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Who Were Brought Back From Yam Lok
In our scriptures, there are several stories where people have come back from Yam Lok. Some of them are given here --

(1) The first story which comes to our mind is of Krishn who brought His Guru Saandeepan Muni's dead son back from yam Lok. After Krishn and Balaraam had finished their education, they asked Muni to ask for Guru Dakshinaa. With the consultation of his wife Guru Jee asked to bring his son back who died by drowning in sea in Prabhaas Kshetra. Both Krishn and Balaraam went to Sea in Prabhaas Kshetra. Sea came with various things to worship them. They asked him to bring the boy back to them. Samudra said - "Dev, I have not taken him. An Asur lives in me in the form of a shell (Shankh). Certainly he must have kidnapped him." So immediately Krishn entered the sea and killed Shankhaasur, but still they could not find the boy in his stomach. Then Krishn came to His chariot with the Shankh and then they went to Yam Raaj. Yam Raaj welcomed them and worshipped them. Krishn said - "My Guru's son has been brought here according to his Karm bondage, but now you don't care for his Karm and bring him to me." Yam Raaj returned the boy to them. Krishn and Balaraam brought that boy to their Guru Jee in Ujjain and said - "You may ask anything else also." Saandeepan Jee said - "Son, you have given the Guru Dakshinaa. Who has the disciple like you, does not need anything else. Go now and do good to the whole world." Both went back to Mathuraa."
[ Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/p15]

(2) The second story is also of Krishn when He brought His own 6 brothers back to life at the request of His mother Devakee. When Devakee heard that Krishn brought His Guru Saandeepan Muni's dead son back, she remembered her own six sons who were killed by Kans. Remembering them she moved with mother-like love. She requested them to show her those sons back whom Kans had killed. She just wanted to see them. So both Krishn and Balaraam went to Sutal Lok to Raajaa Bali. Krishn said to him - "In Swaayambhuv Manvantar, Prajaapati Mareechi's wife Oornaa gave birth to six sons. They all were Devtaa. They laughed at seeing Brahmaa Jee ready for physical relationship with His daughter. Because of this Brahmaa Jee cursed them. And they were born as Hiranyakashyap's sons.

Then Yog Maayaa kept them in Devakee's womb and Kans killed them as they were born. They are with you. Mother Devakee wants to see them. Therefore we will take them to our mother to please her. After that they will be free from Shaap and will go to their Lok. Their names are Smar, Ugdeeya, Parishwang, Patang, Kshudramrit and Ghrini. They will get good Gati by my grace." Krishn and Balaraam came back to Dwaarakaa with those children and handed them over to  Devakee. She got very happy to see them. She kissed them, hugged them and breastfed them. She was confused with Krishn's Maayaa which runs this world. Drinking that milk they also knew about themselves and they greeted Vasudev, Balaraam, Krishn, Devakee and after that they went to their Lok.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u22]

(3) The third story is also of Krishn, when He brought a Braahman's children back to life from Yam Lok. The story goes like this - When Krishn was the King in Dwaarakaa, Arjun visited Him. Once when both were just sitting, a Braahman came carrying his 9th child's dead body. On asking what happened he said that his several children have died and that was the fault of the King. Hearing this Arjun got very angry because he could not hear anything against Krishn. He said - "Is there no Kshatriya who could save this Braahman's children?" In spite of Krishn's warning he got up and vowed to save his children and if he could not he will commit suicide by jumping into fire. Braahman tried to challenge him, but he said, "Don't challenge me, I can bring your children back from Death."

When the next delivery came Arjun himself went there, protected the child but he also died as he touched the Earth. He could not save him by any means, he went to Yam Raaj, Varun, Agni etc Devtaa but did not find his son, so he got ready to die. Now it was Krishn's turn to save him. So He climbed on His divine chariot with Arjun and headed towards West. He crossed seven Dweep (islands) with seven mountains each, seven seas and Lokaalok mountain then came to a beautiful palace in which Shesh Jee was sitting there. And on that Shesh Shayyaa Bhagavaan was sitting. Krishn greeted His own Swaroop, then Arjun also greeted Him. He gave Braahman's all children back to them. They both took Braahman's children back to Dwaarakaa. Braahman children had grown up according to their ages. Krishn and Arjun gave them to Braahman.
[ Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u26]

(4) The fourth incident is also of Krishn, from MBH, 7/20 when He revived Abhimanyu and Uttaraa's son Pareekshit. Ashwatthaamaa wanted to finish Paandav's Vansh (lineage), so he used Brahmaastra at Uttaraa who was pregnant with Pareekshit. When the child was born, he was still, dead. Subhadraa requested him to revive him. He did so.

(5) The fifth story is of Raam. When He was reigning in Ayodhyaa, once a Braahman's son died, so he came crying and saying that this happened only because of some sin of the King. Raam could not think of any. Naarad Jee came there and told Him that maybe some Shoodra was doing tapasyaa in His kingdom, that is why it happened. Raam immediately went to South and found one Shoodra doing Tapasyaa, He immediately killed him and the Braahman's son came to life.
[V-Raamaayan, 7/17/41]

(6) The sixth incident is from Padm Puraan, 5/32. In reference to the glory of Maagh Snaan, Vashishth Jee told this to the King Dileep - Mrigshring Rishi brought 4 girls to life while they were dead. They went to take bath in Kaaveree River for Maagh Snaan, that an elephant followed them and they ran so much that they got tired and fell in a dry well which was covered with straws and leaves and died. Mrigshring Muni came, worshipped Yam Raaj and when he appeared and asked him to ask for a Var, he asked only their life which he gave instantly. Then they told Yam Lok's description to their parents.

Who Got the Shaap of Dying While Trying to Have a Child?

(1) Paandu
The first name comes to our mind is of Paandu. When Paandu killed a Rishi, who was with his wife at that time, by mistake in the forest, he gave him Shaap that as he himself was dying when he was trying to have a child, he would also die when he would try to have a child." That is why his two wives Kuntee and Maadree had to invoke Devtaa to have children.
[MBH, 1-Begining/9]

(2) Saudaas (Kalmaashpaad)   [See also Tidbits I - Kings Who Got Children From Rishi]
The second name is of King Saudaas. After Vashishth's Shaap he became Raakshas for 12 years. During that period, because of his Raakshas nature, he ate one Braahman who was mating with his wife. Although the wife requested him a lt but he didn't listen to her, so she gave him Shaap before being Satee with her husband, that he would also die if he would try to have child. That is why he also could not have a child. Later Vashishth Jee helped him to have a child - named Ashmak.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/5]   [MBH, 3-youth/7]

Which Pregnant Women Were Stopped Being Satee

(1) Rishi Dadheechi's Wife
When Rishi Dadheechi gave his body to Indra for the welfare of Devtaa - to make Vajra out of his bones, and his wife came back to hr Aashram and found her husband dead, she got very angry at Devtaa. She cursed Indra and the other Devtaa. Then she got a pyre ready to become Satee, but just as she was going to do that, she heard a celestial voice from heaven which said - "Hey Devee, You are carrying the sage's child in your womb, therefore, you should give up the idea of being Satee. A pregnant woman should not destroy her body by burning it."

(2) King Baahuk's Wife
In Soorya Vansh, in Harishchandra's lineage there was a king named Baahuk. Once he lost his kingdom so he went to the forest and started living with Muni Aurv. There he got old and died, so his wife thought to be Satee with him. Muni Aurv stopped her being Satee as she was carrying the king's child. When the king's other wives came to know this they became very jealous with her and tried to kill the child by giving the queen poison, but somehow the queen had digested it. Later she gave birth to a son who was named Sagar because he was born with poison. Sa + Gar = Sa means "with" and gar means "poison".



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