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3-Pratisarg Parv (2)

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9-Vikramaaditya (3)

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9-Vaitaal-Vikramaaditya Stories 5-6
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (2), p 292-294

5-One Has to Bear the Fruits of His Karm - Hariswaamee's Story

Vaitaal further said - "Raajan, There ruled a king named Choodaamani in Choodaapur city. His Pativrataa wife's name was Vishaalaakshee. the queen worshipped Shankar Jee with the desire of a son and she got a son by his grace as beautiful as Kaam Dev. He was a part of Devtaa. They named him Hariswaamee. Hariswaamee started enjoying all kinds of pleasures on this Prithvi. Cursed by Deval Muni, a Devtaa woman becme the wife of Hariswaamee. One time she was sleeping on her bed in her palace, that a Sukal named Gandharv came and kidnapped the queen sleeping in fast asleep. When Hariswaamee woke up, he did not see his wife. He started searching for her. When he could not find her, he became very grieved and went to forest leaving his city. He started worshipping Bhagavaan.

One day Hariswaamee went to get alms to a Braahman's house. Braahman happily cooked Kheer and gave it to him. Carrying the Kheer pot, he came to a river to take bath. He put the pot on a banyan tree and entered the river to take bath. At the same time a snake came from somewhere and spitted poison in the pot from his mouth and went away.

Hariswaamee came out of the river after taking bath and started eating Kheer. As he ate it, he started fainting because o the poison in it. Hariswaamee went back to that Braahman and said - "O wicked Braahman, I am dying after eating your Kheer, that is why you will be attached to sin of Brahm Hatyaa." And he died and attained Shiv Lok."

Vaitaal said to the king - "Tell me who was responsible for Brahm Hatyaa?" The king said - "Snake made that Kheer poisonous ignorantly, that is why he will not be responsible for this killing. Because Sanyaasee was like Devtaa for the Braahman, the Braahman did his duty - he cooked the Kheer with a great Shraddhaa and offered it to him, so he is also not a sinner too in such condition. If he had given him the food mixed with poison, then only he was a sinner, because even insulting a guest is like Brahm Hatyaa, therefore the Braahman will not be attached to the sin of Brahm Hatyaa. Now remains the Sanyaasee. Everybody has to bear the fruits of of his Karm, good or bad, therefore he only died naturally by his some past Karm. Nobody is at fault in this situation. Eating Kheer is only a Nimitta (means or cause) of his death. Therefore nobody will be responsible for this Brahm Hatyaa."

6-Example of Giving Life - Story of Jeemootvaahan and Shankhchood

Vaitaal said to Vikram - "There used to live a Braahman in Kaanyakubj area (Kannauj, UP). He was very religious. Whatever he collected from houses, he used to give in charity. Once during the days of Navaraatri Vrat, he couldn't get anything from any house, so he got worried that, "I have invited the girls (Kanyaa), how I will feed them?" He was thinking like this that by he grace of Devee he got five gold coins. He finished his Vrat from the same. He did not eat anything for nine days, so with the effect of that Vrat he attained Devtaa Roop (form) and as a result he became Jeemootketu - Lord of Vidyaadhar. He used to live in a beautiful place in Himaalaya Parvat and worshipped Kalp Vriksh with a great devotion. as a result of that worship he got a son named Jeemootvaahan.

In his previous birth Jeemootvaahan was the king of central country - King Shoorsen. At one time, Shoorsen came to Maharshi Vaalmeeki's dwelling place, Utpalaavart, for hunting. There on Chaitra Shukla Navamee, he celebrated Raam's birthday. He did "Raatri Jaagaran" (waking up for the whole night) also. Because of that Punya he was born as Vidyaadhar in Jeemootketu's house as Jeemootvaahan. Now Jeemootvaahan also worshipped the Kalp Vriksh. Within one year that tree asked him to ask for any Var. Jeemootvaahan said - "Hey Vriksh, By your grace my city should be prosperous." The Vriksh entered the land of the city and made it pleasant and prosperous. Now there was nobody who was not like the king. Later both father and the son went to forest to do Tap and started severe Tap on Malayaachal Parvat.

One day the daughter of king Malayadhwaj, Kamalaakshee, went to Shiv temple to worship Shiv along with her friends. At the same time Jeemootvaahan also came there to worship Shiv. As he saw the princess, he got attracted to her and a desire to have her arose in his heart. He opened his heart to her and the king Malayadhwaj married her to Jeemootvaahan. One day the son of Malayadhwaj, Vishwaavasu, went to Gandhmaadan parvat along with Jeemootvaahan. There he greeted Nar and Naaraayan. At the same time Vishnu's Vaahan (ride) Garud also came there.

The mother of Shankhchood Naag was wailing there where Jeemootvaahan was. Hearing her wailing he came to her and asked the reason of her wailing - "Why are you weeping? What is your sorrow?" She said - "Hey Dev, Today Garud will eat my son that is why I am weeping." Hearing this Jeemootvaahan went to Where Garud was. Garud thought he was his feed, so he caught him in his paws and took him into the sky. When Kamalaakshee saw Garud eating her husband, she started crying. But Garud found that, as he was eating him, he was not feeling any pain. He got scared seeing him in human form. He said to Jeemootvaahan - "Why did you become my feed?" Jeemootvaahan said - "Because the mother of Shankhchood Naag was very sad, so to protect her child I came to you."

When Shankhchood came to know this incident, he also came to Garud and said - "I am here as your feed. Please leave this Divine human being and eat me." Seeing the feeling of doing good to others Garud got very happy. He granted three boons to Vidyadhar Jeemootvaahan - "I will never eat Shankhchood's descendents. You will attain a good status in Vidyaadhar's kingdom. You will attain Vaikunth after enjoying life for 100,000 (1 Lakh) years." After saying this garud disappeared from there. Jeemoot got kingdom from his father and after enjoying the kingdom he went to Vaikunth Lok."

Vaitaal asked - "Now you tell me, who was more courageous, Jeemootvaahan or Shankhchood? And who got better fruit?" The king said - "Shankhchood got greater benefit, because to do good to others is the duty of the king, although Jeemootvaahan did do a favor to Shankhchood by giving his own life for him so that Garud gave him the Var of living in Vaikunth., still this comes under king's duties. Therefore his sacrifice doesn't seem to be greater than the courage of Shankhchood. In fact Shankhchood saved a king's life by giving his own life to his enemy. Therefore Shankhchood is a more appropriate candidate for good fruit." Vaitaal became satisfied with this rely.



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