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3-Pratisarg Parv (1)

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9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (1), p 284-285

Soot Jee said - "There was a king named Parihaar in the area near Chitrakoot Parvat (today's Bundelkhand and Baghelkhand). He was living in Kalinjar city. He defeated Bauddh. There was a Chaphaani (Chauhaan) named king in Raajpootaanaa area (Delhi). He also ruled in Ajmer happily. All Varn were duly established in his kingdom. Shukla named king ruled in Aanart Desh (Gujaraat). He made Dwaarakaa as his capital."

Shaunak Jee said - "Please tell us something about Agni Vanshee kings." Soot Jee said - "Now you meditate for some time, I will take some rest." Hearing this all got busy in meditation. After a long time Soot Jee woke up and spoke - "Hey Muni, After 3710 years passed of Kali Yug, a king named Pramar (Parmaar) started ruling. 

Pramar's son was Mahaamad (Muhammed) (half the years of his father's ruling period)
Mahaamad's son named Devaapi (same number of years as Mahaamad)
Devaapi's son was Devadoot
Devadoot's son was Gandharvsen (50 yrs) - he installed his son as the king and went to forest
Gandharvsen's son was Shankh (30 yrs)

At the same time Indra sent an Apsaraa, named Veermatee on Prithvi. She married Shankh and Shankh had a son from her named Gandharvsen When he was born flowers were showered from sky and Devtaa played Dundubhee (musical instrument). At the same time a Shivdrishti named Braahman, along with his disciples went to forest to do Tap and by the grace of that tap for Shiv, he became like Shiv.

After 3,000 years were completed, since Kali Yug came, to destroy Shak and to uplift Aarya Dharm, he himself (the Braahman who became like Shiv) was born on Prithvi by the order of Bhagavaan Shiv as Vikramaaditya. His parents got very happy to have him. He was very intelligent from his childhood. He went to do Tap at the age of five years only. He did it for 12 years and got very prosperous after doing it. He installed a magnificent Divine throne which had 32 statues and was protected by Shiv himself. A Vaitaal, by the order of Paarvatee was always with him as his bodyguard. He worshipped Mahaadev in Mahaakaaleshwar and built a court whose pillars were of several metals and were studded with various gems.

Hey Shaunak Jee, He established his Divine throne at a place which was full of creepers and flowers. He invited good Braahman and heard religious stories. At the same time, that Vaitaal named Devtaa came there assuming the form of a Braahman and said - "Victory to you." and sat down on an Aasan after greeting him. He then said - "Hey Raajan, If you wish to hear, then I will tell you an interesting narration full of history. You listen to it."*

* Note - Vikramaaditya has been a very famous donor, doer of good to others and of a very good conduct. His stories are found in Skand etc Puraan, Brihat Kathaa, Sinhaasan Batteesee, Kathaa Saritsaagar, Purush Pareekshaa etc books. Now from the second Part of the history of Cambridge, his stories begin. Although Smith, Rephenston etc several people have described Vikramaaditya; but this Vikramaaditya was a king from Ujjayinee, and Kaali Daas, Amar Singh, Varaahmihir, Vaidya Raaj Dhanvantari, Ghatakarpar etc nine gems were from in his royal court only. There is no one like them, not in past, not in future. After him, from Raajaa Bhoj to Samraat (emperor) Akbar, all tried to adorn their royal courts with nine gems.

Bhavishya Puraan,
3-Pratisarg, Pratham Khand, Ends Here



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