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4-Uttar Parv

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21-Other Vrat-9

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21-Other Vrat-9
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-63-64, p 444-446

Dashaavatar Vrat
(Chap 63) Krishn said - "In the beginning of Sat Yug, there was a Rishi named Bhrigu. His wife's name was Divyaa. She used to work hard for her house. Once, at the time of Dev-Asur war, Asur got very afraid of Vishnu so all Asur came to Bhrigu Rishi. Bhrigu handed over his work to Divyaa and he himself went to northern part of Himaalaya to get Sanjeevanee Vidyaa. He wanted to please Shankar to make Asur always victorious by getting Sanjeevanee Vidyaa. At the same time Vishnu came there riding on His Garud and started killing Asur. He killed most of them in a few moments. At this Bhrigu's wife Divyaa got ready to give Shaap to Vishnu, immediately Vishnu cut her head by His Chakra (Divine disc). In the meantime Bhrigu also came there after getting Sanjeevanee Vidyaa. He saw that all Daitya have been killed and his wife has also been killed. Filled with rage he gave Shaap to Vishnu - "You will incarnate ten times on Prithvi."

Krishn said - "So to keep Bhrigu's words true I keep coming here to protect the world. Who worship me with full devotion they definitely go to Swarg. In Bhaadrapad Maas, on the 10th day of Shukla Paksh, take bath, do Tarpan, and cook three handful grain flour in Ghee. He should this every year for ten years. Every year cook the following dishes in this order - Pooree, Ghevar, Kasaar, Laddoo, Sohaal, Khandveshtak, Kokaras, Pooaa, Karnvesht, and Khandak from that powder and offer it as Naivedya. Donate ten cows to ten Braahman. Keep half of the Naivedya before Bhagavaan, give one fourth to Braahman and later eat the rest himself. Worship ten Avataar properly. Ten Avataar are - (1) Matsya, (2) Koorm, (3) Varaah, (4) Nrasinh, (5) Vaaman (Trivikram) (6) Parashuraam, (7) Raam (8) Krishn, (9) Buddh, and (10) Kalki. Then pray with the following Mantra. ( see the Mantra on p 444 ) Whoever does this Vrat like this he gets freed from cycle of birth and death."

Aashaa Dashamee Vrat
(Chap 64) Krishn said - "Now I tell you about Aashaa Dashamee Vrat. In olden times there was a king named Nal in Nishadh Desh. When his brother Pushkar defeated him in dice game, he went out of his kingdom with his wife Damayantee. They used to wander in dense forests and were subsisting on minimum eatables. Once the king saw some some golden birds, so he threw his cloth to catch them, but they flew carrying his cloth. King got very sad at this. Once he saw Damayantee sleeping sound, so he went away leaving her like that. When Damayantee woke up from her sleep, she didn't see Nal so she started crying in that dense forest. She kept wandering in search of Nal. 

Wandering like this she arrived in Chedi Desh. There she behaved like a mad person. Children used to surround her with curiosity. Once Chedi's king's mother saw her. At that time she was lying on the ground. The royal mother called her in her palace and asked her who she was. Damayantee said - "I am Sairandhree. I do not wash anybody's feet, I do not eat somebody's unclean food and if somebody will try to get me, he should be punished by you. I can live only with these conditions. The mother said - "All right, as you wish." Some time passed then a Braahman took her to her parents' house but she was not happy there without her husband. Once she called a learned Braahman, Daman, and said - "Hey Braahman Devtaa, Tell me some Daan or Vrat by which I can get my husband back." The Braahman said - "Bhadrey, You do Aashaa Dashamee Vrat." She did that Vrat and because of that Vrat she got her husband back.

A prince can get his kingdom back, farmer can get his yield, trader can get profit, son, and human beings attain Dharm, Arth and Kaam. A maiden gets good husband, Braahman completes his Yagya without any obstacle and a woman can get her husband gone out forever. Even pain in baby's teeth is also relieved with this Vrat. Thus to get any work done this Vrat should be taken. Whenever anybody feels any kind of pain or sorrow he should do this Vrat.

This Vrat can be done on the 10th of Shukla Paksh of any month. On this day worship Devtaa in the morning, and worship ten Aashaa Devee in the night with flower, sandalwood paste etc. Worship the idols of ten Lords (made of barley flour or clay) of ten directions established in the courtyard of house. Offer Naivedya made with Ghee, lamp and fruit to all separately. Then pray with this Mantra to fulfill one's wish. ( see the Mantra on p 446 ) Later give Dakshinaa to Braahman and take Prasaad. One should continue to do this until your wish is fulfilled. Later one should do Udyaapan.

In its Udyaapan, make idols of Aashaa Devee of gold, silver or clay, establish them in the courtyard of the house and worship them and pray for fulfilling the wish. Bhoot, Pret, Nakshtra, Grah, stars should also be prayed for this. Married women may wake up the whole night singing and dancing and donate all Poojaa things to a learned Braahman in the morning. Later take food with friends and relations in happy mood. Who does this Vrat his all wishes are fulfilled. This is especially good for women.



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