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7-Vikramaaditya (1)

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7-Vaitaal-Vikramaaditya Stories 1-2
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (2), p 286-289

1-Example of Mutual Faithfulness of a Master and a Servant

Soot Jee said - "Once Rudra's servant Vaitaal meditated upon Shankar and said to Vikramaaditya like this - "Hey Raajan, Now you hear an interesting story. In ancient times, in a very prosperous town named Vardhmaan, there lived a very religious king named Roopsen. His Pativrataa wife's name was Vidwanmaalaa. One day a Kshatriya named Veervar came to king's court along with his wife, a son and a daughter with the intention of making his living there. Hearing him, the king had appointed him as his guard at the Sinh Dwaar (main gate) o his palace for 1,000 gold coins per day.

After a few days, the king asked his other servants to find out about his financial situation. He came to know that, that Kshatriya used to spend most part of his money for yagya, Teerth, worshipping in temples, saints, and used minimum amount for his own family. The king got very happy to hear this and he employed him permanently.

One day, at midnight, there was a heavy rain, the king heard the sound of crying of a woman from a cremation ground. The king asked Veervar to find out the reason of her crying. Veervar faithfully started towards that direction along with his sword. King also followed him secretly, lest he falls in some complex situation. Veeravar saw a woman crying in the cremation ground. He asked her the reason of her crying. She said - "I am the Raajya Lakshmee (royal treasury) of this kingdom. In the end of this month, the king Roopsen will die. I will be orphan after his death, where will I go then? That is why I am crying."

Veervar was very faithful to the king, so he asked her the way as how could he live long? The woman said - "If you sacrifice your son in Chandikaa temple, then the king can be saved." Hearing this Veervar immediate came to his home, woke up his family, and came to the Chandikaa temple bringing all of them with him. King was continuously following him secretly. Veervar prayed Devee for the long life of the king and sacrificed his son. Seeing the head cut, his sister died with grief. Seeing both children died their mother also died. Veervar did the last rites of the three and sacrificed himself also for the long life of the king.

The king was seeing all this from hiding. At this king thought his own life useless and drew his sword to kill himself. Immediately Devee appeared and held his hand and said - "O king, I am very pleased with you. Your life is already secured, as for any Var you wish for." The king asked her to bring the whole family of Veervar alive. Saying "So be it." Devee disappeared, the king returned to his palace quietly and lay down on his bed. Veervar was very surprised to see his whole family alive. He dropped them at his house and resumed his duty as the guard.

After a while, king called him and asked the reason of that woman's crying. Veervar said - "Hey Raajan, She was some Chudail (witch type), as I reached there, she disappeared. Do not worry at all." King was very happy with Veervar's faithfulness and patience, so he married his daughter to Veervar's son and extended his friendship with him."

After saying this, Vaitaal kept quiet. After a while he asked Vikram - "Raajan, In this story everybody sacrificed for one another because of affection, but then whose affection and sacrifice was the greatest?" King said - "Although all sacrificed  and fulfilled their duties themselves for each other, still the king's sacrifice seems the greatest, because Veervar was his servant and used to get money for his services, therefore because of those gold coins he gave his life. Veervar's wife was Pativrataa and the follower of Dharm, that is why she sacrificed herself. Sister loved her brother, and the son loved his father; but the king Roopsen set an ideal example of his affection to an ordinary servant, that is why only his sacrifice is the greatest.

2-Story of Mahaadevee

Vaitaal said - "Raajan, There lived a king named Mahaabal of Chandra Vansh in Ujjayinee city. He had a very faithful servant named Haridaas. Haridaas' wife Bhaktimaalaa was always ready to servr sages and saints. She had a beautiful daughter named Mahaadevee. One day, Mahaadevee said to her father - "Father, You give me to such a man who is better than me in qualities, not to anyone else." Haridaas got very happy to hear his daughter's ideas. He said, "I will do so." Then he came to the royal court and greeted the king. The king asked him to go to his father-in-law's house to ask for his welfare. His father-in-law, Harishchandra, was a king of Tailang Desh. Haridaas went to the king and told the welfare of his own king. Harishchandra got very happy to hear about his son-in-law's welfare. Then he asked Haridaas - "You are a learned man, please tell me how I would know that Kali Yug has come?"

Haridaas said - "When the limitations prescribed by Ved are crossed, Dharm seems to disappear, then you should know that Kali has come. Besides, Kali loves Mlechchh people, Devtaa are insulted, then one should know that Kali has come. Raajan, Paap's wife's name is Mrishaa (lie or untruth), her son is Dukh (sorrow), and Dukh's wife is Durgati (bad situation). All these will be residing in all houses in Kali Yug. All kings will be under the control of anger, all Braahman will be the slave of lust. Wealthy people will become greedy and Shoodra will be given higher status. Women will be shameless, and servants will take the lives of their masters. When there is such situation, one should know that Kali Yug has come. But whosoever will take refuge in Bhagavaan's feet, only they will be happy, not others."

Hearing this king Harishchandra got very happy, he gave him a lots of Dakshinaa and bade him farewell. He informed him about his own welfare also. That Braahman also came back to his staying place. At the same time an intelligent Braahman, named Buddhikovid, came there and showed him his special skills to Haridaas. He did Jaap of Devee Mantra and showed a wonderful airplane, named Sheeghrag, before Haridaas. Haridaas got impressed by his skills, so he thought to marry his daughter to him.

Haridaas had a son named Mukund. He had gone to his Guru to study. When he had finished his studies, he asked his Guru his Guru Dakshinaa. Guru said - "You give your sister Mahaadevee to my learned son Dheemaan." After agreeing for this he came back to his son. Here, Haridaas' wife Bhaktimaalaa also chose a disciple of Drone, named Vaaman, for her daughter. Vaaman was very good at weaponry and archery. She offered him Dakshinaa and Taambool (betel leaf) also as to confirm this.

Now when the time came, all the three young men came to Haridaas' house to marry Haridaas' daughter Mahaadevee. In the meantime a Raakshas had abducted Mahaadevee and took her on Vindhya Parvat. Now all the three candidates started crying for her. When asked Dheemaan (Guru's son), he told that the Raakshas had taken the girl to Vindhya Parvat. Then Buddhikovid named Braahman built a special airplane and flew to Vindhya Parvat along with the other two. Then the third Braahman (Mother's choice) aimed the arrow and killed that Raakshas. Thus Mahaadevee was retrieved from Raakshas by the joint effort of all three candidates. After they had come come home, all told their importance in retreiving the girl, but nobody could tell who who should be married to Mahaadevee."

After telling this story, Vaitaal said - "Hey Raajan, You tell now that who is, among the three, most appropriate candidate to marry the girl?" Vikram said - "That Braahman who told the address of the girl, that she was stolen by a Raakshas and was on Vindhya Parvat, is like her father. The second Braahman, Buddhikovid only took them by the influence of his Mantra Power, he is like her brother. But the third Braahman who killed the Raakshas with his arrow, he is the appropriate candidate to marry her.



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