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3-Pratisarg Parv (2)

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8-Vikramaaditya (2)

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8-Vaitaal-Vikramaaditya Stories 3-4
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (2), p 289-291

3-Story of Triloksundaree

Vaitaal further said - "Now I tell you another story. There was a city named Champaa Puree (present Bhaagalpur, Bihar). There lived a mighty king named Champkesh. His wife's name was Sulochanaa. They had a beautiful daughter named Triloksundaree. She was so beautiful that even Devtaa wished to marry her. When her Swayamvar was organized, Yam, Indra, Varun, Kuber etc Devtaa came to marry her. 

Indradatt said - "Raajan, I am good at Shaastra and I am handsome, so marry your daughter to me." Dharmdatt said - "Raajan, I am very good at archery and I am handsome too, give your daughter to me." The third one said - Raajan, My name is Dhanpaal. I know the language of all creatures. I am handsome and qualitative, give your daughter to me and be happy." The fourth one said - "I know all kinds of arts and I earn five gems a day by my own hard work. My first gem is for Punya, the second gem is for Hom (Yagya), the third one is for my soul, the fourth one is for my wife and the last one I spend for my food. Therefore you give your daughter to me." Hearing all this king got worried that to whom he should marry his daughter. He couldn't decide anything, so he told everything to his daughter and asked her - "Among all of them which one do you like most?" But he girl didn't speak anything because of her shyness."

Vaitaal asked Vikram - "now you tell, that who was the appropriate groom for the girl?" Vikram said - "Hey servant of Rudra, That beautiful girl is for Dharmdatt, because Indradatt is the knower of Ved, so he comes under the class of Braahman. Who knows many languages and expands his wealth comes under the category of Vaishya. The third one, who is good at art and trades in gems, he is Shoodra. Hey Vaitaal, A girl should be married in her own Varn only, that is why that girl should be married to Dharmdatt who is good at archery. He is a Kshatriya by actions, so she should be married to him only."

4-Lusty King Becomes the Cause of Destruction of His People

Vaitaal again said - "In ancient times, there was a king named Dharmvallabh ruling in a beautiful city of Punyapur (Poonaa, Mahaaraashtra). His minister's name was Satya Prakaash. Satya Prakaash's wife's name was Lakshmee. Once king Dharmvallabh said to his minister - "Tell me, How many types of joy are?" The minister said - "Joy is of four types - (1) Joy of living in Brahmcharya Aashram, this is Brahm Aanand (joy) and is the best. (2) The second one is Grihasth Aanand, which is of medium quality. (3) The third one is Vaanprasth joy, it is Dharm aanand and is very ordinary kind of joy. (4) The fourth one is the joy found in Sanyaas, that is Shiv Aanand. This is best and highest kind of joy. Among them, Grihasth Aannd is mainly because of woman, because one cannot get it without her in this Aashram."

Hearing this the king went to other countries to look for a wife for himself, but he could not find one according to his choice. At this the minister went to several countries, and when he also could not find one girl according to king's choice, he went to Sindhu Desh and got very happy to see such a good Teerth. He prayed sea like this - "I greet you, O House of all all kinds of gems. I have come in your refuge, you are the lord of all the rivers. Please give me a woman according to my king. If you will not do so, I will give my life." Sea got very pleased hearing his prayer. He showed the minister a tree which had pearls as its fruits. A beautiful girl was sitting on that tree. But in a few moments that girl disappeared along with the tree.

Seeing this, the minister got very surprised and came back to king and told everything. This time the king also came to the shore of the sea. The king also saw the girl sitting on a tree and the girl again disappeared in the sea in front of their eyes along with the tree. seeing this wonderful scene, the king also entered the sea and came to Paataal Lok following that girl. Minister came back to his city.

King said - "O Beautiful, I have come here for you only. Marry me with Gandharv marriage system. The girl laughed and said - "I will see you in Devee Temple on the 14th night of Krishn Paksh." King came back and went to Devee temple promptly on Krishn Chaturdashee with the sword in his hand. That girl was already there.

At the same time a Bakvaahan named Raakshas touched her. Seeing this king got very angry and he cut the head of that Raakshas with his sword, and asked the girl - "tell me the truth. who was he and how did he come here?" The girl said - "Raajan, I am the daughter of Vidyaadhar and my name is Madvatee. I ma very dear to my father. Once I went to forest and could not reach home in time for dinner. My father knew everything by his Yog Power and gave me Shaap that, "A Raakshas will take you on Krishn Chaturdashee." When I got to know this Shaap, I asked him as how I would get free from this Shaap. He said - "When a king will marry you on Krishn Chaturdashee, then your Shaap will be over." I am now free by your grace. By your order now I wish to go to my father's house." The king said - "Now you come to my house with me, after this I will take you to your father." Agreeing with this, the girl came to king's palace and got married to him. The city celebrated their marriage.

Minister saw that a Divine girl has come with the king. After a few days the Minister died suddenly .

Vaitaal asked - "Raajan, Tell, What was the reason of the sudden death of that Minister? What is the mystery in it?" The king said - "That minister was a friend of the king and a well wisher of the people. Because of him only he got the daughter of the Vidyaadhar, Madvatee, as his wife, but he saw that after getting her the king was getting lusty day by day. Seeing this he understood that soon this country will be destroyed, because when the king becomes lusty and selfish then certainly kingdom is destroyed. In this situation my counsel will be useless, I cannot see the destruction of the kingdom, therefore I should give my life. Hey Vaitaal, Thinking thus the minister Satya Prakaash gave his life."



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