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3-Shakat Vrat 

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3-Shakat Vrat
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-24, p 386-387

Shakat Vrat

Krishn Jee said - "Mahaaraaj, Whatever horrible Narak I have described to you in detail, they can all be waived off by observing Vrat. A human being should do such Karm that he should not have to repent for it. Neither this life goes waste, nor one has to take rebirth. Vrat and self study must always be done. I tell you here a very old story.

There was a Siddh Yogee who used to wander on Prithvi in a very horrible form. He had long lips, broken teeth, yellow eyes, flat ears, long stomach - he had all his body parts ugly. A Mooljaalik named Braahman saw him and asked him - "When did you come back from Swarg and why have you come here? Did you see beautiful Rambhaa there? When you go back to Swarg, tell her that the Braahman from Avanteepur was asking your welfare."

Hearing this that Siddh got very surprised, he asked - "Hey Braahman, How did you recognize me?" Braahman said - "Mahaaraaj, Ugly people have only their one or two body parts ugly, but your all parts are ugly, that is how I guessed that since you have hidden so much beauty inside, you must be a Siddh from Swarg." 

Immediately Siddh disappeared and came to Braahman after several days and said - "Hey Braahman, I went to Swarg and when the dance was over in Indra's court, I gave your message to Rambhaa in a lonely place, but she said - "I don't know that Braahman. Here only those people are known who have done Daan, Tap, Yagya, Vrat etc. Only such man's name will be known for ever."

Hearing this the Braahman said - "I observe Shakat Vrat regularly. Please tell this to her." Siddh again got disappeared  and told whatever Braahman said to Rambhaa. Rambhaa got very happy to hear this and said - "Hey Siddh, Yes, I know that Shakat Brahmchaaree who lives in the forest. Affection develops among human beings by seeing, by talking, by living together, or by doing good to others, but I never saw him, never talked to him, or never lived with him, still by hearing about him I have developed affection with him."

After saying this she went to Indra and told about Braahman's Vrat and his attraction towards herself. Indra also got pleased hearing this so he adorned that Braahman with good clothes and ornaments and called him to Swarg in a Vimaan (airplane). He offered him various kinds of Divine pleasures for long time.

This is the importance of Shakat Vrat. Whoever observes this Vrat regularly, there is nothing scarce for him. 



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