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Who Were the Good Disciples
There have been several disciple who were venerable to their Guru. Who were those? There was a custom to give Guru Dakshinaa after the education was completed, but from these disciples their Guru did not want to take Guru Dakshinaa.

(1) Hanumaan and Soorya
When Indra hit his Vajra on Hanumaan's chin and he became Unconscious, his father stopped all air in the whole universe, which troubled the Tri-Lok. So all Devtaa came to Vaayu dev and pleased him  by granting his son Hanumaan many boons. Soorya dev said to him - :When he will grow up, I will educate him." So when Hanumaan grew up, he went to Soorya Dev to be educated. Soorya Dev said - "I cannot educate you just like that. You have to face me and be always with me because I cannot stop." Hanumaan said - "No problem." So he stood in front of him and continued to walk backward as Soorya Dev was coming forward. After his education was complete, he asked Soorya Dev to ask for Guru Dakshinaa. Soorya Dev said - "I am very happy with you. Only fortunate Guru get such a disciple, so you need not to give any Guru Dakshinaa." But Hanumaan knew that without giving Guru Dakshinaa, his education is incomplete, so he insisted on it. Soorya Dev then asked him to live with his son Sugreev and protect him all the time. He did the same.

(2) Karn and Parashuraam
Karn was refused to be educated by Drone, so in frustration he went to Parashuraam and obtained his education from him. Parashuraam was also very with him. When his education was complete, he asked him to ask for Guru Dakshinaa. Parashuraam Jee said - "Only fortunate Guru get a disciple like you in their life time. You need not to give any Guru Dakshinaa, Whenever you will go from here, you will go without paying Guru Dakshinaa. When I will need it, I will ask you myself." But unfortunately, one day when Parashuraam Jee was sleeping keeping his head in Karn's lap, a worm started biting Karn's thigh which caused him bleeding, but he did not even move. When Parashuraam Jee woke up, he was surprised to see this. He said - "A Braahman cannot be so tolerant, you are not Braahman, tell me the truth, who are you?" Karn had to say - "I am Soot's son." Parashuraam Jee got very angry at this. he said to him - "You have taken education by telling lie to me, you will not be able to use this when you will in need to use it."

(3) Krishn and Saandeepan
Krishn and Balaraam went to Saandeepan Muni for their education. They learnt everything in a very short time. When they were leaving the Aashram they asked their Guru to ask for his Guru Dakshinaa. He said - "No need of Guru Dakshinaa. A Guru gets disciples like you by good luck only. I don't need anything." But Krishn also did not want to go without paying Guru Dakshinaa, so he said - "You may ask your Guru Maataa." Guru Maataa was sad because her son was lost some time ago. Krishn went and brought their dead son back and presented him as His Guru Dakshinaa.

(4) Gaalav and Vishwaamitra
Muni Gaalav was a good disciple of Vishwaamitra Jee, When his education was finished, he asked Vishwaamitra Jee to ask for Guru Dakshinaa, but Vishwaamitra Jee said - "There is no need to pay Guru Dakshinaa. You may go just like that." But Gaalav insisted to pay it. Vishwaamitra Jee told him several times that there was no need but he was bent upon to give it. At last he told him to bring 600 horses with one white ear. Although he had to face lots of difficulties, but he brought it.
[MBH, Stories-Gaalav]

These disciples of modern age were good in their own capacity.

(1) Raamaanujaachaarya
read the story  " Raamaanuj and His Two Disciples"

Some Guru Who Did Not Allow Their Disciples to Go Home After Their Education
There is a custom that when a disciple finishes his education, he pays his Guru Dakshinaa and with his Guru's permission goes back to home to start his further life. In scriptures, there are some Guru who have not allowed their disciples to go home even after they had finished their education.

(1) Ayod Dhaumya
Ayod Dhaumya is famous for this. He had three main disciples - Ved, Upamanyu and Aaruni. Ved was such a student of his, that he did not allow him to go. One day he saw his face and found that his hair grew gray. So he again requested to his Guru to go home referring his old age. Then his Guru gave him youth and sent him back to his home.

(2) Satyakaam Jaabaal
Satyakaam Jaabaal, disciple of Gautam, had a disciple Upakosal. He also did not allow him to go to his home even after his wife asked him to do so.

(3) Saandeepan Muni's Wife
Saandeepan Muni's wife did not want Krishn to go home. She loved Him very much, in fact she saw her dead son's face in Him. When Muni told her that Balaraam and Krishn's education was finished and they had to go to their home, she asked him whether he could not keep them back in the Aashram. Then he explained hr that nobody could keep Krishn tied with him, so she should not even think about it. Then she asked Krishn to bring her lost son back. And He did bring her dead son back.

It is interesting to note that

(1) Gautam's disciple Satyakaam was taught by Bull, Fire, Swan and Mugdal bird.
Sayakaam's disciple Upakosal was taught by three Fires.

(2) Four people met Dharm Raaj (Yam Raaj) and got four different things done with him.



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