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Ch-6-Satyakaam and Upakosal

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Chhaandogya Upanishad

Satyakaam and Upakosal

This is the story of Satyakaam Jaabaal and his disciple Upakosal Kamalaayan as produced in Chhaandogya Upanishad---

After Satyakaam's education finished, he lived in an Aashram beside a forest and started teaching other students. All kinds of animals wandered there freely. He had a disciple named Upakosal. Even after many of disciples left the Aashram after their education Satyakaam asked Upakosal to remain in his Aashram. He had tended his Guru's fire for 12 years. Satyakaam's wife noticed this and said to Satyakaam - "Upakosal has been your devoted student for the last 12 years, now what remains? He has been doing his duties very regularly, give him his last lesson so that he can go home." But Satyakaam did not give him his final lesson, rather he went on a journey.

After Satyakaam had left, Upakosal became sad. And after a while the sadness was so much on his mind that he could not eat. Satyakaam's wife noticed this and asked him - "Upakosal, Why are you not eating? What is troubling you?" Upakosal said - "I have many desires in many directions. I am filled with grief that is why I am unable to eat anything." Satyakaam's wife got worried hearing this but did not know what to do. The then a miraculous thing happened. There were three Yagya fires which were tended by Upakosal and other disciples started talking among themselves. One Fire said - "Upakosal has meditated here for 12 years. He has served his teacher very well, learnt everything, then why can't we give him his final teaching?

So one Fire spoke - "Dear Upakosal, The Praan is Brahm, Ka (joy) is Brahm, Kha (Akaha) is Brahm."
Upakosal said - "I know that Praan is Brahm, but I don't understand that "Joy" and Aakaash" are Brahm.
They said - "What is Joy is the Aakaash, and what is Aakaash is the Joy." They taught him that Praan and Aakash are related to Him.

Preaching of Gaarhapatya Fire - Then the Gaarhapatya Fire (the Western Fire or the Household Fire) said - "O Upakosal, Do you know who resides in the Sun (Aaditya)? The Earth, Fire, Food and the Sun all are my forms. The person who is seen in the Sun, is me. Who meditates thus on Fire, frees himself from sinful actions, obtains the Lok (world) of Gaarhapatya Fire, reaches his full age, and lives brightly. His descendents do not perish. We support him in this Lok and in the other Lok too."

Preaching of Anvaharya Fire - Then the Anvaharya Fire (the Southern Fire) spoke - "Water, the quarters, the Stars and the Moon are my forms. The person that is seen in the Moon, he is me indeed. He who knows thus and meditates on me (Fire), frees himself from sinful actions, obtains Anvahartya Fire's Lok, reaches on full age, and lives brightly. His progeny does not perish. We support him in this Lok and in the other Lok too."

Preaching of Aavaahneeya Fire - Then the Aavaahneeya Fire (the Eastern Fire) said - "Do you know who resides in lightening (Vidyut)?"
"Yes, I know who resides in Lightening."
"The Praan, the Aakaash, Heaven and Lightening are all my forms. The person who is seen in Lightening, is me indeed.
Ye Esha Vidyuti Purusho Drishyate So Aham Asmi Sa Evaaham Asmi
He who knows thus and meditates on me (Fire), frees himself from sinful actions, obtains Anvahartya Fire's Lok, reaches on full age, and lives brightly. His progeny does not perish. We support him in this Lok and in the other Lok too. With this knowledge, O Upakosal, you will be free from the unfavorable influence of past Karm, will enjoy the world, live long and full life and your descendants will live in abundance."
Upakosal reflected over this and thought that the Self is in everything.

After this all Fires spoke together - "O Upakosal, We have taught you the knowledge of ourself and the Self (Aatm Vidyaa). Now when your Guru comes back, he will give the final teaching - Brahm Vidyaa."

In a few days time Satyakaam came back from his journey. He saw a radiant smile on Upakosal's face. He remembered his own days when his own face was shining and his Guru said the same words to him. He got very pleased to see that radiance on his own disciple's face. So he said to him - "Upakosal, I can see that you have found Brahm. Who taught you?"
"Who can teach me?"

Here he conceals the fact as they were. Then he ;pointed towards Fires and said - "For this reason they are of this form now, although before they had different forms."
Satyakaam asked - "What did they teach you?" Upakosal repeated some of it what they taught to him.
At this Satyakaam said - "They have told you about this world, but I will tell you about Brahm. As water does not cling to the lotus leaf, in the same way no evil clings to who knows this."
Satyakaam said - "Revered Sir, Please tell me."

Instructions by Satyakaam - "The person that is seen in the eye, that is the Self, that is the Immortal, the fearless, Brahm. That is why if one drops Ghee or water in the eye, it flows away on both sides. The seers call Him Saamyadwam, for all blessings (Var) go to Him (Samyanti). Who knows this he is also Vamaani, for he carries to living beings (Nayaati) all blessings (Var). He is also called Bhamaani for He shines in all the worlds, and who he knows this he also shines in all the worlds.

Now whether anybody funeral rites for such a person, he goes to light, from light to day, from day to the Shukla Paksha (bright half olf the Moon), from those Paksha to that half year in which the Sun goes to North (Uttaraayan), and from Uttaraayan to year, from year to the Sun, from the Sun to the Moon, and from the Moon to Lightening. There is a person, who is not a human being, meets him and leads him to Brahm. And those who travel by this route never return to the human world."

And then Satyakaam said to Upakosal - "Now you may go home." Filled with joy Upakosal came back to his home. He also became a Guru and taught his own disciples the way Satyakaam taught him, or Gautam taught Satyakaam, thus maintaining the tradition of teaching.

"This is the result of speaking truth."


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