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10-Chandra Vansh

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Chandra Vansh-Padm Puraan
Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti Khand, 10.  p 37-39

10. Chandra Vansh According to Padm Puraan
11. Chandra Vansh According to Bhavishya Puraan-2Tretaa
12. Chandra Vansh According to Bhavishya Puraan-3Tretaa
14. Chandra Vansh According to Bhaagvat Puraan-1
15. Chandra Vansh According to Bhaagvat Puraan-2
16. Chandra Vansh According to Mahaabhaarat

In Vaivaswat Manvantar (the present Manvantar) Brahmaa asked Atri Muni to create people. So he did Tap to get children. One day a few drops of water fell from his eyes. They were lighting the whole world. Devee (goddesses) of directions took them with the desire of having children, but they could not bear the grace of that fetus so they released it. Brahmaa Jee collected that fetus and converted it into a fine young man who had all kinds of weapons. He took that man to his own Lok. All Brahmarshi regarded him as their Swaamee (Lord) and everybody prayed him. [He named him Chandramaa]

At that time his grace, which had increased to a great extent, caused herbs to grow on Prithvi. That is how Chandramaa became the Swaamee of herbs. He waxes in Shukla Paksh and wanes in Krishn Paksh. After some time Daksh, the son of Prachetaa Gan, married his 27 daughters to him. Chandramaa did Tap for a long time. Pleased with him Naaraayan asked him to ask for any Var. Chandramaa asked - "I wish to do Raajsooya Yagya in Indra Lok. All Devtaa, including you, should be present in my Yagya in person and Shankar should protect my Yagya." "So be it" and Vishnu organized that Yagya Himself. In that Yagya Atri was Hotaa, Bhrigu was Adhwaryu, and Brahmaa was Udgaataa. Shree Hari became Drashtaa in the form of Brahmaa. When that Yagya got completed, he became the Swaamee of seven Lok.

Chandramaa had a son named Budh (read Brihaspati and Chandramaa). Brahmaa Jee appointed him as the Swaamee of Bhoo Mandal (Prithvi) and gave him the status of a planet.

Budh produced a son named Pururavaa - from Ilaa
Pururavaa had 8 sons from Urvashee Apsaraa - (1) Aayu, (2) Dridhaayu, (3) Vashyaayu, (4) Dhanaayu, (5) Vrittimaan, (6) Vasu, (7) Divijaat, and (8) Subaahu.
Aayu had five sons - Nahush, Vriddhsharmaa, Raji, Dambh, and Vipaapmaa.
Raji had 100 sons who were known as Raajeya.
Nahush had seven sons - Yati, Yayaati, Sanyaati, Udbhav, Par, Viyati and Vidyasaati. Yati became Yogee in young age only.
Yayaati had five sons - Yadu and Turvasu, Druhyu, Anu and Puru
Yadu's descendent were called Yaadav. Krishn and Balaraam appeared in Yadu's lineage.
Puru's descendents were called Paurav.

Yadu's Lineage
Yadu had five sons - Sahastrajit, Kroshtu - (see his lineage below in Green as given in Bhavishya Puraan) Neel, Anjik and Raghu.
Sahastrajit's son was Shatjit
Shatjit had three sons - Haihaya, Haya and Uttaalhaya who all were very religious.
Haihaya's son was Dharmnetra,
Dharmnetra's son was Kumbhi,
Kumbhi's son was Sanhat
Sanhat's son was Mahishmaan.
Mahishmaan had the son named Bhadrasen. He was the king of Kaashee.
Bhadrasen's son was Durdarsh,
Durdarsh's son was Bheem,
Bheem's son was Kanak.
Kanak had four sons - Kritaagni, Kritveerya, Kritdharmaa, and Kritaujaa.
Kritveerya's son was Arjun. He had 1,000 arms and he was the king of seven Dweep (islands).

Arjun had 100 sons, but five were very mighty - Shoorsen, Shoor, Dhrisht, Krishn, Jayadhwaj.
Jayadhwaj's son was Taaljangh
Taaljangh also had 100 sons who were also known as Taaljangh.
They had five lineages - Veetihotra, Bhoj, Avantee, Tundkar and Vikraant, still all were known as Taaljangh.
Veetihotra had the son named Anant
Anant had the son named Durjaya.

Yadu's Son Kroshtu's Lineage
This lineage does not match with Bhavishya Puraan's description, see "Yadu's Vansh" below in Green

Kroshtu's son was Vrijineevaan
Vrijineevaan's son was Swaati
Swaati's son was Kushanku
Kushanku's son was Chitrarath who was popularly known as Shashbindu. 
Shashbindu had 10,000 sons, but 100 were main, among 100, whose name started with Prithu, were mightier -
       Prithushravaa, Prithuyashaa, Prithutejaa, Prithubhdav, Prithukeeriti and Prithumati
Prithushravaa's son was Ushanaa, 
Ushanaa's son was Shineyu, 
Shineyu's son was Rukmkavach
Rukmkavach had 5 sons - (1) Rukmeshu, (2) Prithurukm, (3) Jyaamagh, (4) Parigh and (5) Hari.
       Parigh and Hari got the kingdom of Videh Desh, Rukmeshu became the king and Prithurukm lived as his dependent. Rukmeshu and
       Prithurukm threw their brother Jyaamagh out of their house. Jyaamagh went on Rikshvaan mountain and started living on wild fruits.
       Jyaamagh's wife Shibyaa was a Satee.
Jyaamagh had a son named Vidarbh. 
Vidarbh had three sons - Krath, Kaishik and Lompaad. Krath and Kaishik were very learned and Lompaad was very religious.
        Vidarbh had many other sons also
Lompaad's son was Babhru
Babhru's son was Heti
Kaishik had a son named Chidi who had Chaidya named kings.

Vidarbh Vansh
Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/15 gives some other names. Compare them with its description.

Vidarbh had three sons - Krath, Kaishik and Lompaad.
Vidarbh's son Krath's son was Kunti, 
Kunti's son was Dhrisht, and 
Dhrisht had the son named Nirvriti. 
Nirvriti had the son named Daashaarh who was known as Vidoorath also.
Daashaarh's son was Bheem, and 
Bheem's son was Jeemoot. 
Jeemoot's son was Vikal, 
Vikal's son was Bheemarath, 
Bheemarath's son was Navrath, 
Navrath's son was Dridharath, 
Dridharath's son was Shakuni,
Shakuni's son was Karambh, and 
Karambh 's son was Devaraat,

Devaraat had the son named Devkshatra,
Devkshatra's son was Madhu,
Madhu's son was Kuruvash,
Kuruvash's son was Purush (married to Vidarbh Princess Bhadravatee)
Purush's son was Jantu (who was known as Purudwasu, married to Vetrakee)
Jantu 's son was Saatwat, on whose name started Saatwat Vansh (see below) - was married to Kaushalyaa.
          He had sons named - Bhajin, Bhajamaan, Divya, Devaavridh, Andhak, Mahaabhoj and Vrishni. They extended four lineages.

Bhajamaan's wife Srinjaya Kumaaree's son was Bhaaj whose children were called Bhaajak.
Bhaaj had two wives. Both wives had many sons - Vinaya, Karun, and Vrishni.
Devaavridh's son was Babhru. Both were very qualitative.
       Knower of Puraan say that 76,000 people got Moksh through their preaching.

Babhru's son was Bhoj (married to Sharkaant's daughter Mritakaavatee)
Bhoj had four sons - Kukur, Bhajamaan, Sameek and Balbarhish

Bhoj's Lineage - Kukur's Lineage
It is said that in Bhoj Vansh, there was no liar, unholy, foolish and graceless. Nobody donated less than 1,000 and nobody had been greater than Bhoj. This Bhoj lineage ended on Aahuk.

Kukur's son was Dhrishnu,
Dhrishnu's son was Dhriti
Dhriti's son was Kapotaromaa
Kapotaromaa's son was Naimitt
Naimitt's son was Susut
Susut's son was Nari (his another name was Chandanodak Dundubhi)
Nari's son was Abhijit
Abhijit's son was Punarvasu
Punarvasu had one son and one daughter - Aahuk and Aahukee.
         Aahuk married his sister in Avantee Desh. Aahuk had a daughter who gave birth to two sons - Devak and Ugrasen
Devak had four sons - Devavaan, Upadev, Sudev, and Devarakshak; and
         7 daughters - Devakee, Shrutdevaa, Yashodaa, Shrutishravaa, Shreedevaa, Upadevaa and Suroopaa - all were married to Vasudev.
Ugrasen had 9 sons, among them Kans was the eldest. Kans was killed by Krishn. Others were -
         Nyagrodh, Sunaamaa, Kank, Shanku, Subhoo, Raashtrapaal, Baddhmushti and Sumushtik - they were killed by Balaraaam;  and
         5 daughters - Kansaa, Kansvatee, Surabhi, Raashtrapaalee and Kankaa

Bhoj's Lineage - Bhajamaan's Lineage
Bhoj's another son Bhajamaan's son was Vidoorath
Vidoorath had two sons - Raajaadhidev and Shoor
Raajaadhidev also had two sons - Shonaashwa and Shwetvaahan
Shonaashwa had five sons - Shamee, Gadcharmaa, Nimoort, Chakrajit, and Shuchi
Shamee's son was Pratikshatra
Pratikshatra's son was Bhoj
Bhoj's son was Hridik
Hridik had 10 sons among whom Kritvarmaa was the eldest, others were - Shatdhanvaa, Devaarh, Subaanu, Bheeshan, Mahaabal, Ajaat, Vijaat, Kaarak and Karmbhak
Devaarh's son was Kambalbarhish
Kambalbarhish had two sons - Samaujaa and Asamaujaa
Ajaat also had two sons named Samaujaa
Samaujaa had three sons - Sudrash, Suraansh, and Krishn

In Saatwat's youngest son Vrishni's lineage, there was a king named Anamitra. He was also the youngest son of his father.
Anamitra had four sons - Shini, Yudhaajit, Rishabh, and Kshatra
Rishabh (married to Kashee Princess) had the son - Jayant (married to Jayantee)
Jayant's son was Akroor. He married to Ratn's princess Shaibyaa. He had 11 sons from her.
          He married Shoorsenaa and had two sons from her - Devavaan and Upadev.
          He married Ashwinee too and had several sons from her too.

Vidoorath's (Bhajamaan's son) son (from Aikshwaakee) was Meedhush (popularly known as Shoorsen)
Shoorsen had 10 sons from Bhojaa - Vasudev (Aanand-dundubhi), Devabhaag, Devashravaa, Anaadhrishti, Kuni, Nandi, Sakridyashaa, Shyaam,
          Sameedhu, and Shansyu, and 
          5 daughters - Prithaa, Shrutakeerti, Shrutdevee, Shrutshravaa and Raajaadhidevee.
         Prithaa was given to Kuntibhoj as he did not have any child. There she was known as Kuntee and got married to Paandu - in Shaantanu's family.
Shrutakeerti was married to the king of Kaikaya and gave birth to Santardan. 
Shrutdevee was married to Vriddh and gave birth to Kaaroosh.
Shrutshravaa was the wife of the king of Chedi Desh and gave birth to Suneet (Shishupaal). He was killed by Krishn.
Raajaadhidevee gave birth to a daughter named Abhimarditaa who was married to Dharm.

Prithaa was married to Paandu. She had three sons - Yudhishthir, Bheem and Arjun. Paandu had another wife Maadree who was the mother of two sons - Nakul and Sahadev.

Vasudev's wife Rohinee (daughter from Puru Vansh) had five sons - Balaraam, Saaran, Durdhar, Daman, and Pindaarak.
Vasudev's wife Devakee first gave birth to 6 part Avataar of Prajaapati, then to Krishn.
Upadevaa gave birth to four sons - Vijaya, Rochmaan, Vardhmaan and Deval.
Shrutdevaa gave birth to Gaveshan.

Yadu's Vansh - (Yadu to Samvaran)
From Bhavishya Puraan, Chandra Vansh in 2nd Leg of Tretaa Yug
Yadu's son was Kroshtu (60,000 yrs)
Kroshtu's son was Vrijinaghn (20,000 yrs)
Vrijinaghn's son was Swaahaarchan
Swaahaarchan's son was Chitrarth
Chitrarath's son was Arvind
Arvind's son was Shravas
Shravas' son was Taamas
Taamas' son was Ushan
Ushan's son was Sheetaanshu
Sheetaanshuk's son was Kamalaanshu
Kamalaanshu's son was Paaraavat
Paaraavat's son was Jyaamagh
Jyaamagh's son was Vidarbh
Vidarbh's son was Krath
Krath's son was Kuntibhoj - He married the daughter of Puru Daitya who lived in Paataal. She gave birth to a son named Vrishparvaa

Kuntibhoj's son was Vrishparvaa
Vrishparvaa's son was Maayaavidya (10,000 years) -
       He was a great devotee of Devee. He ruled in Pratishthaanpur (Jhoonsee) of Prayaag and then attained Swarg.
Maayaavidya's son was Janamejaya I
Janamejaya I's son was Prachinvaan
Prachinvaan's son was Praveer
Praveer's son was Nabhasya
Nabhasya's son was Bhavad
Bhavad's son was Sudyumn
Sudyumn's son was Baahugar
Baahugar's son was Sanyaati
Sanyaati's son was Dhanayaati
Dhanayaati's son was Aindraashwa
Aindraashwa's son was Ranteenar
Ranteenar's son was Sutapaa
Sutapaa's son was Samvaran - he did Tap for 100 years. Soorya married his daughter Tapatee to him.

Here Ends Tretaa Yug

Here ended Tretaa Yug. All four seas crossed their limits and presented a scene of Pralaya. For two years, Prithvi was under the sea. Then came storms of strong winds and sea started getting dried and Prithvi reappeared by the grace of Maharshi Agastya. Within five years Prithvi got all vegetations - trees, grass etc back. By the permission of Soorya, Samvaran and Maharshi Vashishth, along with three Varn people came to Prithvi again.

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