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21-Tithi Vrat and Fasts

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21-Tithi Vrat and Fasts-2
8-Agni Puraan, Ch 185-194, p 373-380         contd..  from   Previous Page

Description of Vrat and Fasts on various Tithis - from Ashtamee to Poornimaa and Amaavasyaa

Tithi Vrat and Fasts

Agni Dev said - "Vashishth Jee, Now I will tell you about the Vrat done on Navamee related Vrat which give pleasures and Moksh.

Vrat on Navamee
"Gauree Navamee Vrat" - Aashwin Shukla 9th [9th Nav Raatri day before Dashaharaa] is the day for this Vrat. Keep fast on this day and worship Devee. This Navamee is called Pisht Navamee, that is why after keeping this fast, one should eat Pishtaann.

If there is a Yog of Ashtamee and Mool Nakshatra and Soorya is in Kanyaa Raashi (Virgo Sign), that is called Mahaa Navamee. It destroys all sins. This day one should worship 9 Durgaa establishing them at one place or at separate places. One should keep 18-armed Mahaa Lakshmee flanked by other Devees. They should be established in this way - Rudrachandaa, Prachandaa, Chandograa, Chandnaayikaa, Chandaa, Chandvatee, Poojyaa, Chandroopaa, and Ati-Chandikaa. And in the center should be 18-armed Ugrachandaa Mahish Mardinee Durgaa. Their 10-letter Mantra is - "Aum Durgey Durgey Rakshasi Swaahaa".

Vrat on Dashamee
Take food only once on Dashamee and at its end donate 10 cows and golden statues. This makes a man the leader of Braahman etc four Varn.

Vrat on Ekaadashee
Vratee should not have sexual contact and should not eat meat on Dashamee. Do not take any food on both Ekaadashee. Hari Himself exists in Dwaadashee-Viddhaa Ekaadashee, therefore who keeps fast on this day, and does Paaran on 13th, he gets the fruit of 100 Yagya. [What is Dwaadashee-Viddhaa Ekaadashee? If in the earlier part of the day, Ekaadashee is present even for a Kalaa (8 seconds) period, and for the rest of the time is Dwaadashee; then keep fast on that day and do Paaran in Trayodashee (13th)]

Never keep fast in Dashamee-Viddhaa Ekaadashee, because it sends people to Narak. One should not eat food on Ekaadashee, and the next day eat food saying - "Hey Pundareekaaksh, I am in your shelter, now I eat my food."

One should keep fast when there is Pushya Nakshatra on Shukla 11th. This Ekaadashee's fruit is eternal and is called "Paapnaashinee" (destroyer of sins). Whenever there is Shravan Nakshatra on Dwaadashee-Viddhaa Ekaadashee, that is called "Vijayaa Ekaadashee" and bestows victory to devotees. Phaalgun Maas Ekaadashee with Pushya Nakshatra is also called Vijayaa Ekaadashee. This Ekaadashee is million times better in Punya. One must worship Vishnu on Ekaadashee.

Vrat on Dwaadashee
On Dwaadashee, one should take A-Yaachit food only one time in the night. If somebody eats food asked in alms and keep fast on Dwaadashee, his fast will not be successful.

"Madan Dwaadashee Vrat" - Chaitra Shukla 12th is called Madan Dwaadashee; and one should worship Kaam Dev who has the desire of pleasures and Moksh.
"Bheem Dwaadashee Vrat" - On Maagh Shukla 12th, keep fast, and worship Vishnu with "Namo Naaraanaaya" Mantra. One gets all by doing this.
"Govind Dwaadashee Vrat" - On Phaalgun Shukla 12th.
"Vishok Dwaadashee Vrat" - On Aashwin Shukla 12th. Worship Hari on this day.
Who keeps fast on Maargsheersh Shukla 12th, and donates salt after worship Krishn, he gets the fruit of donating all kinds of juices.
"Govats Dwaadashee Vrat" - On Bhaadrapad Shukla 12th. Who keeps fast on this day, he should worship calf.
"Til Dwaadashe Vrat" - Phaalgun Krishn 12th, which is with Shravan Nakshatra. This day one should take bath with sesame water, do Havan with sesame seeds, and offer sesame seeds Laddoo. Light lamp with sesame seed oil, and offer Til to Pitar. Donate seasame seeds to Braahman. One gets fruit of Til Dwaadashee only by doing Hom and keeping fast. Worship Vishnu with "Aum Namo Bhagavatey Vaasudevaaya" Mantra. If somebody keeps this fast like this 6 times, he goes to Swarg with his whole family.
"Manorath Dwaadshee Vrat" - Phaalgun Shukla 12th is called Manorath Dwaadashee. Keep fast on this day and worship Hari.
"Naam Dwaadashee Vrat" - Phaalgun Shukla 12th, who keeps the fast for  Naam Dwaadashee, should worship Hari with "Keshav" name for 1 year. He can never go to Narak.
"Sumati Dwaadashee Vrat" - On Phaalgun Shukla 12th, worship Vishnu.
"Anant Dwaadashee Vrat" - On Bhaadrapad Shukla 12th.
"Til Dwaadashee Vrat" - On Maagh Shukla 12th with Aashleshaa or Mool Nakshatra. Worship Krishn with sesame seeds with "Jaya Krishnaaya Namah" and do Havan with sesame seeds.
"Sugati Dwaadashee Vrat" - On Phaalgun Shukla 12th. Whoever wants to do this Vrat, he should worship Krishn saying "Jaya Krishn Namastubhyam" for 1 year.
"Sampraapti Dwaadashee Vrat" - On Paush Shukla 12th.
"Shravan Dwaadashee Vrat" - On Shraavan Shukla 12th. It is good when it is with Shravan Nakshatra and it bestows a lots of Punya when kept fast on this day. Taking bath on Sangam (where two rivers meet) gives special fruit on this day. If there is Wednesday and Shravan Nakshatra, then it is good for Daan.
"Akhand Dwaadashee Vrat" - Maargsheersh Shukla 12th. This Dwaadshee bestows lots of Punya, if kept fast and worshipped Vishnu on this day. Vratee should take bath with Panchgavya mixed water and do Paaran with that water only. Donate a pot filled with barley and pray - "Hey Bhagavan, Whichever Vrat has not been done properly during my last 7 lives, they all become proper (complete) and give me unbroken fruit. As you are present in this world in your unbroken form, in the same way my all Vrat should also be unbroken." Thus beginning from Maargsheersh and ending in Phaalgun, it hould be done every month for four months. When it is done from Chaitra to Aashaadh, donate a pot full of Sattoo. Or it can be done from Shraavan to Kaarttik also.

Vrat on Trayodashee
"Anang Trayodashee Vrat" - On Maargsheersh Shukla 13th. In earlier times, Anang (Kaam Dev) did this Vrat. This day Vratee should worship Kaam Dev in the form of Har. Eat honey in the night and do Havan with Ghee mixed with sesame seeds and rice. In Paush Maas, worshhip Yogeshwar and do Praashan with sandal. In Maagh Maas, worship Maheshwar and do Paaran with Raasnaa plant water. In Phaalgun Maas, worship Veerbhadra, and do Praashan with Kankol. In Chaitra Maas, worship Suroop Shiv and do Praashan with Karpoor (camphor). In Vaishaakh Maas, worship Mahaaroop and eat Jaayaphal (nutmeg). In Jyeshth Maas, worship Pradyumn and eat Long (Lavang or clove). In Aashaadh Maas, worship Umaapati and drink water mixed with sesame seeds. In Shraavan Maas, worship Shoolpaani, and drink fragrant water. In Bhaadrapad Maas, worship Sadyojaat and do Praashan with Agar. In Aashwin Maas, worship Tridashaadhip Shankar and drink gold mixed water. In Kaartik Maas, worship Vishweshwar, and eat salt. At the end of this Vrat, donate a Shiv Ling covered with mango leaves and a cloth, along with other things.

"Kaam Trayodashee Vrat" - On Chaitra Shukla 13th. Draw an Ashok tree with Sindoor and Kaajal and imagine Kaam Dev and his wives Rati and Preeti under it. Thus Vratee should do this Vrat for 1 year. This is called Kaam Trayodashee Vrat.

Vrat on Chaturdashee
"Shiv Chaturdashee" - On Kaartik 14th, keep fast, and worship Shiv. Do it for 1 year. This gives long life, wealth and pleasures.
"Phal Chaturdashee Vrat" - On Maargsheersh Shukla 3rd, 8th, 12th and 14th, keep silence (Maun Vrat) and eat Phalaahaar only, worship Shiv, leave eating some fruits for ever and donate the same fruits. Vratee should do this Vrat on Maargsheersh both 8s and 14s and worship Shiv.
Who does Nakt Vrat on Krishn 8th and 14th, he attains all kinds of pleasures in this Lok and good Gati in other Lok.
Kaartik Krishn 14th. Take bath and draw Indra on a flag fixed on a bamboo. By worshipping Indra thus Vratee becomes happy.
Shukla 14th - Build a statue of Hari of Kush and establish it on pot full of water and worship it. On that day make Pooaa of 1 kilogram Agahanee rice flour. Donate half of it to a Braahman and use the other half for himself.
"Anant Chaudas" - It should be done on the banks of rivers. Take a thread and make 14 knots in it, then worship it imagining it Anant Bhagavaan. Then tie it in hand or neck with this Mantra (
the Mantra is given on p 379)
"Shiv Raatri Vrat" - On Phaalgun Krishn 14th. Vratee should keep fast on this day with a wish. Do Jaagaran in the night saying - "I leave the food today, keep fast of Shiv Raatri and wake in the night. By keeping fast and Jaagaran I worship Shiv. Give me good fortune, good health, Vidyaa, wealth, Dharm, good qualities, fame, and Moksh."

Vrat on Poornimaa or Amnaavasyaa
"Ashok Poornimaa Vrat" - On Phaalgun Poornimaa. Worship Bhagavaan Varaah and Bhoo Devee. By doing this Vratee attains pleasures and Moksh.
"Vrishotsarg Vrat" - On Kaartik Poornimaa. Do Vrishotsarg and do night Vrat. This gives Vratee Shiv Lok.
"Pitra Paksh Amaavasyaa" - Whatever is given on this day in the name of Pitar is eternal. Vratee can do this in any year. Keep fast on this day and worship his Pitar.
"Maagh Amaavasyaa" - Worship Brahmaa Jee along with Saavitree.
"Bat Saavitree Vrat" - On Jyesth Amaavas. Suhaagin woman shoul do this for 3 days. Starting from 13th to Amaavas. Then on 13th worship Saavitree near the root of banyan tree with 7 grains. Just before morning, wrap Soot (spun thread) round the trunk of the banyan tree and worship it with Kumkum etc. In the morning greet Satyavaan and Saavitree saying "Namah Saavitryai Satyavatey" and give the offered Naivedya to Braahman. Come home, feed a Braahman and eat food herself saying "Saavitree Devee Preeyataam". This gives good fortune to a married woman.

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