayamvar for Devakee (the sister of Kans). Sinee went to that Swayamvar and abducted her to make her the wife of Vasudev. At that time Somdatt was the king in Kuru House. He was very powerful. Somdatt was the son of Baahleek (Shaantanu's brother). He resented the act of Sinee and challenged him for fight. Sinee won. He caught Somdatt by hair and placed his foot on his chest. This was a great insult to Kuru House. So Somdatt prayed to Bhagavaan and got a Var for a son who would do the same thing with one of the descendents of Sinee. He got Bhoorishravaa as his son and Saatyaki was the grandson of Sinee.

(6) Krishn
Krishn was born to kill Kans. Kans knew this that is why he tried to kill Krishn many times, but failed. Later Krishn killed him.

Who Saw Krishn's Chatur-bhuj Roop or Viraat Roop?
Although Krishn lived for 123 (or 125) years, still not everybody was lucky to see His Chatur-bhuj or Viraat Roop. Then who and who saw His that Roop?

(1) Arjun
The first name comes to our mind is of His cousin and friend or say His own form - Arjun. He saw His both Roop at the time of hearing Geetaa, when he got afraid to see His Viraat Roop, he requested Him to show His Chatur-bhuj Roop.

(2) Sanjaya
Sanjaya was given Divine Sight to see MBH war, so Sanjaya also saw Bhagavaan's Viraat Roop

(3) In Kaurav Court
When Krishn went to Dhritraashtra as a peace messenger from Paandav's side, on Duryodhan's ill behavior, He showed His Vishwa Roop. MBH, G-5-Prewar/18 says that it was seen by Drone, Bheeshm, Vidur, Sanjaya and some Rishi to whom Krishn gave Divine sight.

(4) Jaraasandh
The second name is of Jaraasandh, Krishn fought with him in His Chaturbhuj Roop.
[Padm Puraan, 5/45]

(5) Kaalayavan Daitya
Kaalayavan Daitya also saw Krishn in His Chaturbhuj Roop. He had never seen Krishn before. Naarad Jee gave His description to him. So when he went to invade Mathuraa, Krishn came out of the city in His Chaturbhuj Roop without any weapon in His hands and on foot. Seeing Him in this Roop Kaalayavan immediately recognized Him as Krishn and wanted to fight with Him and capture Him.
[ Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u2]

(6) Muchukund
Muchukund also saw Krishn's Chatur-bhuj Roop when he was awakened from his long sleep by Kaalyavan Raakshas by hitting him by his foot. He burnt Kaalyavan to ashes as he saw him and he saw Bhagavaan standing in the cave.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u2]

(7) 20,800 Kings Imprisoned by Jaraasandh
Jaraasandh had imprisoned 20,800 kings in a fort in a valley. They sent a message to Krishn to free them. Krishn came with Arjun and Bheem and killed him. When He freed them, they saw Him in His Chatur-bhuj Roop.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u14]

(8) Jaraa
Jaraa named hunter who killed Krishn saw His Chaturbhuj Roop when he came to pick his hunt.
[Vishnu Puraan, 5/14]

(9) Uttank
Muni Uttank also saw Viraat Roop when Krishn was returning to Dwaarakaa after the war.
[MBH, G-7-Postwar/19]

(10) Parashuraam Jee
Mahaabhaarat describes the incident of Parashuraam meeting with Raam and in that incident Raam gives him Divine sight and shows His Viraat Roop to him. Although Maanas and Raamaayan do not mention this.
[MBH, G-4-Van/17]

How Many Times Draupadee Was Humiliated
Draupadee was humiliated several times in her life, but how many times and where?

(1) First humiliation came to her silently when she married one man but was forced to marry five men on the order of her mother-in-law Kuntee. Although people may not count it as humiliation, but it was humiliation for a woman to marry five men.

(2) Second, at the time of Dice Game, when she was lost by Paandav in Dice game. She was brought to the court in an odd condition by pulling her hair by Dushaasan and was disrobed by him on instigated by Karn

(3) Third, when she was in exile, in the forest, when Duryodhan sent Durvaasaa Rishi with his 10,000 disciples to have food with Paandav. He sent them at such a time when Draupadee couldn't feed them. Krishn helped her by eating a leaf and satisfying the whole world by it.

(4) Fourth, also when she was in exile, in the forest, by Jayadrath. When he saw her he tried to lure her. Arjun fought with Jayadrath and brought Draupadee back, although later Draupadee freed Jayadrath by leaving his head with five Chottee in remembrance of five Paandav.

(5) Fifth, in her Agyaatvaas period in Viraat's court, Keechak humiliated her. She requested Bheem to intervene and kill him. Then Bheem killed him, although this killing disposed Paandav to Kaurav.

(6) And in the last Ashwatthaamaa killed her all sons in sleep.



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