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20-Tithi Vrat and Fasts-1

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20-Tithi Vrat and Fasts-1
8-Agni Puraan, Ch 176-184 , p 364-372    contd.. on Next Page
 see also a section on Tithi Vrat in Vrat-Festivals

Description of Vrat and Fasts on various Tithis - from Pratipadaa to Ashtamee

Tithi Vrat and Fasts

Agni Dev said - "Vashishth Jee, Now I will tell you about the Vrat done on various Tithi.

Vrat on Pratipadaa
"Brahmaa Vrat" - Kaartik, Aashwin and Chaitra Maas Krishn Pratipadaa Tithi are Brahmaa's Tithis. After keeping fast on Poornimaa, one should worship Brahmaa Jee next day on Pratipadaa with the Mantra "Aum Tatsad Brahmaney Namah" or Gaayatree Mantra. Do this Vrat for 1 year.

"Dhanya Vrat" - By doing this Vrat an unfortunate person also becomes blessed. Keep fast on Pratipadaa of Maargsheersh, and do Havan in the night with the Mantra "Agnaye Namah", worship Agni Dev. Doing this for 1 whole year brings prosperity.

"Shikhee Vrat" - One should keep Ek-Bhukt Vrat on every Pratipadaa and after 1 year donate a cow to Braahman. By doing this the man attains Vaishwaanar status.

Vrat on Dwiteeyaa
Eat only flowers on the 2nd of every month, and worship both Ashwinee Kumaar. By doing this for 1 year, one gets good fortune and beauty.

In Kaartik Maas, on Shukla 2nd, one should worship Yam Raaj; then keep fast on every Shukla 2nd. This man never goes to Narak.

"A-Shoonya Shayan Vrat" - This Vrat gives women their husband pleasure and man their women pleasure. One should start this Vrat on Shraavan Maas Krishn 2nd. Do this regularly for 1 year and worship Vishnu and Lakshmee Jee. Donate bed and fruits also. Offer Arghya on that day for Chandramaa also with Mantra ( this Mantra is given on p 365 ).

"Kaanti Vrat" - One should start this Vrat on Kaartik Shukla 2nd. Keep fast in daytime and eat in the evening. Worship Balaraam and Krishn. After doing this for 1 year, Vratee attains beauty, long life and health.

"Vishnu Vrat" - This Vrat fulfills all wishes. Start it with Paush Shukla 2nd, and continue it for 4 days. First day take bath with mustard seed mixed water and worship Krishn's feet with "Shree Kriashnaaya Namah" Mantra; second day take bath with black sesame seed mixed water and worship Krishn's navel with "Achyutaay Namah" Mantra; third day take bath with Bach named herb mixed water and worship Krishn's eyes with "Anantaay Namah" Mantra; and the fourth day take bath with all-herb (Kapoor Kacharee, Bach, Kooth, Shilaajit, whole Haldee, Daaru Haldee, Kachoor, Champaa, Mothaa) mixed water and worship Krishn's forehead with "Hrisheekeshaaya Namah" Mantra offering flower. Offer Arghya to Chandramaa in Pradosh period. First day offer Arghya with "Shashiney Namah", second day with Chandraaya Namah", third day with "Shashankaay Namah", and fourth day with "Indavey Namah". One should eat before Chandramaa disappears. Vratee should do this for 6 months or 1 year.

Vrat on Triteeyaa
"Saubhaagya Shayan Vrat" - This is done on Lalitaa Triteeyaa - Chaitra Shukla 3rd. On this day Paarvatee Jee was married to Shiv Jee. Take bath with sesame seeds mixed water and worship Paaravtee saying "Namo Paatalaayai" and Shiv saying "Shivaay Namah". The following flowers have been prescribed for Shiv worship from Chaitra month onward - Mallikaa, Ashok, Kamal, Kund, Tagar, Maalatee, Kadamb, Kaner, blue evergreen flower, Aanbolee, Kumkum, Sendhuvaar. Keep 8 Saubhaagya materials (Kesar, milk, Doorvaa, sugarcane, salt, and coriander etc). In the night sleep in the same room and next day feed a Braahman couple after worshipping Umaa Maheshwar and give those Saubhaagya materials to them saying "Lalitaa Preeyataam Mam".

This Vrat can be done on Vaishaakh, Bhaadrapad and Margsheersh Shukla 3rd also. During these months, one should worship Umaa with "Lalitaayai Namah". At the end of the Vrat, in each fortnight, one should worship a Braahman couple. Thus after worshipping them with 24 clothes, one attains pleasures and Moksh.

Another kind of "Saubhaagya Shayan Vrat" may be done on Shukla 3rd of Phaalgun etc months. One should not eat salt in this Vrat. At the end of the Vrat, worship a Braahman couple saying "Bhavaanee Preeyataam" and donate all necessary things for a house. In the same way it should be done on Shukla 3rd of Vaishaakh, Bhaadrapad and Maagh.

"Damanak Triteeyaa Vrat" is done in Chaitra Maas. In this Vrat one should worship Paarvatee with Damanak flowers.

"Aatm Triteeyaa Vrat" is done in Maargsheersh Maas. In this Vrat, one should feed a Braahman after worshipping Paarvatee. Beginning with Maargsheersh 3rd, end the Vrat in Paush Maas and worship Paarvatee with these names respectively in 12 months - Gauree, Kaalee, Umaa, Bhadraa, Durgaa, Kaangti, Saraswatee, Vaishnavee, Lakshmee, Prakriti, Shivaa and Naaraayanee. One attains good fortune and Swarg by doing this Vrat.

Vrat on Chaturthee
"Ganesh Chauth" - Keep fast on Maagh Shukla 4th, and worship Ganesh Jee on that day. On 5th eat sesame seeds. One lives happily for long time without obstacles. "Gam Swaaha" is the root Mantra. Invoke Ganesh with "Aagachchholkaay" and do his Visarjan by "Gachchholkaay" Mantra. One should worship Ganesh with Laddoo and do Jap of Ganesh Gaayatree Mantra. Who keeps this Vrat on Bhaadrapad Shukla 4th, he attains Shiv Lok.

"Angaarak Chaturthee" - If one worships Ganesh on a Chaturthee fallen on Tuesday, he gets everything.

"A-Vighnaa Chaturthee" - Phaalgun Shukla 4th. One should eat only in the night this day.

On Chaitra Shukla Chaturthee, one should worship Ganesh with Damanak flowers.

Vrat on Panchamee
Shraavan, Bhaadrapad, Aashwin and Kaartik Shukla 5th, one should worship Vaasuki, Takshak, Kaaliya, Manibhadra, Airaavat, Dhritraashtra, Karkotak and Dhananjaya named Naag. All these Naag bestow fearlessness, long life, Vidyaa (knowledge), fame, and Lakshmee.

Vrat on Shashthee
"Skand Shashthee Vrat" - If one eats only fruits on Kaartik Krishn 6th and offer Arghya to Kaartikeya, he attains both pleasures and Moksh.

"Akshaya Shashthee Vrat" - should be done on Bhaadrapad Krishn 6th, and
"Akshaya Shashthee Vrat" - can be done on Maargsheersh Krishn 6th also
By keeping complete fast on this Akshaya Shashthee for 1 year, one can attain both pleasures and Moksh.

Vrat on Saptamee
One should draw a 8-petal or 12-petal Kamal on Maagh Shukla 7th and worship Soorya. This Vrat takes away all sorrows of a person.

If this Vrat is done on Bhaadrapad Shukla 7th and Aaditya is worshipped on that day, one attains all desired things.

If this Vrat is done on Paush Shukla 7th, and Soorya Dev is worshipped, one's all sins are destroyed.

"Sarvaapti Saptamee Vrat" - This Vrat is done on Maagh Krishn 7th. This fulfills all desires.
"Nand Saptamee Vrat" - It is done on Phaalgun Krishn 7th.
"Aparaajitaa Saptamee" - One should keep fast and Soorya should be worshipped on Margsheersh Shukla 7th.
"Putreeyaa Saptame Vrat" - Vrat done by women, starting from Margsheersh Shukla 7th for 1 full year gives them son.

Vrat on Ashtamee
"Ashtamee with Rohinee Nakshatra Vrat" - On this day - Bhaadrapad Krishn 8th with Rohinee Nakshatra, Krishn was born. That is why this Vrat is kept this day. By keeping fast on this day, a person becomes free from the sins of the last 7 liven lives. Who keeps this fast, he gets son and attains Vishnu Lok.

"Chaitra Shukla Ashtamee" - Keep fast on this day, worship Brahmaa etc Devtaa and Maatra Gan.
"Krishna Ashtamee" - By keeping fast for 1 year on all Krishn 8th, and worshipping Krishn on that day one can get children.

"Kaalaashtamee Vrat" - On Maargsheersh Krishn Ashtamee, keep fast the whole day, take bath in the night, worship Shankar Jee and do Paaran of the Vrat with cow's urine (or cow's milk). Sleep on the floor on that night. In Paush, worship Shambhoo and do Paaran with Ghee. In Maagh, worship Maheshwar and drink milk. In Phaalgun, worship Mahaadev and eat sesame seeds. In Chaitra, worship Sthaanu and eat barley. In Vaishaakh, worship Shiv and do Paaran with Kush water. In Jyesth, worship Pashupati, and do Paaran with waterfall water. In Aashaadh, worship Ugra, and eat Gomaya (cow dung or alternatively yogurt). In Shraavan, worship Sharv and eat Mandaar flowers. In Bhaadrapad, worship Tryambak and eat Bilva leaves. In Aashwin, worship Eesh and eat rice. In Kaartik, worship Rudra and eat yogurt. At the end, build a Sarvato Ling and worship Shankar in it. Later feed Braahman and donate cow, clothes and gold to him.

"Swargati Vrat" - If one eats food in the night on both Ashtamee and donate a cow at the end of the year; he can attain Indra's status.

Keep fast on any Ashtamee with Wednesday, and eat only once. Who keep fast on Ashtamee, they do not suffer with poverty.

"Budh Ashtamee Vrat" - Leaving 2 fingers aside, take 8 fists rice, cook it, and keep it in a bowl of mango leaves with Kush. Worship Budh and eat food after listening to "Budh Ashtamee Vrat Kathaa". Later donate cucumber and rice with Dakshinaa.

Hey Vashishth Jee, When there is Punarvasu Nakshatra Yog on Chaitra Shukla Paksh 8th, whoever drinks 8 Ashok flower buds juice with the Mantra (given on p 372) , they are never worried in their lives.

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