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Vrat and Fasts in Puraan

Several Puraan cover Vrat and fasts. For their easy access, they are listed here. Hindu calendar has 12 lunar months - Chaitra, Vaishaakh, Jyeshth, Aashaadh, Shraavan, Bhaadrapad (Bhaadon), Aashwin (Kuaar, or Asauj), Kaartik, Maargsheersh (Agahan), Paush (Poos), Maagh (Maah), and Phaalgun (Phagun).

And two fortnights in each month - first fortnight is called Krishn Paksh; and the second one is called Shukla Paksh. Krishn Paksh has Amaavasyaa on its 15th day, and Shukla Paksh has Poornimaa (Poornmaasee) on its 15th day. All other 14 days are called Tithi like this - Pratipadaa (Padavaa), Doyaj, Teej, Chauth, Panchamee, Shashthee (Chhat), Saptamee, Ashtamee, Navamee, Dashamee, Ekaadashee, Dwaadashee, Trayodashee, Chaturdashee.

This list is arranged by Tithi and is divided in three sections -
One Day or Regular or Annual Vrat - which are done one day in a year
Year-long Vrat - these Vrat are fortnightly or monthly Vrat to be done for one year
Other Vrat - these Vrat do not fit in above categories, they are more or less irregular.

Tithi Vrat Name Fruits
Chaitra Shukla 1 Tilak Vrat Start applying sandal Teekaa to ward off Bhoot etc
Chaitra Shukla 12 86. Madan Dwaadashee To get good sons like Marut Gan
Vaishaakh Shukla 3 Akshaya Teej; Akshaya Triteeyaa All Karm, Punya or Paap, done on this day are A-Kshaya
Vaishaakh Shukla 14 Narasinh Chaturdashee Vrat To be free from sins
Jyeshth Amaavasyaa Vat-Saavitree Vrat Keep fast, worship Saavitree under Banyan tree
Jyeshth Shukla 1 Karaveer Vrat Worship Red Kaner to worship Soorya
Jyeshth Shukla 3 Rambhaa (Gauree) Vrat to get a good husband and maintain a good house
Jyeshth Shukla 13 88. Foul Smell Destroyer To destroy foul smell and bad luck
Aashaadh Shukla 12 Dev Shayanee Dwadashee Vrat Keep fast, Make Naaraayan sleep, leave something for four months
Shraavan Krishn 2 Phal Dwiteeyaa / A-Shoonyashayan To be with her husband all her life
Shraavan Krishn 11 Rohinee Chandra Vrat To live in Brahm, Shiv Lok etc
Shraavan Shukla 12 A-Viyog Vrat For not to be separated from anybody
Shraavan Poornimaa 137. Rakshaa Bandhan To protect somebody
Bhaadrapad Krishn 8 Jayantee Janmaashtamee When falls with Rohinee Nakshatra
Bhaadrapad Krishn 8 Krishn Janmaashtamee To get everything
Bhaadrapad Shukla 3 Harakaalee Vrat Keep fast and worship Gauree for prosperity, long life and health
Bhaadrapad Shukla 3 & 4 Goshpad Triteeyaa Vrat Keep fast and worship cow
Bhaadrapad/Maagh Shukla 3 Gauree Triteeyaa To be with her husband all her life
Bhaadrapad Shukla 4 Ganesh (Shivaa) Chaturthee To get husband and Saubhaagya
Bhaadrapad Shukla 5 Naag Panchamee To be protected from Naag and snakes
Bhaadrapad Shukla 5 Rishi Panchamee To give Mukti to Pitar
Bhaadrapad Shukla 6 Lalitaa Shashthee Worship Lalitaa Gauree for all kinds of comforts
Bhaadrapad Shukla 7 Muktaabharan Saptamee Vrat Worship Shiv Paarvatee to get good sons
Bhaadrapad Shukla 8 Dorrvaashtamee Vrat Worship Doorvaa grass to get Saubhaagya, prosperity
Bhaadrapad Shukla 9 Shree Vrish Navamee Vrat Worship Bilva or Bel tree to get wealth
Bhaadrapad Shukla 12 139. Indra Dhwajaa Utsav To get peace in the kingdom
Bhaadrapad Shukla 12 A-Viyog Vrat Not to be separated, to go to Brahm or Shiv lok
Bhaadrapad Shukla 12 Shravan Dwadashee Vrat For those who cannot do long fasts
Bhaadrapad Shukla 13 Saavitree Vrat Keep Nakt Vrat at least for one day if not for 3 days
Bhaadrapad Shukla 14 Paalee Vrat For unlimited wealth and destroy sins
Bhaadrapad Shukla 14 Rambhaa Vrat Mostly for women for their health, good fortune, children, and Saubhaagya
Bhaadrapad Shukla 14 Anant Chaturdashee Vrat To fulfill all wishes and destroy all sins
Bhaadrapad Poornimaa Saavitree Vrat 13, 14 and Poornimaa. To become Saubhaagyavatee, for longer life of husband than her own
Aashwin Krishn 3 Meghpaalee Vrat To destroy all kinds of sins
Aashwin Shukla 1 Ashok Vrat To not to grieve, to be beloved of husband
Aashwin Shukla 8 138. Mahaa Navamee To get victory over enemies
Aashwin Shukla 12 Vishok Dwaadashee Vrat Keep fast on 11th, donate jaggery cow on 12th. Not to be separated, to increase wealth
Kaartik Amaavasyaa 140. Deepmaalikaa Mainly for kings to keep their kingdom peaceful and happy
Kaarttik Shukla 2 Yam DwiteeyaaYam Dwiteeyaa By doing this Vrat nobody goes to Narak
Kaarttik Shukla 7 Shaak Saptamee All kinds of comforts
Kaarttik Shukla 11-15 Bheeshm Panchak Vrat
Bheeshm Panchak Vrat
Bheeshm Panchak Vrat
Last five days of Kaarttik month.
Kaarttik Shukla 11 Dev Utthaan Ekaadashee Vrat Its Vrat gives good Lok
Kaarttik Shukla 12 Govats Vrat Worship cow and her calf and live in Go Lok for millions of years. Died children become alive.
Kaarttik Shukla 12 Neeraajan Dwaadashee Vrat Good for kings for the welfare of their country
Kaarttik Poornimaa Mahaa Kaarttikee Vrat With Krittikaa Nakshatra, Monday or Thursday. It comes in many years so do it every Kaarttik Poornimaa. One goes to Nakshatra Lok.
Maargsheersh Krishn 8 Anaghaashtamee Vrat Worship Dhaataa and Lakshmee to destroy your all sins
Maargsheersh Shukla 6 Skand Shashthee To fulfill all wishes, a king can get his lost kingdom
Paush Shukla 9 Dhwaj Navamee Vrat For Durgaa to get victory
Maagh Shukla 12 Bheem Dwaadashee Pulastya told to Bheeshm, Krishn told to Paandav Bheem
Maagh Shukla 12 Bheem Dwaadashee Krishn told this to Yudhidhthir/Bheem
Maagh Shukla 3 Ras Kalyaanee Triteeyaa Vrat To destroy every sin
Maagh Shukla 4 Ganesh (Shaantaa) Chaturthee To attain peace
Maagh Shukla 7 Achalaa Saptamee Do Deep Daan to a river. For good fortune. Known by many names - Rath, Soorya, Bhaanu, Ark, Mahatee, Putra etc
Maagh Shukla 12 Bheem DwaadasheeBheem Dwaadashee To destroy all sins
Phaalgun Shukla 3 Madhook Triteyaa Vrat To get a good husband, Rukminee did it.
4th Shukla - any month Tuesday Ganesh (Sukhaa) Chaturthee To get all kinds of comforts

Year-Long Vrat

Sundays Aaditya Vaar Vrat Keep fast. Worship Soorya for one year
Sankraanti Sankraanti Vrat Udyapan Begin on Vushuv Tithi, do it for one year, Worship Soorya
14 Aagneyee Shiv Chaturdashee Vrat Gives long life and death in Teerth
14 and 8, both Krishn and Shukla Nakt Vrat Gives Rudra lok for 3 billion years
Any Poornimaa Paurnmaasee Vrat Do Poornimaa Vrat, and never be without wealth and children
Any Poornimaa with Monday, or
Any Poornimaa with Rohinee
Rohinee Chandra Shayan Vrat
Rohinee Chandra Shayan Vrat
Vratee of this Vrat lives in CHandra Lok for 2,100 Kalp.
Chaitra Shukla 3  Saubhaagya Shayan Vrat To get Saubhaagya and everything [Agni Puraan, 20]
Chaitra Shukla 3 Chaitra, Bhaadrapad, Maagh Triteeyaa To please Paarvatee Jee
Chaitra Shukla 5 Saraswatee Vrat To be knowledgeable and a poet like Ved Vyaas
Chaitra Shukla 12 Madan Dwaadashee Vrat Begin from Chaitra, do it for 12 months. Then do Paaran. Gives good sons and Saubhaagya.
Vaishaakh Shukla 3 - for 3 months Anant Triteeyaa Vrat To live in Shiv Lok. In Vaishaakh, Bhaadrapad, Maargsheersh
Vaishaakh Shukla 7 Sharkaraa Sapyamee Vrat For long life, health and wealth
Vaishaakh Shukla 12 Vibhooti Dwaadashee Vrat Begin with Vaishaakh, Aashaadh, Kaarttik or Maargsheersh or Phaalgun 11th. Keep fast, worship Vishnu next day, donate gold next day. To be prosperous and healthy.
Aashwin Shukla 7 Shubh Saptamee Worship cow to destroy sins and be born as a king
Aashwin Shukla 9 Ulkaa Navamee Vrat Worship Devee not to fear from anything
Kaarttik Shukla 5 Shaanti Vrat For Shaanti. Worship Vishnu on Shesh Naag
Kaarttik Shukla 12 Malla Dwadashee Vrat Do it for Krishn to get health, wealth, long life
Kaarttik Shukla 12 or
Aashaadh Shukla 12
Vibhooti Dwaadashee To attain Moksh and all kinds of pleasures in next life. Do it for 12 months
Maargsheersh Month Anant Vrat Observe it every month on the day with the same Nakshatra as the month. Begin from Maargsheersh Month with Mrigshiraa Nakshatra day, Fulfills all wishes.
Maargsheersh - Any 11 Samvatsar Deep Vrat Light Deep for one year continuously.
Maargsheersh Krishn 8 Krishnaashtamee Vrat Worship Shiv, destroys sins, gives Shiv Lok
Maargsheersh Shukla 3 Rambhaa Triteeyaa Vrat To end quarrel among co-wives
Maargsheersh Shukla 3 A-Viyog Triteeyaa Vrat To not get separated from husband and being widow
Maargsheersh Shukla 3 Umaa Maheshwar Vrat To get everything
Maargsheersh Shukla 3 Aanantarya Triteeyaa Vrat Begin with Maargsheersh Shukla 3. To go to Vishnu, Shiv Lok and then be born as a king
Maargsheersh Shukla 5 Shree Panchamee Vrat To get Lakshmee.
Maargsheersh Shukla 6 Kamal Shashthee Vrat Do it on both 6ths. To destroy sins.
Maargsheersh Shukla 6 Kumaar Shashthee Vrat Good for kings, worship Kumaar.
Maargsheersh Shukla 10 Dharanee Vrat Good for destroying sins
Maargsheersh Shukla 12 Akhand Dwaadashee Vrat To remove all mistakes of one's Vrat, Dharm Karm etc
Maargsheersh Shukla 12 Aranya Dwaadashee Vrat Serve and feed forest living Braahman and women. Lives in Shwet Dweep.
Maargsheersh Shukla 12 Malla Dwaadashee Vrat To get health wealth and Vishnu Lok
Maargsheersh Shukla 12 Taarak Dwaadashe Vrat To wash one's sins
Maargsheersh Shukla 13 Anang Trayodashee Vrat Worship Har in different forms. For beauty, fortune
Maargsheersh Shukla 13 Anant Vrat To get a good son. Kritveerya got Arjun.
Maargsheersh Shukla 13 Samaaraadhan Vrat Feed 13 Braahman, give donation, even once is enough for not to see Yam Raaj
Maargsheersh Shukla 14 or
8th of any month
Sarv Phal Tyaag Chaturdashee Leave at least one fruit, worship Shiv and live in Rudra Lok for million of years
Maargsheersh Shukla 14 Shiv Chaturdashee Vrat Pray Shiv, and his parents' sins are also destroyed
Maargsheersh 14 or 8 Shraavanikaa Vrat To destroy sins and die comfortably. gives good husband to maidens
Paush Krishn 12 Sampraapti Dwaadashee Vrat To get everything. Initially for 6 months, can be extended to one year
Paush Shukla 12 Govind Dwaadashee Vrat Keep fast, take milk or yogurt, worship Vishnu, Eat food next day
Maagh Krishn 12 Til Dwaadashee Vrat Keep fast on 11th, donate black sesame seeds next day
Maagh Shukla 3 Lalitaa Triteeyaa Vrat To get Saubhaagya
Maagh Shukla 6 Mandaar Shashthee Worship Soorya to destroy sins - do 12 Shukla 6ths
Maagh Shukla 6 Vishok Shashthee Worship Soorya for health and comforts on both 6ths
Maagh Shukla 7 Kamal Saptamee Worship Soorya to get wealth
Maagh Shukla 7 Ubhaya SaptameeUbhaya Saptamee Worship Soorya to get everything
Phaalgun Shukla 12 Manorath Dwaadashee Vrat Keep fast on 11th and do Havan on 12th. Complete it in three parts
Phaalgun Shukla 12 Sukrit Dwaadashee Vrat Begin with 11th, worship Naaraayan, donate next day, complete in three parts
Phaalgun Poornimaa Manorath Poornimaa Complete it in three legs
Phaalgun Poornimaa Ashok Poornimaa To remove all sorrows. Complete it in three legs

Other Vrat

All Sundays Aadityavaar Vrat For good health and wealth
Any Day Praayashchit Vrat To complete all incomplete Vrat
Any Day with Bhadraa present Bhadraa Vrat To complete all your works without any obstacle
For 7 days - All Week Days Graha Nakshatra Vrat To be done on all seven week days, seven times of each day, starting with specific Nakshatra. To pacify all Graha (Planets).
For 3 months or 6 or 12 months Vrintaak Tyaag Leave eggplant or brinjal, in the end, do Udyaapan
Any 3rd, 8th, 11th, Poornimaa Kaanchan Puree Vrat To get everything
Any 7th falling on Sunday Kalyaan Saptamee As Vijayaa Saptamee also
Any 8th and 14th Nakt Vrat Do for one year on both days in both fortnights
Any 8th falling on Monday Somaashtamee Do it for a year, or 5 years, to get Shiv lok
Any 8th falling on Wednesday BudhaashtameeBudh Ashtamee Do it for eight Ashtamee
Shukla 7 - falling on Sunday Vijayaa SaptameeVijayaa Saptmee Worship Soorya. To destroy all kinds of sins. see also Aadiya Mandal Daan.
Shukla 7 - falling on Sunday Kalyaan SaptameeKalyaan Saptmee Worship Soorya. To destroy all kinds of sins. see also Aadiya Mandal Daan.
Shukla 7-falling on Sunday in Dakshinaayan Varjya Saptamee Vrat Worship Soorya and eat Chanaa (black gram).
Shukla 7 - leaving one's own birth Nakshatra dya Snapan Saptamee Vrat To get a child and keeping him alive
Shukla 8 - falling on Wednesday Budhaashtamee Worship Budh, do 8 Ashtamee, for getting prosperity
Shukla 3 - any month Aardraanand-Karee Vrat when with P-Aashaadh, U-Aashaadh, Rohinee Mrigshiraa Nakshatra
Shukla 10 - any month Aashaa Dashamee To get anything, to get rid of anything until wish fulfilled
Shukla 13 - every month A-Baadhak Vrat To become fearless from sea, forest etc
Shukla 13 - every month Anang Trayodashee To get beauty and good luck
Shukla 14 - any month Shiv Chaturdashee Vrat To attain Mukti
Chaitra Nakshatra Purush Vrat Keep fast, worship specific body parts of Vishnu in specific Nakshatra for beauty, happiness and wealth
Poornimaa-Vaishaakh, Kaarttik, Maagh Poornimaa Vrat The fruits of these Poornimaa cannot be described
Poornimaa - every month Paurnmaasee Vrat Always be wealthy and having children in life
Aashaadh - four months Chaatur Maasya Vrat Aashaadh, Shraavan, Bhaadrapad, Aashwin
Shraavan Krishn 1 - one month Kokilaa Vrat For husband's long life. Better for whole month
Shraavan Krishn 2 - four months A-Shoonya Shayan VratSee also For not to separate from husband and wife
Bhaadrapad Shukla 10 Dashaavataar Vrat Do it for 10 years to be free from birth and death cycles
Bhaadrapad Shukla 11 Vijaya Shravan Dwaadashee Vrat If Bhaadrapad Shukla 11 fals with Shravan Nakshatra it is called Vijaya Tithi. Gives victory
Bhaadrapad Shukla 12 Shravan Dwaadashee Vrat With Shravan Nakshatra. If this Dwaadashee falls on Wednesday, all Karm done on this day become eternal
Kaarttik Krishn 1-For 16 years Brihat Tapo Vrat To be with husband always. Do it for 16 years
Kaarttik Shukla 11-15 Bheeshm PanchakBheeshm Panchak Continues for 5 days, take only Panchaamrit. Goes to Vishnu Lok
Kaarttik Poornimaa Maas Nakshatra Vrat Begin with Kaarttik Maas on Krittikaa Nakshatra day and do it in every month with the same Nakshatra day (similar to Anant Vrat). Do it for 7 years. To save the existing wealth, and to be immortal.
Maargsheersh - 4 months Bhadra Vrat To remember of past life. Done 4 months in the  sequence - Maargsheersh, Phaalgun, Jyeshth, Bhaadrapad.
Maargsheersh Shukla 12 Taarak Dwaadshee Vrat To wash all sins of many lives, many Satee did it
Maargsheersh Shukla 14 Shiv Chaturdashee Vrat Do it every month. Destroys even Parent' sins.
Yugaadi Tithi Vrat Yugaadi Tithi Vrat Vaishaakh Shukla 3, Kaarttik Shukla 9, Bhaadrapad Krishn 13 and Maagh Poornima - any Daan, fast, Tap, Jap, Hom etc done on these days give million times Punya.
At Appropriate Time 141. Nav Graha Shaanti Hom To pacify all Graha (planets) so to get comfort, pleasure and wealth
At Appropriate Time 142. Koti Hom To pacify all Graha (planets) so to get comfort, pleasure and wealth
At Specific Time 143. Mahaa Shaanti Vidhaan To pacify everything
On Appropriate Day 144. Vinaayak Shaanti To pacify Ganesh Jee when everything goes wrong in spite of being everything all right
Ask Astrologer 145. Nakshatra Worship To pacify all planets
Ask Astrologer 146. Aparaadh Shat Shaman Vrat To be pardoned for all kinds of sins
On Specific Day in any Month 147. Kaanchan Puree Vrat To destroy all sins

Vishuv Tithi - Those Sankraanti days when Soorya is on Equator - in April and September
Yugaadi Tithi - Those Tithi on which Yug starts


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