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Krishn Helped Draupadee Twice
Krishn helped Draupadee twice -

(1) At the time when she was disrobed by Dushaasan in the dice court. Krishn gave her unlimited cloth to cover her body, that Dushaasan got tired of disrobing her, but her cloth did not come to end.
Did He really help her in the court?

(2) In the forest, in exile, when Duryodhan sent Durvaasaa Rishi to have food with Yudhishthir. He asked him to go in the afternoon, because he knew that Yudhishthir had a Divine pot which produced food till Draupadee ate from it, after that there was no food. He wanted that when Durvaasaa would not get food, or Paandav would not be able to feed him, he would give Shaap to them. But it didn't happen in this way. Draupadee remembered Krishn, He came and asked for food. Draupadee said - "I don't have food. I have already eaten food and the Divine pot doesn't give food after I have eaten from it." Krishn insisted to bring that pot, Draupadee said, "I have cleaned the pot." Still Krishn insisted to bring the pot, Draupadee had to bring it. Krishn found one leaf stuck onto one side of the pot. He ate it and Lo, the whole waorld was satisfied. Durvaasaa Rishi had to go back from the river itself, because they had felt so full that they could not think of any food.

What is Said by Krishn
Although many teachings are found said by many people, saints, Rishi, Maharshi etc, but what is said by Krishn Himself

(1) Geetaa - First teaching comes to our mind is Geetaa which is told by Him to Arjun at the time when Mahaabhaarat war is going to begin, both armies are standing in the battlefield, Arjun asks Krishn, his Saarathee, to take his chariot in the midst of the two armies. As Krishn takes his chariot there, and Arjun looks at the enemy's army, he drops his bow and arrow and sit at the back of the chariot and says, "I will not fight. I cannot fight with my own brothers, friends, relations, uncles, grandfathers, Guru etc." Then Krishn preaches Geetaa to him and makes him ready to fight.
[MBH, Geetaa]

(2) Anu-Geetaa - This Geetaa is not at all common, many do not know about this. When everything is over, Yudhishthir has become the king, he finished Ashwamedh Yagya and Krishn's time came to go to Dwaarakaa. Then Arjun said to Krishn - "I knew your real form in the battlefield, but what you told me in the battlefield, I have forgotten because of my weak mind, please tell me that again." Krishna said - "What I told you at that time, it was a mysterious and secret thing, this is very bad that you have forgotten that. I cannot repeat it now, but I tell you another incident of history which is similar to it." And then whatever He told him is known as Anu-Geetaa.
[ MBH, 7-Postwar/7]

Anu-Geetaa's 34 chapters are divided in three parts - (1) First part is a discussion between a Perfect (Siddh) and a Kashyap's descendent; (2) second part is a discussion between a Braahman and his wife; and (3) the third discussion is between a master and his disciple. Krishn reports these three discussions to Arjun.

(3) Vrat and Fasts - This reference is found in Bhavishya Puraan, Uttar Sarg, Bhavishya Puraan, 4/3. This whole Sarg is devoted to the dialog between Yudhishthir and Krishn about many kinds of Vrat and fasts.

Who Got Educated from the Sun God
It is very difficult to have been educated by the Sun god, why? Because Soorya Dev is always on move, an not only move but also move forward only, that is why he cannot look back or sideways. The following people were lucky to get educated from Soorya Dev.

(1) Hanumaan
The first name comes to mind is of Hanumaan. Hanumaan had already got the promise from Soorya Dev that he would teach him when he time would come. he made this promise when he flew to eat Soorya Dev, and Indra hit him on his chin. Hanumaan fell and his father Vaayu Dev took him in his laps and sat in a cave. All Devtaa came there to console Pavan Dev and bestowed many boons on his son. Soorya Dev's one boon was that he would educate him when he would come to that age. He did educate Hanumaan, but how? Hanumaan had to face Soorya Dev all the time going backward. It was difficult but Hanumaan did it. Later when Hanumaan asked about the Guru Dakshinaa, Soorya Dev said - "He was very happy with such a disciple, so he did not want anything, still he had a son named Sugreev, if he be his Minister and take care of him, he would be pleased." So Hanumaan went to Sugreev and served him till Sugreev lived.

(2) Yaagyavalkya
The second name is of Yaagyavalkya Jee. When his Guru Vaishampaayan Jee got angry with him and asked him to return his taught Vidyaa, Yaagyavalkya Jee vomited the Vidyaa he taught to him and went away. Then he did austere penance for Soorya Dev and learned the Vidyaa which nobody had at that time. Soorya Dev asked him to bring fast running horses from the mid-ocean and ride them to keep pace with him. he did that and got that education unavailable to anybody.

(3) Mayaasur
Mayaaasur leart astronomy from Soorya Dev. Then he wrote Soorya Siddhaant.

Who Were Cured by Soorya Worship
A few incidents are mentioned in Puraan in which Soorya's worship is used to cure diseases, especially the leprosy disease.

(1) Saamb
The first name comes to our mind is of Saamb, Krishn's son from Jaambvatee. Once he got leprosy because of the Shaap of Durvaasaa Muni. He asked help from his father. Krishn asked him to worship Soorya, then only his leprosy was cured.

(2) Kauthumi
His story comes in Bhavishya Puraan, 1/23; in the reference to Soorya worship. Once his father Hiranyanaabh went to forest and had lots of discussions with many Braahman. In anger Kauthumi killed one Braahman. Everybody abandoned him, so he went to several temples and Teerth places but could not be free from Brahm Hatyaa. He got sick from leprosy disease. So he came back to his father asked the way to be free from Brahm Hatyaa and the disease. His father asked him to worship Soorya Bhagavaan and that is how he got free from Brahm Hatyaa and got cured of his disease too.

(3) Mayoor
Mayoor was a great poet of early 7th century. Once he found his daughter insulting her husband, which he did not like so he suggested his son-in-law not to address softly, but harshly. Seeing this his daughter got angry and cursed him that he would be leper by the juice of the betel leaf she had in her mouth. Saying this she spat on his body and leper spots appeared on his body. Seeing this he went to a temple Of Soorya Dev and worshipped him with a 100-Shlok Stotra. On the recitation of its 6th Shlok Soorya Bhagvaan appeared, gave him his one ray and cured him of his leprosy.

Three Incidents of Ashwinee Kumaar's Life
Ashwinee Kumaar are the twin sons of Soorya and Sangyaa. They have been appointed as the traditional; doctor of Devtaa. There are only three incidents found in our scriptures.

(1) Ashwinee Kumaar and Maharshi Chyavan
Once both Ashwinee Kumaar came at Chyavan Rishi's Aashram. Rishi paid the due respect to them and said - "You are all powerful. You can give me youth and give me such form that is liked by young girls. I know that you are not eligible for Som Ras, still I will give you Som Ras in Yagya." Ashwinee Kumaar agreed upon this and asked him to take a dip in a pond saying that pond was created by a Siddh. So Chyavan Rishi entered the pond along with Ashwinee Kumaar, and at the same time came out three men - all looking the same. Now Sukanyaa could not recognized her husband. Then she prayed Ashwinee Kumaar and they pointed towards the Rishi and went to their Lok.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/2]

(2) Ashwinee Kumaar and Mahsrshi Dadheechi
Once Ashwinee Kumaar went to Maharshi Dadheechi and wanted to know Brahm Gyaan. Dadheechi knew Brahm Vidyaa very well, he taught it to Indra also, but Indra did not want him to teach it to anybody else, so when Ashwinee Kumaar expressed their desire to learn it from him, Indra warned Dadheechi that if he did so, he would cut his head. When Ashwinee Kumaar heard this they said, "No problem, we have a solution for it." They cut his head themselves, fixed a horse head, learnt Brahm Vidyaa from his horse head; and when Indra had cut his head, Ashwinee Kumaar replaced it with his original head. That is how he taught Brahm Vidyaa to Ashwinee Kumaar and that is why Dadheechi is called Ashwashiraa also from that day.

(3) Ashwinee Kumaar and Upamanyu
Once Guru Bhakt Upamanyu fell in a well. He was not allowed to eat anything so he ate Aak leaves which made him blind and he fell in a dry well. When his Guru Dhaumya did not find him, he started searching him. He found him blind in the well. He asked him to pray to Ashwinee Kumaar to give him sight. he did that. Ashwinee Kumaar got pleased and gave him a cake to eat, but he did not eat it like that and told that he would eat only by Guru's permission. They said - "Your Guru had eaten just like that, he did not ask from his Guru, why don't you eat it?" But he did not agree to that. Then his Guru permitted him to eat it, he ate it and got his eye sight back.

Which Avataar Fought in Battles?
There are 22 Avataar (incarnation) of Vishnu Himself or His part, but all of them neither fought nor killed anyone. Do you know which Avataar fought and killed? You will be surprised to know that most Avataar lived peacefully - 16 Avataar are peaceful, only five Avataar have fought so far.

(1) Sanakaadi Muni

(2) Varaah Avataar fought with Hiranyaaksh and killed him.

(3) Naarad, (4) Nar-Naaraayan, (5) Kapil Muni, (6) Dattaatreya, (7) Yagya Purush, (8) Rishabh Dev, (9) Prithu, (10) Matsya, (11) Kashchap, (12) Dhanvantari, (13) Mohinee,

(14) Narasinh Bhagvaan fought with Hiranyakashyap and killed him.

(15) Vaaman, 

(16) Parashuraam Jee fought with Sahstraarjun and killed him. He emptied Prithvi from Kshatriya 21 times.

(17) Ved Vyaas

(18) Raam fought with Khar, Dooshan, Trishiraa and Raavan and killed them.

(19) Balaraam Jee fought with Rukmee and Shambaraasur and killed them. He fought with Baanaasur too but did nort kill him,

(20) Krishn killed many Daitya in childhood, fought with Kans and killed him, fought with Baanaasur and Shiv Jee but didn't kill them.

(21) Buddh,   (22) Kalki



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