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Vashishth and Vishwaamitra

[1-176] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing the Gandharv, Arjun asked him - "When did the quarrel between Vashishth and Vishwaamitra started?" The Gandharv said - "Vashishth's story is regarded as a Puraan in all the three worlds. There was a King named Gaadhi in Kaanyakubj. He was the son of King Kushik. Gaadhi had a son named Vishwaamitra who used to wander in forests to hunt deer by the help of the ascetic power of Vashishth.

Samvaran married Tapatee on the mountain where even Gandharv came to sport and sported with her there with the permission of Vashishth Jee. He appointed Vashishth Jee as the Regent of his kingdom and Vashishth Jee went away. Samvaran lived on that mountain for full 12 years. And Indra did not rain for full 12 years in the kingdom, so people and animals started dying fast. All people started to flee in all directions. The city looked like the capital of the King of the dead. Seeing this disorganization in the kingdom, Vashishth Jee thought to apply some remedy. He brought back Samvaran along with his wife, who was out for many years, in the kingdom. As the King came in his kingdom, the things became as before. Samvaran did a sacrifice once more for 12 years." the gandharv continued - "This is the story of Tapatee, the daughter of Soorya, and because of her you are called Tapatya. Samvaran and Tapatee had a son named Kuru and you are called Tapatya because you are born in the race of Kuru."

[1-177] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing all this from Gandharv Arjun got inspired with the feelings of emotions. Once the King Vishwaamitra got tired hunting deer and felt thirsty with exertion, so he came to the Aashram of Vashishth Jee. Seeing him coming Vashishth Jee welcomed him, offered water to wash his face and hands and fruits to eat. Now Vashishth Jee had a cow who fulfilled his all desires. As soon as she was told "Give", she used to give whatever she was asked for - all kinds of food, grains, cooked foods, clothes, gems etc etc. Vashishth Jee worshipped the King with these things. The King and his troops became very pleased seeing her. She had six elevated limbs and the beautiful flanks and hips, and five limbs that were broad, and eyes prominent like those of the frog and beautiful in size, and high udders, and faultless make, and straight and uplifted ears, and handsome horns, and well-developed head and neck.

So O Prince, Vishwaamitra Jee admired the cow named Nandinee and said to Vashishth Jee - "Please give this cow to me, I will give you 10,000 cows or even my kingdom in exchange of her. You may enjoy my kingdom in exchange of this cow." Vashishth Jee said - "I have this cow for the purpose of gods, guests, Pitar and for my sacrifice. I cannot give her to you in exchange of even your kingdom." Vishwaamitra said - "I am a Kshatriya, and you are a Braahman engaged in ascetics and study. When you don't give me what I want in exchange of 10,000 cows, I will still be a Kshatriya. I will take her by force." Vashishth Jee said - "You are a Kshatriya, you are a mighty King, do whatever you like."

The Gandharv continued - "O Arjun, Thus Vishwaamitra took Nandinee by force afflicting her by whipping or otherwise. Nandinee started complaining Vashishth Jee, and stood in front of him with a piteous face. She did not want to go from there. Seeing this Vashishth Jee said to her - "What can I do if he is taking you by force. he is Kshatriya and I am a forgiving Braahman." Nandinee again asked Vashishth Jee - "Why are you so indifferent about this, as if I have no master." Hearing this Vashishth Jee lost neither patience nor he left his forgiveness, he said - "A Kshatriya's might resides in his physical strength, while a Braahman's power resides in his forgiveness. Because I cannot give up my forgiveness, go Nandinee, do whatever you can." Nandinee said - "You are throwing me away? If you are not throwing me away, he cannot take me by force." Vashishth Jee said - "I am not throwing you away, stay if you can. Your calf is also tied here."

Hearing this Nandinee raised her head and neck up and became terrible in her looks. She began attacking Vishwaamitra'a army from all sides by throwing burning coals through her tail. Then she produced an army of Palhav, Dravid, Shak, Yavan, Savar, Kaanchee, Paundra, Kiraat, Sinhal, Khas, Chibuk, Pulind, Cheen, Hoon, Keral and other Mlechchh peoples from her various body parts. As soon as it sprang to life, it started destroying Vishwaamitra's army. Nandinee's army was so great that each of Vishwaamitra's soldier was attacked by 6-7 enemies. Surprisingly not even one enemy was killed and Vishwaamitra's army ran away. She used her army just to drive them off from there. The army ran away for full 27 miles. Seeing this feat of Brahm power, Vishwaamitra became disgusted. He said in his mind, "Fie on Kshatriya power in comparison to Brahm power." He left then all his pleasures, and set his mind upon asceticism and at last he drank Som with Indra himself."

Story of Kalmaashpaad

[1-178] The Gandharv continued - "Now there was a King named Kalmaashpaad (how he was named as Kalmaashpaad read the Story of Saudaas) in the race of Ikshwaaku. He was very mighty. Once he went for hunting and he killed many deer and rhinoceros. He got tired so he wanted to take rest. Vishwaamitra Jee already had him in his mind to make his disciple. It so happened that as the king was proceeding though the woods, he met the eldest son Shakti among the 100 sons of Vashishth Jee coming from the same way. The King was very proud of his power, so he said to him, "Stand out of my way." But Shakti replied politely, "This is my way, This is the rule that Kshatriya give way to ascetic Braahman." Thus they argued saying "stand aside, stand aside" for a while on the issue of "who should give way to whom". In the end Kalmaashpaad acted like a Raakshas, he whipped Shakti and afflicted Shakti gave him Shaap - "Since you have acted like a Raakshas, you become a Raakshas and subsist on human flesh."

At this incident, Vishwaamitra remembered Vashishth's incident, and he approached the place where they both were quarreling and watched them from hiding. After Shakti had cursed the King Kalmaashpaad, the King came to know that he was the son of Vashishth and was as powerful as his father. He prayed him for his forgiveness. Vishwaamitra, with the desire of revenge, noticing the thought lest Shakti forgives him, ordered a Raakshas, named Kinkar, to enter the body of the King. He entered the body of the King to obey Shakti's curse and the command of Vishwaamitra. As he entered the body of the King, Vishwaamitra left the place and went away. After a while Kalmaashpaad got out of mind and as he was roaming around, he met a Braahman who was very hungry. He asked him for food, the King said to him - "Wait for a moment, let me come back, then I will give you whatever food you want." and he went away and the Braahman stayed there only. The king spent some time in pleasure, and then went to his palace and at midnight he remembered his promise to give food to Braahman. He called his cook and asked him to take some food and meat to the Braahman who was waiting for him in the forest."

The Gandharv continued - "The cook went in search of meat but could not find it. He informed this to the King. The King was possessed by Raakshas nature so he told him to take human flesh to him. The cook went to King's executioners, took some human flesh from there, cooked it, covered it with boiled rice and took it to the Braahman. The Braahman knew with his Yog power that the food was unholy to be taken, he cursed him - "Since he has offered my such unholy food, he himself will develop the liking of such food. And becoming fond of human flesh, as cursed by Shakti, he will be roaming around afflicting other people." The curse repeated by the Braahman became very strong and the King lost his all humanly senses.

After a while the King said to Shakti - "You have cursed me first, that is why let me start my Raakshas life from you. I will eat you first." And he immediately ate him. Seeing this Vishwaamitra got very happy. He instigated the Raakshas within the body of the King to kill other sons of Vashishth also and he did the same. Vashishth knew that his all sons have been killed by Vishwaamitra, still he kept patience. He preferred to die himself instead of taking Kushik's life. So he dropped himself on the stony ground of Meru Parvat, but he fell on it as he had fallen on a heap of cotton. When he found that he did not die there, he entered the fire, but it turned cool to him. Then he threw himself in the sea, but the waves threw him on the shore. Sadly he then went back to his Aashram.

The Gandharv continued - "As Muni Vashishth Jee came to his Aashram and saw his Aashram without his children, he again became very sad and went out to commit suicide. On the way he saw a swollen river. He threw himself in it tying himself with a cord tightly, but the water cut the cord and threw him on the shore. Since the water of that rive cut his cords, he called that river as Vipaashaa (which cuts the cords). He again continued wandering here and there. He again came across a river called Hemaavatee (coming from Himaalaya) and threw himself in her but she thought that he was a fire ball and she scattered her waters in all directions. Since then she was named as Shatadru. he thought to himself - "I cannot die by my own hands." So once more he turned towards his Aashram.

As he was entering his Aashram, he was followed by his daughter-in-law, Shakti's wife, Adrishyanti. He heard somebody reciting Ved Mantra. Vashishth Jee asked - "Who is that following me?" Adrishyanti said - "It is me Adrishyanti, Shakti's wife. Though I have ascetic powers, still I am helpless." Vashishth Jee asked - "Who is reciting Ved Mantra like my son?" Adrishaynti said - "I am with the child of Shakti, he is reciting Ved Mantra. He has been in me for the last 12 years." Hearing this the Muni became so happy and he refrained himself from committing suicide. he brought her in his Aashram.

Now one day Vashishth Jee met Kalmaashpaad in a forest. Guided by his Raakshas nature he rose to eat him too, that Adrishyanti said to Vashishth Jee - "See this Raakshas is coming towards us to eat us. Only you can stop him. Protect me, please." Vashishth Jee said - "Do not fear from him, because he is not a Raakshas. This is the King Kalmaashpaad." He gave a sound of "Hum" to stop him coming towards them, and he sprinkled some sanctified water over him and the King became free from the curse of the Braahman. He was under Shakti's curse for full 12 years.

As he became free from the curse, he came to himself and greeted the Muni with his joined hands and said - "I am the son of Sudaas and your disciple. tell me what can I do for you?" Vashishth Jee said - "I don't need anything from you, go back to your kingdom and rule your people. Never insult any Braahman anymore." Kalmaashpaad said - "O Braahman, I will never insult any Braahman again. I wish to have the knowledge of Ved from you. Now I wish to be free from the debt of Ikshwaaku race. Please give me a desirable son."

The Gandharv continued - Vashishth Jee replied - "I will give you." Both went to Kalmaashpaad's capital. People got very happy to see their King after long time. They cleaned the city, and adorned it with many banners, flowers etc. The King sent his wife to Vashishth Jee and he united with her to produce a son. When she had conceived, Muni went back to his hermitage. She had the baby in her stomach for a long time and when she found that she did not produce anything she tore open her womb by a piece of stone. Thus it was the 12th year in which a son was born to her - Ashmak, who inhabited Paudanya city."


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