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15-Chandra Vansh-2

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Genealogies-Chandra Vansh - Bhaagvat-2/2
From Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/8

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HE produced Brahmaa Jee
Brahmaa Jee had his Maanas Putra Atri Jee
Atri produced Chandramaa from his eyes.
Chandramaa's son was Budh - from Brihaspati's wife Taaraa
Budh's son was Pururavaa - from Ilaa (see Sudyumn story

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Bharmyaashwa had five sons - Mudgal, Yaveenar, Brihdishu, Kaampilya and Sanjaya. Bhaarmyashwa said - "My all these five sons are worthy to
         rule five countries (Panch Alam), therefore they were known as Paanchaal. Among them Mudgal started Maudgalya Braahman Gotra.

Mudgal had a twins. Among which the son's name was Divodaas and the girl's name was Ahalyaa.
     Ahalyaa was married to Maharshi Gautam. 
     Gautam's son was Shataanand
     Shataanand's son was Satyadhriti who was very good at bow and arrow.
     Satyadhriti's son was Sharadwaan. One day Maharshi Shardwaan saw Urvashee and his semen dropped on a bush of Moonj. It caused to born
        one son and one daughter. King Shaantanu saw those children and brought them home. he named them as Krip and Kripee. Krip became
        Kul Guru Kripaachaarya of Kaurav and Kripee was married to Aachaarya Drone (who taught weapon knowledge to Kaurav and Paandav)."

Divodaas' son was Mitreyu
Mitreyu had four sons - Chyavan, Sudaas, Sahadev and Somak. 
Somak had 100 sons, among them the eldest was Jantu and the youngest was Prishat.
Prishat's son was Drupad
Drupad had a daughter named Draupadee and a son named Dhrishtdumn and other sons.
Dhrishtdumn's son was Dhrishtketu
-------------Both, Dhrishtdyumn and Dhrishtketu, along with Drupad were killed in MBH war.
-------------All these were born in Bharmyaashwa's Vansh (descendents) were called Paanchaal.

Ajameedh's Second Son was Riksh
Riksh's son was Samvaran - married to Soorya's daughter Tapatee
Samvaran's son was - Kuru - the king of Kuru Kshetra
Kuru had four sons - Pareekshit, Sudhanvaa, Jahnu, and Nishadhaashwa.

Pareekshit didn't have any child.

Kuru's Son Sudhanvaa's Vansh
Sudhanvaa had a son named Suhotra
Suhotra's son was Chyavan
Chyavan's son was Kritee
Kritee's son was Uparichar Vasu
Uparichar Vasu had several sons - Brihadrath etc. Among them Brihadrath, Kushaamb, Matsya, Pratyagra and Chedip etc became the kings of Chedi Desh.

Brihadrath's Vansh
Brihadrath's son was Kushaagra
Kushaagra's son was Rishabh
Rishabh's son was Satyahit
Satyahit's son was Pushpvaan
Pushpvaan's son was Jahnu.

Kuru's Son Jahnu's Vansh
Jahnu's son was Surath
Surath's son was Vidoorath
Vidoorath's son was Saarvbhaum
Saarvbhaum's son was Jayasen
Jayasen's son was Raadhik
Raadhik's son was Ayut
Ayut's son was Krodhan
Krodhan's son was Devaatithi
Devaatithi's son was Rishya
Rishya's son was Dileep
Dileep's on was Prateep
Prateep had 3 sons - Devaapi, Shaantanu, Baahleek.
Devaapi is doing Tap in Kalaap Graam.

Shaantanu's Vansh
Shaantanu had 3 sons - Devavrat from Gangaa, he did not marry; Chitraangad and Vichitraveerya from Satyavatee. Chitraangad died childless.
Vichitraveerya's widows had 2 sons from Maharshi Ved Vyaas - Dhritraashtra (blind) and Paandu
Dhritraashtra had 100 sons, Duryodhan and Dushaasan being the eldest - all were killed in MBH war
Paandu had 5 sons from his two wives (Kuntee and Maadree) - Yudhishthir, Bheem, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev
All 4 sons, except Arjun, had two sons each, one from Draupadee and one from their other wives --
    Yudhishthir's son was Prativindhya,
    Bheem's son was Shrutsen,
    Arjun's son was Shrutkeerti,
    Nakul's son was Shataaneek and
    Sahadev's son was Shrutkarmaa.

Besides these sons from Draupadee,
Yudhishthir had a son named Devak from Pauravee;
Bheemsen had two sons named Ghatotkach from Hidimbaa and Sarvgat from Kaalee;
Sahadev had Suhotra from Parvat-kanyaa Vijayee; and
Nakul had Naramitra from Karenumatee.
Arjun had Iravaan from Naag-kanyaa Uloopee, Vabhruvaahan from Manipur King's daughter, he was the son of his Naanaa (maternal grandfather), and
    Abhimanyu from Krishn's sister Subhadraa.

Only Abhimanyu continued the lineage of Paandu -- Abhimanyu was killed in MBH war
Abhimanyu's son was Pareekshit
Pareekshit had 4 sons - Janamejaya, Shrutsen, Bheemsen and Ugrasen
Janamejaya's son will be Shataaneek
Shataaneek's son will be Sahastraaneek
Sahastraaneek's son will be Ashwamedhaj,
Ashwamedhaj's son will be Aseemkrishn
Aseemkrishn's son will be Nemichakra.
When Hastinaapur will be destroyed in Gangaa River, he will live in Kaushaambee Puree.

Nemichakra's son will be Chitrarath
Chitrarath's son will be Kavirath,
Kavirath's son will be Vrishtimaan,
Vrishtimaan's son will be Raajaa Sushen,
Sushen's son will be Suneeth,
Suneeth's son will be Nrichakshu,
Nrichakshu's son will be Sukheenal,
Sukheenal's son will be Pariplav,
Pariplav's son will be Sunaya,
Sunaya's son will be Medhaavee,

Medhaavee's son will be Nripanjaya,
Nripanjaya's son will be Doorv,
Doorv's son will be Timi,
Timi's son will be Brihadrath,
Brihadrath's son will be Sudaas,
Sudaas' son will be Shataaneek,
Shataaneek's son will be Durdaman,
Durdaman's son will be Vaheenar,
Vaheenar's son will be Dandpaani,
Dandpaani's son will be Nimi, and
Nimi's son will be Kshem.

Here Ends the Chandra Vansh in Kali Yug.



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